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About Aisling's Paladins

Who are we?

We are supporters of our Galaxy's  True Imperial Empress Aisling Duval. We fight for the Empire. We stand against tyrants. We fight for FREEDOM. We stand for peace in human space. We are Bounty Hunters, Law Enforcers, Explorers, seekers and Aisling's Paladins, nights of the Empire.

What do we do?

Protect the Empire and its people. Hunt the Wanted, seek new adventures through the vastness of Space. Protect the innocent. Eliminate those who threaten peace and unity. Rescue those in danger. And like all others, fight for our place in the Galaxy. We also like to have fun and occasionally take those who want to go sight seeing on adventures (Passenger Missions)

Our Goal is to Expand Aisling's Imperial Rayne throughout the Galaxy and protect the people! ( ALSO JUST HAVING A GOOD TIME TOO)

We don't discriminate those under other Imperial powers either.


Time Zone: US/Canada

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Squadron info

We are Aisling's Paladins. We assist others and assist the Princess Aislsing and the empire. ALL HAIL PRINCESS AISLING!!We are a fleet that is about having fun and being with people who help you. We do all activities and dont restrict to just one. See you out there paladins and show us what you can do! God Speed and long live the Princess!

Name: Aisling's Paladins
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Aisling Duval
Game mode: Any (Ascelin Nalaar)
Game style: PvE
Platforms: Any
Language: English

Squadron commander: Askingthefallen
Members: 9
Ships: 12
Supporters: 2
Squadron age: 99 days
Headquarters: Sif [Denning Station]

Average combat rank: Mostly Harmless
Average trade rank: Mostly Penniless
Average exploration rank: Mostly Aimless

In coalition with:


CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
Ascelin NalaarEntrepreneurAnaconda
Andrew EldritchHarmless---------
Davian AurilenPathfinder
KagerouSurveyorViper Mk IV
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