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About Black Ravens Consilium

Black Ravens Consilium is a Friendly Group of Pilots based at Melvin Hub in the GD1192 System

Our Squadron activities include the following:

•Bounty Hunting
•Refueling Services ( Clan Only ) Don't want to take the Fuel Rats Job off them
•Wing Missions
•Thargoid Hunting
•Community Goals
•Guardian Blueprints
•Occasional Mining
•Assisting in Unlocking Engineers

See our mission board and / or Community page on PS4 and for additional details.

Squadron info

A friendly family of Commanders doing exploration, bounty hunting, Mining and trading etc Join us today

Name: Black Ravens Consilium
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)

PvEPvPCQCRoleplayRelaxed/casualFamily/mixedDevoted/hardcoreOpenPrivate groupSoloBounty huntersExplorersFaction supportersMentorsMinersHumanitarian aid providersPower supportersTraders

In-game squadron name:
  • PS4Black Ravens Consilium [BRCS]

Squadron commander: MickeysLive
Members: 10
Ships: 82
Supporters: 0
Squadron age: 318 days
Headquarters: GD 1192 [Melvin Hub]

In coalition with:


CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
MickeysLivePioneerFederal Corvette
Hellhound55746EliteDiamondback Explorer
Buttercup33pieHarmlessAsp Explorer---------
Dangerous RichieElite---------PS4
Strider_4231HarmlessKrait MkII---------
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