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About Titan Logistics Corporation

Titan Logistics Corporation is a small yet efficient para-military organization and security contracting service based within the core of occupied human space, offering a wide selection of services ranging from combat contracts for both large and small private entities, protected escorts, asset recovery, and mid-flight emergency refueling and repairs.

Initially formed in 3301 by a small group of ambitious, like-minded pilots under the name Varangian Logistics Services, Titan Logistics Corporation, or TLC for short, is an Imperial-aligned conglomerate comprised of pilots from all walks of life across the bubble. From miners to merchants, combat contractors to bounty hunters, the members of Titan Logistics are always eager to prove themselves worthy of their Pilot's Federation designations as well as their reputation.

Over the course of their organization, the Titans have participated in several galactic operations, most notably after accepting an Imperial contract to assist with the defense of the Neits system in 3302 and the massive criminal outbreak in Mehet later that year, as well as the recent war against the Imperial secessionist group Nova Imperium. TLC continues to serve the organized governments, independent entities and private clients across the galaxy to this day.

Non-Role Playing Information:

Out of role play, we here at TLC are a friendly, active group of players who thoroughly enjoy Elite for both its gameplay and it's the immense universe. We are always looking for new players to join our ranks, and if you are interested to do so don't hesitate to reach out to one of our officers, either here on INARA or in game.

What is not tolerated here at TLC:

*Piracy against CMDRs and NPCs alike.
*Terrorism ( IE, UA Bombings).
*Toxic Behavior against other members of the community.

Squadron info

Name: Titan Logistics Corporation
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Independent


In-game squadron name:
  • XBoxTitan Logistics Corporation [TLCS]

Squadron commander: HoundTheRed
Members: 7
Ships: 33
Supporters: 0
Squadron age: 105 days