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Ryder's Rangers
This is the 75th Ranger Regiment Gaming Community placing a message for all pilots, new and veteran.

Flynt Ryder is placing a call out for recruitment into his Rangers. Flynt Ryder is a former commander of the 1st/115th 75th Ranger fleet from the Imperial Navy, leaving because of repeated suicide missions and immoral acts such as attacking civilian targets and friendly security forces. Keeping close ties to Imperial tech and extensive training, Ryder's Rangers follow Old World traditions and moral beliefs. The loyalty of his Rangers is backed beyond the reaches of the Empire, offering a safe haven for all pilots seeking asylum from war. Flynt has positioned himself to defend all space ways for open and free trade, using his Rangers as peace keepers of the galaxy. Defending each other fiercely, the Rangers are ready to mobilize quickly in a moments notice to resolve conflicts. Flynt Ryder is posed to defend the innocent, grievers and blockades are his primary targets for elimination. Make it known that the Rangers will respond to any interference with trade ways.

New and veteran pilots who want to defend the innocent, contact the Fleet Commander XBL GT: Diamond Ninja4 and or Juggaloryder

Or sign up at

For recruitment. Pilots will be expected to go through training and wing exercises, as well as comradarie building. Grievers or players who do not meet the moral values of the Rangers will be expelled from the fleet or barred recruitment.

Former Special Forces Fleet 1st and 115th, 75th Ranger Regiment Commander; left the Imperial Navy because of repeated suicide missions and immoral acts, such as targeting civilians and security forces. Keeping close ties to Imperial Tech and extensive training; Ryder's Rangers follow Old World traditions and moral beliefs. The loyalty of his Rangers is backed beyond the reaches of the Empire; offering a safe haven for all veterans seeking asylum from war.

Flynt leaves the Empire to secure trade routes abandoned and left for pirates.  Clearing out Aymifa from pirates, Flynt pledges to the colonies in November 29th, 3301.  The current system and nearby trade routes would soon see heavy flow and patrol from his Rangers.  Accepting new and experienced pilots fleeing the federation, his ranks soon began to swell.  On December 14th, 3301 a nearby system of Kamocan requested aid from a small wing to eliminate pirates in the system.  Sending a handful of skilled Rangers, the issue was resolved and patrols were established to the nearby systems.  On February 9th, 3302 the Rangers received a call to arms when a player faction demanded and barred all traffic into a station, even eliminating a couple trade rangers.  Seen as an act of war, Flynt quickly mobilized a fleet and dispatched them to Adams Orbital.  Attempting to avoid all out conflict, negotiations were attempted.  The pirates remained elusive, but the rangers have declared protection for all trade ways after a neighbouring militia joined the cause.  Establishing Adams Orbital as a primary defensive outpost, a fleet has been assigned as a temporary increase of system security.  Seeing the call for aid from pilots all around, the Rangers were quick to be declared a peacekeeper in the region.  Working to clear and maintain safe and open space ways, the Rangers would respond to almost any call.   Sadly on April 9th 3302 the Rangers left Adams Orbital in Beta-1 and removed the fleet from Aymifa after the Pilots Federation refused our request for a faction.  In response the Rangers scattered across the galaxy to look for a new home, even going as far as Beagle Point in our exploration for not only a home but information about our galaxy and the life in it.  

On November 28th 3302, after a year of requests and searching, the Rangers were given Kisatsya as a home by the Pilots Federation.   Having established the new home, Rangers returned to defend and expand our space in droves.   With ranks swelling to that before the Great Exploring, Flynt Ryder was poised to begin his expansion and attempt to be recognized as a Major Power.  The expansion would quickly be brought to a halt when a small group of highly engineered vessels began targeting our pilots.   Seeing the emergency, Flynt orders his forces underground to work up and prepare with engineering upgrades.  

While working on upgrades, CMDR DP Sayre was interdicted by what appeared to be a Thargoid capital class vessel in Aries Dark Region XU-0 B6-3 at 1922 hours on January 5th 3303.  Once ripped from hyperspace, his display went dark and seemed to shut off, with an unknown Anaconda dropping out and opening fire on the CMDR.   His shields appeared to still be up as the Anaconda continued to assault his Corvette, the attention being broken when a massive spiked disc shaped vessel moved into view seemingly the one responsible for the interdiction.  The vessel did not knock out his power, but appeared to reboot his navigation and display systems.   Soon after stopping in front of the CMDR's Corvette, the Thargoid vessel shot an unknown energy beam towards his craft,  appearing to interact with the ships systems soon returning them online.  Immediately following the firing of the energy beam, the Thargoid vessel began to maneuver and leave at remarkable speed for a craft of it's size, too fast for his Corvette to keep up with.   Unable to attempt any form of communication, the Thargoid vessel left, leaving DP Sayre to evade and escape the unknown Anaconda.  Reports soon began to emerge of other pilots spotting Thargoid vessels, but let it be known to all from the voice of Flynt Ryder,  "The Rangers lead the way, and were the first to encounter the Thargoid.   We want to attempt communication with the Thargoid before another unnecessary war is started. "

Squadron info

A detachment of the 75th Ranger Regiment Gaming Community

Name: Ryder's Rangers
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English
Timezone: -05:00 (Eastern Time (US & Canada))


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: DiamondNinja4
    Members: 20
    Ships: 141
    Supporters: 12
    Squadron age: 1465 days

    In coalition with: