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About Guardians of Harmony

In this thread you will find information on everything you need to know about the Guardians of Harmony.

Due to the need for instant information, most of our comms are carried out on Discord. We keep this Inara site and the pubic reddit website as historical archives and as an alternative for those who don’t use Discord.

Once you’re in touch with us, the very first thing to do is get talk and make friends so please join us here(link to discord) and add everyone to your in game friends. Try and play in open, form a wing, or find a crew seat as soon as you join!

  • Anyone can join.
  • Our squadron id is GDHM
  • You can join this inara wing and get access to the private forum simply by becoming Allied in game with Guardians of Harmony Faction in HIP 118213 and sending or posting a screen shot here, on reddit or best of all on our Discord.

The rules
There are five basic rules that guide the Guardians of Harmony within their systems
  • No friendly fire on PC or NPC ships ever, even if bounty hunting
  • If you’ve nothing good to say about a person or an idea, say nothing
  • Ultimately you have your own code but must respect the code others live by
  • Spend at least one session per week in our home systems in open play if you are not out exploring
  • Everyone counts. We are all equals within the systems of Harmony

Our Home System
The Home of the Guardians of Harmony HIP 118213
  • One big station and one platform with good outfitting
  • Several resource extraction sites
  • A pristine metallic ring providing painite, palladium, osmium, platinum and gold
  • A black market.
  • A strong commodities market for trade
  • Strategically placed on the outer edge of the civilised bubble
  • A variety of no atmosphere planets in the system for planetary landings

Please use eddb tool and the connector. Please post your trade route here so we can all benefit

Who are the Guardians of Harmony
The Guardians of Harmony is a force against inhumanity. Some are ambassadors bringing harmony to the galaxy through diplomacy and others combat.  Some are explorers in search of the unknown, a few are miners who prefer the quieter life and others are lawless free spirits seeking a no questions asked refuge or a way to atone.

Our principles
Our ideals align with the more benign powers and factions, but we do not impose their belief systems.This is a casual group of players of all level of experience working on keeping our minor faction amongst the largest in the galaxy.
We safeguard those in need of support :
"We are resolute justice! We are forever at the forefront of conflicts upholding humanity!”

Power Play
You don’t need to get involved in power play. We are spiritually aligned with the ideals of the independents of Pranav Antal, and many of our comrades are pledged but it is not a requirement to be a Guardian.  

Bug reporting or an exploit
If you find a bug, report it using these handy links:


CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
*Hawk*EliteFederal Corvette
Salamander McKenzieEliteAnaconda
Looga BaroogaEliteAsp Explorer---------PC
Mayoms ThawatEliteImperial Courier
Nico FlowsPioneerPython
Rick BlackDeadly
Rockin' The AntieEliteFederal Corvette---------PC
XAMshaftEliteImperial Cutter
CMDR DroslashElitePython
Abelard LindsayMasterFer-de-Lance
BardhurPathfinderAsp Explorer---------PC
Ben RyderEliteAsp Explorer
Darth EnderEliteAnaconda
JynxedPathfinderDiamondback Explorer
Lorik EolminDeadlyFer-de-Lance
RagnarThorssonPioneerFederal Corvette
Rosemary DelightElitePython
Twags82DeadlyFederal Assault Ship
W. NicolasPathfinderFederal Assault Ship
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