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              Citizens Organisation for Neutral Territory, Respect and Amicable Individual Liberty!

Welcome to CONTRAIL: A civilized independent organisation for friendship, respect and amicable Individual liberty.

In [CTRL] we value individual liberty. We’ve got no swollen bureaucracy, only two rules and three guidelines. First and foremost we stick together for the social aspect. We have people who dabble in all aspects of the game - both fresh and seasoned players. If it’s in the game, we know about it. If there are credits to be made, we know where. If there is a fight going on, we'll poke our noses in. If there is a sight to behold, we've been there..

To join, head to our Discord Server (

Be aware though:

- Cheaters, including combat loggers in PVP situations need not apply.
- Griefers and those who prey on new players in the starter systems need not apply.


- We are a social bunch, so normal social antennae’s is a must. Though we're not necessarily all that politically correct - especially on weekends after a few beers - so being thin-skinned and easily offended just won't do.
- We do require our members to be at least 18 years old - unless in company with a parent. Most of us are in our thirties and forties, with some stragglers at both ends.
- As a group we do all our business in open play. Members may as they please pop by Solo or Group when doing their own thing, but when we do stuff in the name of Contrail, it is in open.


Contrail has been in the game since its release, and has gone through many ups and downs as the environment have changed. Our history can in broad terms be divided into these five distinct chapters:

The Beginning: Getting our foothold in the game, building slowly. Set up shop in Catun, where by chance a very lucrative at the time trade-route was just next door.

The Nganji - Benapus War: Soon other groups sniffed out our trade route - prices began to fluctuate and drop. Large battles ensued between us and the combined forces of the BBfA, RoA and a scruffy bunch of freelancers.

Power Play: Following in the wake of our war, we had developed a good relationships. Given the ample opportunities for profit, and keeping in touch with the more 'flexible morals' groups we set up operations working from Archon Delaine space. Millions were made, but we soon found Power Play both pointless and not something we'd like to get mired in. In fact, it nearly killed us.

The Reboot: We were looking for a new home, and to refill our ranks after the Power Play disaster. Through a Frontier SNAFU, we did not get our old home of Catun to call our own. It was given to another group who already was given another system! Without a proper home, we were scattered and basically going where the cash was and getting into or staying out of trouble where we could. We needed a new base though. Something entirely different from Catun. What we settled on was Anlave; A central and large system, a former Federal Navy dockyard and a system that closely resembles Sol in composition.

The Anlave Transformation: By another Frontier SNAFU, we got our minor faction into Anlave at only 14% influence, yet still control of system and controlling station, Suri Park - where all others got installed at 60% plus controlling station. Not phased by this we set out to take control of our home system. The first Civil War went well, gained Brunton Gateway. The second Civil War ended in nothing - and the most recent Frontier SNAFU... In the midst of it, taking Suri Park away from us. Then later giving us the 60% we should have from the beginning, but not Suri Park. So when it was over and we won, we got back Suri Park, but gained nothing from before the war. Then followed in rapid succession the third Civil War, the fourth Civil War and the fifth Civil War, where we gained Hogg City, Bain Dock and most recently and finally, the biggest and closest to the star station, Kobayashi City.

And now, we move on to another chapter. Keeping Anlave safe and secure - as we have in the lulls between expansions, civil wars, elections etc... staking out our new course. Our home system is safe, our back is clear, our ambition is met. Now we seek to make it thrive, set it up as a hub for like-minded open players who need a safe haven. Ideally situated a mere 30LY from Sol, it already sees a healthy amount of traffic.


We hope you will join us in exploring the path forwards and towards whatever new the game and we have to offer. Fly safe, and see you in Anlave!

Best way to get in touch with us, and get on-board, is to hop onto our Discord and say hello. Admins should be on during European, North-American and Australian prime-times, at the very least.

When registering on the website, use your in-game nick. If I see just one more trying to register without using in-game nick, I will blow a cap and be grumpy for a few days straight. And whilst I'm at it, In-game nick = Discord nick = Forum nick.

We got no silly hoops to jump through or lengthy convoluted applications to fill out. Just register here, then hit the 'Submit Application' button (only visible after registering with our site), jump onto our Discord and say hello.

New applicants will have a probie period of 2-3 weeks on average, depending on activity. Probie period is just a formality to ensure we all gel well together. Very active probies will experience a shorter probie period than the average, less active ones a longer probie period than the average.

Only full members may carry the [CTRL] tag. Instructions on how to obtain this is given when full membership is granted. Carrying the tag is entirely optional - we do have enemies. On the one hand, it tells all you got friends and are not to be messed with willy-nilly. On the other hand, it do put a target on your back in some circles.

Squadron info

Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: +00:00 (UTC)


In-game squadron name:

Squadron commander: Zylark
Members: 36
Ships: 268
Supporters: 3
Squadron age: 1478 days
Headquarters: Anlave
Minor faction: C.O.N.T.R.A.I.L

In coalition with:


CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
ZylarkEliteFederal Corvette---------PC
BellcrankEliteFederal Corvette---------PC
CMDR L0wlanderElite---------PC
MyouPathfinderKrait Phantom
Scandroid [CTRL]TrailblazerDiamondback Explorer---------PC
D2n13lEliteAsp Explorer---------PC
FinseTycoonAsp Explorer---------PC
Fire DragonEliteFederal Corvette---------PC
MatrixrybusEliteFederal Corvette---------PC
NachtusPioneerImperial Clipper---------PC
ShowsanEliteAsp Explorer---------PC
ChpgmrTycoonImperial Cutter
GhoustyEliteFederal Corvette---------PC
HarvyThrasher [CTRL]Elite
PsyAkemiPioneerAsp Explorer---------PC
Ronin VectorTycoonImperial Clipper---------
TheoZEliteImperial Cutter---------PC
YaarrrEliteFederal Corvette
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