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About Cavaliers Le Chardon

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If you have ever found yourself wanting to feel like you are doing more with your time out in the black, plus make more credits and mates while doing so, this is the wing for you!
Whether you are a skilled pilot looking to influence the BGS or still flying about in your loaner sidewinder, we have a vastly knowledgeable command structure in place to guide our efforts that are ready to take on advisory roles for ANY training requirements you may have.

We believe a strong organisation listens to its members and acts upon the common goal of the collective, to this end we will ensure that all Wing members opinions and strategies are heard and considered when planning operations.
We do not want to control you, we want to control the galaxy WITH you.

The Cavalier's core intentions are to:

  • Assist the growth of Empire factions within Federation space through consistent coordinated operations organised within our wing/allies player group.
  • Ensure a friendly productive environment in which players can gather to contribute to their own progression and the expansion of the Empire.
  • Provide new Commanders with financial and training assistance to ensure they have the best start they possibly can.
  • Provide an organised and supportive platform to help grow a healthy player community.

The Cavaliers Le Chardon also have a few exciting features already available with many more already in the works and just around the corner.

We have on board a team of very dedicated and moderately skilled Commanders working towards many features that will see all members enjoy an extra layer of role play and progression available... however we are always eager to welcome Commanders on board that are able and willing to contribute to this venture.
(more information on active and upcoming features is available to members)

Available Extra Features:  click spoilers for examples

We currently use our CAT (Commander Assistant Tool) system to keep things simple yet organised for all our members and allies.
We have many boards and features set up ready for our members to just join onto and start utilising, including:

- Extensive data and tool repository to ensure all our members have access to any tools an information they will need to be productive in the black.

- Organised real time roster with pilot profiles for each member accessible from most devices.

- Hall of Fame with custom commendations rewarded to members for event participation, game progress/milestones and contribution to Cavaliers/ Allied operations. WORK IN PROGRESS
Each commendation will have an associated in game or Frontier store reward.

- Detailed operations tickets updated regularly ensure you spend more time in game with friends and less time looking at graphs and spreadsheets

- An extensive and ever expanding coalition roster, giving you access to over 2000 Commanders in game and on Discord.

With many new features just around the corner and a very active player base, we hope to see the Cavaliers Le Chardon eventually grow to be one of the great Imperial military and political powers within the Galaxy.

So Join Now and Prosper Always!

Squadron info

Officially the Cavaliers Le Chardon are the manifestation of an allegedly retired maverick Imperial Navy renegade. Although rumour say that this group is more than one mans private army, and they are indeed a clandestine Imperial Military-Intelligence operation, working in plain sight under a veil of plausible deniability deep behind enemy lines. Operationally, the Cavaliers specialise in fostering imperial factions and assisting them in gaining power in, what were once, federal systems.

Name: Cavaliers Le Chardon
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Jay Le Chardon
    Members: 9
    Ships: 108
    Supporters: 5
    Squadron age: 480 days
    Supporting: Cerberus

    In coalition with:


    CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
    Jay Le ChardonEliteImperial Clipper
    Jayce RêveurEliteAnaconda---------PC
    Max BlauPioneer---------PC
    Neffets50EliteFederal Corvette
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