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About Guardians of Tranquillity

"Welcome to Tranquillity; we are its Guardians."

Rares traders (some of us moonlight as mercenaries), we are the Guardians of Tranquillity and we run Tranquillity Station, a High Tech station that orbits the terraformed world of Hanandroo, the third planet of the Tarach Tor System. It stands at a political crossroads between the four major powers of Patreus, Antal, Yong-Rui and Hudson.  We were exploited by Pranav Antal and were not particularly happy about it; they, the joyless 'Utopians', stifled the hedonistic and easy-going atmosphere in Tranquillity; we're glad they're gone!   Since then, a partnership with Sirius Corp has been fostered and our Power Play position is to support Li Yong-Rui.  Perhaps Sirius Corp see the potential in Tarach Spice; maybe it has medicinal applications? It certainly helps us feel better.

We protect our heritage, the Tarach Spice (our Rare Good), and we conserve the marshy regions of Hanandroo where the Spice Beetle burrows; feeding on the lurid green mosses that grow there, giving our Spice and our eyes the unmistakeable glow of euphoria.

Becoming a Guardian of Tranquillity:

If you want to be a bona fide Guardian of Tranquillity, you need to impress our leader, the ever-watchful Tranquillity Boss. You will have to prove your loyalty and earn his trust before he takes notice and invites you into his inner circle.  Also, be aware that he tends to be elusive and is often ‘in consultation’ with the Tarach Spice, yet every so often, he does become more active and he will enquire about what commanders are doing to promote the Guardians’ interests. Those who have displayed great loyalty might even be called upon to offer council or even undertake special missions!

Who is Tranquillity Boss?

The Boss is many things to different people and several rumours circulate, the most credible and popular of which is that Our Leader is a reformed pirate who gained visionary ideas through the consumption of Tarach Spice.


The Spice Must Flow!

The Spice does flow. It flows, near and far, despite its questionable legality. Dealing our highly sought after rare can be lucrative, and profits from selling Tarach Spice are greater the further one goes from Tarach Tor. It could be the promise of an improved credit balance, but others blame the Spice itself, that compels Guardians to embark on audacious and adventurous Spice Runs at regular intervals: Tarach Spice flows outwards, whilst other galactic rare goods are brought back.  To maximize profits and for greater protection, Guardians form trade wings; the best smugglers are those that can do these runs in the quickest time and more importantly, not get caught. Guardians are always on the lookout for new, profitable places to take the Spice.

Where Eagles Dare!?

The Eagles of Tranquillity, a daredevil militia squadron that trains in Eagles and Imperial Eagles, is on standby, and it is the first line of defence against our enemies. Although participation is not mandatory, all Guardians of Tranquillity are encouraged to take part in Tactical Training Wings (TTW) to ensure combat-readiness and have a suitable ship docked at Tranquillity, where 'The Eagle has Landed!'  Either individually or in wings, Guardians seek out the thrills of ‘against the odds’ combat. Living on the edge, the pride of taking down a ‘bigger fish’, and the relief of making it back to base, are part of the appeal; maybe for once, it is not about the credits. However, the defence of our system and our independence is paramount! Our Leader, The Boss,needs you.

Rock 'n' Metal!

Tranquillity station needs metals (and some rocks) to ensure that the high-tech economy continues to produce the goods that are exported to enable the Guardians of Tranquillity to prosper.  It is better to obtain these raw materials at source instead of buying them in. Guardians are therefore encouraged to take part in Rock 'n' Metal Nights: miners mine, whilst combat pilots watch their backs.  Both will prosper.  Of course, it has to be a HazRes; living on the edge, laughing at peril, is the way we rock.  Plus, in such an environment, yields of high-value materials should be higher, while providing enough targets to keep the bounty-hunters busy.

Materials Scavenging

Scavenged materials are useful to commanders as they provide repair and reload capabilities without having to return to a port.  They are also especially invaluable to those seeking the services of The Engineers, who can craft a variety of advanced modules which can augment the capabilities of a ship.  However, collecting such raw materials can be tedious, more so if one doesn’t know how to or where to find them.  Guardians of Tranquillity overcome these obstacles by forming Scavenger Packs, who work together, sharing expertise and knowledge, to gather what is needed.  The banter that occurs finding has stopped many commanders from ‘driving round the bend’ or ‘over the edge’.

Spice Runs (SR), Tactical Training Wings (TTW), Rock'n' Metal 'Nights' (RnM) and Materials Scavenging (MS) occasionall run on Tuesday and Friday evenings from 21:00 GMT.

* Please note, that in times of WAR or CIVIL WAR, these events will usually be postponed. Check the news feed for the latest, most up-to-date, information. *

Naturally, you are welcome to wing-up at any time for a variety of reasons, including exploration and trading.


Messaging the Boss is an option.  If he doesn't see it, one of his admins will.

Posting and commenting on our Facebook page is another good way of communicating with us.

In game audio communications are facilitated through the EDC Teamspeak Channel but you'll have to be a member of the EDC (Elite:Dangerous Community) Facebook page and our Facebook page too.

After initiation into the culture and rituals on Hanandroo you may be lucky enough to be introduced to The Boss, the patriarchal leader of the Guardians and visionary prophet.  Once you’re in with the Boss, you will have access to our Secure Communications Channel and be able to post on and comment on Tranquillity Boss’ FB page.


Healthy Competition

The Boss encourages ‘healthy’ ongoing competition too, in order to improve overall standards of dog-fighting and Spice-dealing. You will have to be a member of our FB group to access these competitions. Every two months (so there are six chances every year), Commanders have the opportunity to earn the following accolades:

Wing Commander: 

The Commander earning the single highest bounty, obtained individually (i.e. not in a wing), whilst flying either an EAGLE or an IMPERIAL EAGLE. To participate,firstly post your commander name in the current Wing Commander thread and then add a 'reply' screenshot (or shots) underneath this post to try to claim the accolade.

Top Gun:

The Commander earning the single highest bounty, obtained individually (i.e. not in a wing), whilst flying ANY ship.  To participate, firstly post your commander name in the current Wing Commander thread and then add a 'reply' screenshot (or shots) underneath this post to try to claim the accolade.

Top Dealer:

The Commander earning the highest ‘Dealer Score’ in any two month period. The Dealer Score is calculated by taking the number of different markets where the Tarach Spice was sold (currently stations and outposts), counting each market only once, and multiplying it by the cumulative profits made in each of these transactions. To participate, firstly post your commander name in the current Top Dealer thread and then... Keep track of your own Dealer Score and post‘receipts’ (evidence of your dealings) in your section of the current Top Dealer thread.   At the end of each two-month period, the Top Dealer is the Commander with the highest Dealer Score.  The accolade can then be claimed and the top three claims will be audited by the finance department to determine the official winner.

The relevant threads will be labelled with the relevant months and the year, plus details of how to participate, like this: Wing Commander, November-December 2015 (Refer to pinned post.): To take part,firstly post your Commander name below; every participant will have their own section or 'sub-thread' to add to. Once this initial post has been made, you add the relevant evidence as and when required.

Current Accolade Holders:

Wing Commander: Cmdr Samel (Fifth time in a row!)
Top Gun: Cmdr digitus impudicus
Top Dealer: Cmdr Beetlejude

Previous Accolade Holders:

Top Gun: Cmdr Ne'Mall; Cmdr Oreg Jackman; Cmdr Alien Ghost; Cmdr Hal Spacejock; Cmdr N.K. Glitterballs
Top Dealer: Cmdr Ne'Mall (2); Cmdr Meop8p; Cmdr Beetlejude

Other activities:

3 Corvi Run

Our friends in 3 Corvi (EDC Commonwealth) need Tarach Spice and they need it there 'real quick'. The 3 Corvi Run is a Buckyball Race which involves smuggling 8 tons of Tarach Spice from Tranquillity to Lichtenberg Dock. To take part find the 3 Corvi Run thread, post a picture of your ship and your time, followed by proof of your start time and finish time.  Are you fast enough (and is your ship fast enough) to hold the record?

Honest Oreg’s Tarach Tour

Honest Oreg is the co-proprietor of the Anna Conda Bar (Shona O’ Reilly is the other one),which is situated on Deck 5 of Tranquillity Station.  The pilots that frequent this establishment, famous for its cocktails, like to do Honest Oreg’s Tarach Tour, a challenge to kill a wanted criminal in each system that the Guardians of Tranquillity have a minor faction presence in the quickest time possible.  To take part find the Tarach Tour thread,post a picture of your start time, followed by proof of all you kills, and then your finishing time.  Are you fast enough (and efficient as a killer) to hold the record? (Any ties will be decided by the total of the bounties collected.)

Our Dominion:

Tranquillity is our special place and we will guard it with our lives.  We do, however, have other holdings:

BD-22 286 and Lawd 7

The Guardians of Tranquillity also control the BD-22 286 and Lawd 7 systems after victories in several expansion wars.  Both systems were wrested from the Federation and these successes were largely down to the efforts of the Eagles of Tranquillity; they fought bravely against the odds and succeeded in routing the Federation's capital ships on numerous occasions.

BD-22 286 and Lawd 7 have extraction and refinery economies; this means our little dominion has trade possibilities that will further enhance our standing:

*(Keep in mind that markets fluctuate.) In the Lawd 7 system, Burbank Plant tends to give significantly better profits than Hedley Dock. Nearly all metals (except for Aluminium, Copper and Titanium) will sell for a decent profit at Tranquillity.  The best profits usually come from trading in the precious metals (Palladium, Gold and Silver) however supply of these commodities is often limited.  Super-conductors will also yield a profit comparable to the modest profits from the lower-value metals.

Tranquillity produces high-tech goods and high-end 'medicines'.  Consumer Tech is usually a good commodity to export; Progenitor Cells and Performance Enhancers can do well too. However, as our OUTPOSTS have small population demands for these goods can quickly dwindle.  To keep the refineries going, Resonating Separators, Advanced Catalysers and Bioreducing Lichen are needed; out of these three, the best profits are usually from Resonating Separators.

Narcotics, if the conditions are right, sell for an excellent profit, although demand is limited and the market quickly becomes saturated.  Tarach Spice will produce a profit, but not much.

Trading and bounty hunting, plus mission completion and exploration, will help our faction while being profitable for us. Successfully completing missions is vitally important.

Mwamen, Chankun etc.

The Guardians of Tranquillity have expanded into several systems.  The Boss is currently happy just having a diplomatic presence in most of the these systems and it is not our intention to increase our influence in these systems to take control.  The exceptions are Mwamen and Chankun; these systems we would like to control.


Tranquillity Boss has made a deal with Sirius Corporation.  The Guardians of Tranquillity will support Li Yong-Rui in exchange for receiving the protection of Sirius Security and the other benefits that come with it.  The project has begun:

1) Prepare LHS 1228 for Li Yong-Rui. (TT will be an exploited system but still receive most of the LYR benefits.)  
2) If stage 1 is successful, then help Li Yong-Rui take control.
3) Contribute to the Sirius Corp as little or as much as you would like.

Guardians of Tranquillity allied to other powers (to gain specialist equipment, etc) are considered agents.


Please enjoy your stay with us and contact our Admins for help and advice:
Cmdr Eldrich Stark
Cmdr Oreg Jackman
Cmdr Beetlejude
Cmdr Ne'Mall
Cmdr Dominar Rygel

The Admins are administrators and organisers only; they do not have any special authority or rank.  All Guardians, except for the Boss, are considered as equals.

Other Information:

We do not mind which game mode you play in, but if you want to interact in-game, play will have to be either in Open or in the EDC Official private group.


Thanks for visiting, enjoy the Spice while you’re here and why not fly out to watch the majestic wing of Eagle commanders or experience the thrill of landing an Eagle of your own at Tranquillity Base; a screenshot of your moment will be welcomed by all of us.


The Guardians of Tranquillity     o7


From the Encyclopaedia Galactica:

Tarach Tor The Tarach Tor system was once described as ‘The New Shanghai’. It is a hub for illegal high-tech goods and services including consumer goods, weapons, pharmaceuticals  and bioengineering. It sits in the centre of the core on the border of Federation and Imperial space. No fewer than 4 of the major powers have borders surrounding Tarach Tor, however due in no small part to the actions of its independent pilots, the system has thus far stayed independent.


The planet Hanandroo in the Tarach Tor system was colonised during humanity's third great expansion by a number of corporations under the leadership of Chris Carter of the Moel Sych Corporation.While the 2 orbital stations, Capital and Carter’s Haven, were under construction exploration teams were dispatched to conduct detailed surveys of Hanandroo andthe rest of the system. While some metal deposits were found on Tarach Tor 4, later named Moel Sych, it was Hanandroo that generated most interest. While smaller than Earth and geologically inert, it did have a thin atmosphere consisting of 10% oxygen. The low gravity (0.6G) and average temperature of 272K made construction easy and the decision was taken to begin terraforming operations.

During the next 200 years excellent progress was made and a human habitable world was created with its own bioengineered plant life. At the same time as the surface was being colonised, orbital factories were constructed to produce high tech goods and pharmaceuticals. Imported labour and slaves were used to man these factories, often living under harsh conditions.During the long terraforming process discontent grew amongst the population at the strict living and working conditions. Several coups were attempted but the newly formed Federation stepped in time and again to quash them. When humans finally walked and breathed on Hanandroo unaided, the resistance leaders of the Council of Tarach Tor made pacts with several interstellar pirate groups to provide support for the rebellion. This time with troops and air support from all over the cluster, the insurrection was successful and the Moel Sych Corporation was banished from Hanandroo. They took refuge in the station Carter’s Haven which had been reinforced by the Federation.

The Council of Pirates’ price for support was high though: demanding that half of all the production plants installed on Hanandroo's surface to produce synthetic food be retooled to produce narcotics. The pirate lords observing that orbital factories in an independent system didn’t have to follow Federal Law, decreed that production would continue but would ignore all galactic patent and copyright legislation. This led to Tarach Tor becoming a centre for black and grey market goods and services. It was during this time that the effects of the indigenous euphoric drug Tarach Spice became more widely known off world. With the production of narcotics at an all-time high and the pirates’ council importing slaves, it wasn’t long before hedonists and pleasure seekers from allover the core descended on Tarach Tor and the system became known as the'pleasure capital' of the sector.

In a cocky aside to nearby Tanmark with its famous tea, but officially referencing the Sol system legends of early spacefaring Earth, the Hanandroo orbital station was renamed Tranquillity. More realistically, this reflects the services on offer in a place where night clubs and dens offer anything, as long as the client’s credit holds up.

Squadron info

Name: Guardians of Tranquillity
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Li Yong-Rui


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Tranquillity Boss
    Members: 30
    Ships: 337
    Supporters: 8
    Squadron age: 1480 days
    Headquarters: Tarach Tor [Tranquillity]
    Minor faction: Guardians of Tranquillity

    In coalition with:


    CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
    Tranquillity BossEliteType-9 Heavy
    Eldrich StarkEliteImperial Cutter---------PC
    Dominar RygelEliteImperial Cutter---------PC
    Oreg JackmanDeadlyFederal Assault Ship---------PC
    BeetleJudeEliteAsp Explorer
    Brett RipleyMasterImperial Clipper---------PC
    CMDR Rob HuxtablePathfinderDiamondback Scout---------PC
    digitus impudicusTycoonFederal Corvette---------PC
    FOX DamoclesDangerousVulture---------PC
    Gin JonesEliteFederal Corvette
    IdlewildthingBrokerFederal Assault Ship---------PC
    Khelben BlackstaffPioneerFer-de-Lance---------PC
    Sleipnir OctopodPathfinderAsp Explorer---------PC
    SplortEliteDiamondback Explorer---------PC
    Tarq A'SkunDeadly---------PC
    TorhalTycoonFederal Dropship---------PC
    VarplesEliteSidewinder Mk I---------PC
    Voodoo AshDangerousFer-de-Lance---------PC
    Xen Zob-KrellEliteType-10 Defender---------PC
    Xenzob KrellPathfinder
    Cmdr topgunukElitePython
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