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We fight the wars We expand We keep the INF up. We may not have been the beginning But we are the successors that keep it alive This fact true We fight for Denton and power play We do not bend the knee to other plays and their nerdy ass factions We need no allies We grind, bleed and lose sleep over our faction. No sissy roleplay is needed to keep our forces strong. We are Cerberus Touch our assets and we come for your home systems. Kill your players, and make this game very un

Name: Cerberus PS4
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Denton Patreus


In-game squadron name:
  • PS4Cerberus [CERB]

Squadron commander: TheDravend
Members: 5
Ships: 113
Supporters: 2
Squadron age: 400 days
Headquarters: Terminus

In coalition with: