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About Space Poultry

Who are we?
We are a vagrant collective of commanders who made home in the small system known as Xihe during the bright but uncertain December of 3300. There was nothing like it, but it was riddled with disorder and lawless embrace. Together we stood up to the pirate faction and brought prosperity to the system. While we’re all individuals with our own goals, we’re all united by our love to our system.

Why join us?
For years, we have provided security and maintained financial stability across our system. Until the Diamond Frogs showed up, claiming to own us, we’ve had no reason to actively recruit or concern ourselves with foreign powers. With this invasion we have been forced us to change our ethos and to fight for what is ours - make them pay for their blasphemy. Fly with us if you believe in Xihe, despise the Frogs or want to have a good time.

Squadron info

Protectorates of Xihe

Name: Space Poultry
Allegiance: Pilots Federation
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Hipster Cutthroat
    Members: 8
    Ships: 40
    Supporters: 3
    Squadron age: 1355 days
    Headquarters: Xihe [Zhen Dock]
    Minor faction: Space Poultry

    In coalition with: