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About Octavian Vanguard

The Octavian Vanguard are a Imperial squadron and growing political faction, whose home systems and base of operation are in and around the Octans Constellation, situated in a key strategic area of Imperial territory on the border with the Federation.

The primary objectives of the Octavian Vanguard are to promote and defend Imperial worlds within the Octans and surrounding areas,  deter hostile incursions that threaten the peace and prosperity of our home region and the spread of non-Imperial factions or powers influence, while also aggressively helping to further Imperial interests throughout the known galaxy.

We will also answer the call to come to the aid of and help defend any Imperial controlled systems that are unfortunate enough to come under Xeno attack.

As befits an Imperial squadron, we are an organisation that acts with honour and will protect all peaceful civilians and traders who pass through the Octans or choose to call it home. But wanted criminals and pirates or those who dare to violate Imperial sovereignty shall feel our wrath!

All hail the Emperor! Bask in Her Glory!


Squadron Operating Procedures

1. Real life comes first, play and contribute to our cause when you can
2. As befits an Imperial squadron, upholding and defending our honour is vital.
3. We will not harm innocent members of the Pilots Federation or prey on the weak.

Powerplay Policy

We are actively involved in powerplay on behalf of the Empire and are a member of the Imperial High Council. All commanders joining us are free to work for any of our Imperial power brethren as they choose. Our current members mostly favour Aisling Duval. Participation is optional.

About Our Members

We are an English speaking group with the majority in UK / EU Timezone, that mostly play in Open on PC/ Mac. Our members are mostly mature older players with average age in the squadron being about 35.

Our squadron in Elite: Dangerous is part of a long established multi-game organisation of online space sim and sci-fi game enthusiasts who have been together since we formed the original Octavian Vanguard squadron in "Jumpgate: The Reconstruction Initiative" in 2001, then a few years later we migrated to EVE Online, where we became one of the three founding corporations of one of the oldest surviving nullsec territory-holding alliances in EVE with RAZOR Alliance. Now Elite: Dangerous has re-ignited our passion for space adventure.


Octavian Vanguard are open to new membership for Imperial citizens of all professions. We need dedicated traders, miners and explorers to help boost our economy as well as combat pilots, bounty hunters and Anti-Xeno specialists for our military wing to provide security and for offensive ops.

If you are interested in joining us, submit your application here on Inara as well as in game then join our Discord server (link below) to introduce yourself and confirm your application.

Continued membership of our Discord server is mandatory as this is the best place for communication inside the squadron.

Octavian Vanguard Discord

Octavian Vanguard Website

Squadron info

The Octavian Vanguard are a Imperial factionalist squadron, whose home systems and base of operation are in the Octans Constellation, situated within Imperial territory.

Name: Octavian Vanguard
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

PvEPvPRoleplayRelaxed/casualFamily/mixedOpenAnti-xeno activistsBounty huntersExplorersFaction supportersMentorsMinersPower supportersTraders

In-game squadron name:
  • PCOctavian Vanguard [OVGD]

Squadron commander: Badd Mongo
Members: 31
Ships: 144
Supporters: 0
Squadron age: 499 days
Headquarters: Ondi [Lindblad Dock]
Minor faction: Octavian Vanguard

In coalition with:


CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
Badd MongoElite
Conte VinceroElite---------PC
Andor RileyEliteImperial Cutter
Lykas MarienHarmless---------
Mr ZarosHarmless---------
Omega CenturionTycoonAnaconda---------
Rikki SixxPathfinderAsp Explorer---------PC
Sciion ArbosaEntrepreneur
SherlockzorBrokerCobra Mk III
Sirius VekkMerchant---------PC
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