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About The Winged Hussars

════════ .:: WHO ARE THE WINGED HUSSARS? ::. ════════

The Winged Hussars rise
Watch for us in dark, dark abyss

The Winged Hussars is a community of Polish players of Elite: Dangerous. We have our own faction in game - please have a look at the description of HR 8444 system on the galaxy map.

As a community, our main goal is to unite Polish players under the hussars' banner. We also aim to achieve specific in game-goals, by creating missions, contests and events available only for our group members like trade convoys, exploration trips, directing in game movies, races, regular PVP training, CQC matches, Community Goals, mining operations and pirate raids. All these activities are available for our community members.

Part of the group are also Special Wings. These are official Special Forces of The Winged Hussars, which have been appointed to fulfil specific goals in the community for its better organisation and functioning. Each Wing has its own closed-off subforums and Team Speak channel, where they can plan their activities.

In exchange for the possibility of being a community member and having access to vast resources on our forums (regular Newsletter, game news, guides, contests with prizes, bulletin board, events and other activities), we ask you to read our forums on a regular basis in order to access latest information and news regarding our community, helping the group in the times of need (as and when possible - no pressure!) and adhering to the in game guidelines so that you don't act against our faction. It could be helping our allies, not acting for or against a given Power or staying away from certain systems that are being prepared for our next expansion. Other than that, you are free do play as you want.

We are a friendly community and we are not looking for pointless conflicts. We aim to keep friendly diplomatic relations with other factions. We are also one of the 3 factions that have founded The Border Coalition.

Join our community of over 350 pilots flying under the Hussars' banner and write the pages of galactic history with us!

═════════════ .:: Our Achievements ::. ═════════════

Due to massive commitment and involvement of our community in the game, we have quite a few achievements, of which we are extremely proud. The most important ones are:

═════════════ .:: CONTACT US ::. ═════════════

General contacts:
For ambassadors:

If you are an ambassador of another faction please contact our ambassador Fenyl de Lechia here or preferably join our Discord channel.

For commanders:

If you want to contact us, you can join our forum or our discord channel. If you want to join The Winged Hussars Faction, check the recruitment tab in this description.

═════════════ .:: RECRUITMENT ::. ═════════════

To join our wing, you must go through the recruitment process in our forum. Remember that The Winged Hussars are a Polish faction, so we communicate in Polish. The rest of the recruitment section is written in Polish. Use the translator or skip this part if you can't speak Polish.

Informacje dla rekrutów

Piloci zainteresowani dołączeniem do naszego skrzydła na Inarze muszą przejść proces rekrutacji na naszym forum. W tym miejscu pragnę zaznaczyć, iż to właśnie forum jest głównym miejscem naszej aktywności a Inara stanowi tylko dodatkowe narzędzie, mimo wszystko, dbamy także, aby nasz profil na Inara był aktualizowany w miarę na bieżąco. Aby dołączyć w szeregi naszej frakcji, postępują według instrukcji, która znajduje się tutaj. Po dopełnieniu wszystkich formalności możesz wysłać prośbę o dołączenie do skrzydła na Inarze.

Squadron info

The Winged Hussars is a cooperative group of loosely connected pilots, all hailing from different parts of the Galaxy and flying under different banners. Their roots dig deep into the history, almost 1800 years back - to the tradition of heavy armoured assault units fielded in the pre-space era by Earth's ancient nation of Poland.

Name: The Winged Hussars
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: Polish
Timezone: +01:00 (Warsaw)

PvEPvPCQCRoleplayRelaxed/casualFamily/mixedDevoted/hardcoreOpenPrivate groupSoloAnti-xeno activistsBounty huntersExplorersFaction supportersMentorsMinersHumanitarian aid providersPiratesTraders

In-game squadron name:
  • PCThe Winged Hussars [TWHE]
  • XBoxThe Winged Hussars [TWHX]
  • PS4The Winged Hussars [TWHP]

Squadron commander: Mathias Shallowgrave
Members: 217
Ships: 2808
Supporters: 26
Squadron age: 1507 days
Headquarters: HR 8444 [Maskelyne Vision]
Minor faction: The Winged Hussars
Minor faction: The Winged Hussars Colonia Initiative

In coalition with: