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This squadron is is open for applications since 17.05.2018.

Main Decree (SSSC Squadron)

- Priority 0 -> Fun.
- Priority 1 -> Materials and data gathering.
- Priority 2 -> Rank and reputation.
- Priority 3 -> Puzzle solving and lore hunting.
- Priority 4 -> Everything else.

- Privilege 0 -> Every wing can have it's own decree.
- Privilege 1 -> The main decree is optional if the wing chooses to have its own.
- Privilege 2 -> Wings made of previous squadrons can retain their name and authority structure.

- Condition 0 -> Any actions or ways to undermine this squadron, its support alliances, coalitions, as well as their regarding members or allies not allowed.
- Condition 1 -> Thargoids, Guardians and unknowns can only be killed with material gathering, research, storyline, ranking or training in mind and are allies until otherwise.
- Condition 2 -> Powerplay will be treated as a way to acquire PP specific modules and storyline development.
- Condition 3 -> Desertion or treason without notice, proper respect or espionage and sabotage derived from it will be punished with a wanted entry in our board.
- Condition 4 -> Unjustified retribution or grieving and unwilling friendly fire, ganking or PKing not allowed.
- Condition 5 -> Claws of King Gorgoth's affairs are to remain private between them and this squadron.

Joker's Wing Decree

- Priority 0 -> Combat + anti-xeno activities

SMUT's Decree

- Condition 0 -> Parachutes are for babies

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Squadron info

Name: Star Sniper Squad
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: SD48
    Members: 8
    Ships: 121
    Supporters: 0
    Squadron age: 430 days

    In coalition with:


    CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
    11100110EliteKrait MkII
    King SmutEliteFederal Corvette
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