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About The Order

A message from the Order of the Burning Serpent, to all the Faithful across the stars...

To the Commanders of all systems, to adventurers, explorers, researchers, traders, workers, and warriors of the galaxy

The Order of the Burning Serpent is now looking for new brothers and sisters. As we move to a new phase for our research and expansion, we seek similar minded men and women looking to unravel the mysteries of the galaxy in a coordinated group. We are a community that is looking for both XBOX and PC players interested in building a larger force.

Who We Are

Descendants of the Vikings of Earth. We are the ones who have been in the shadows for millennia. Those who have witnessed the rise and fall of mighty empires. The ones who stored knowledge and made it to a weapon. We started revolutions and ended wars. We are the Serpent, seeking to return mankind to the Garden. Now the time is right and we have emerged from the shadows.

We offer a structure to help you pursue your endeavors within the galaxy, provided you work for them. As we begin a new phase in our Mission, we place a call to all likeminded pilots to join our ranks. Should our plans reach fruition, we intend to be a beacon of knowledge and fear to the galaxy, providing our members with the ability to learn multiple trades and professions, create and articulate lore, and to research the galaxy in an orderly way with like minded and trained commanders.


Who We Need: able bodied PC or Xbox pilots interested in creating a dynamic fleet. Must be self motivated and capable of communication and input. Weekly communication and participation is strongly encouraged. A gmail account, Inara profile, and access to Discord are a necessity (don’t worry they are all free and easy and you should have em anyway). Interests are in the following areas:

Rules of engagement are only restricted to coalition factions listed here on our site. Individual CMDRs engaging each other in an ethical manner may be done at their own discretion. We follow the old traditions and violence is seen as a measure to defend honor. Honor is extremely important to us as we are the decedents of ancient Earth's Vikings and Saxons. We have a Culture of war and The necessity of defending honor with violence, along with the belief that time of death was preordained, adventure and fearlessness are core values to The Order.

Open to everyone interested in present and future mysteries and conspiracies within game, with emphasis on the search for Raxxla, the UA, and developing events within the game. Special candidates include those with experience researching a particular mystery, those familiar with third party or player created programs for cartographics, code breaking, coordinate finding, etc., and those with experience in cryptography, programming, and astrophysics.

Open to those interested in the collection, curation, and dissemination of lore. Future projects may include summaries of aspects of the game, interstellar press articles, wiki contribution, and aide in research projects. Special candidates include those with experience or interest in writing and editing, those with experience with text editing programs or utilities, and those with experience in the lore of Elite:Dangerous.


Open to those interested in gaining training in exploration or those interested in training others. Tasks will include team survey missions, training for long term exploration missions, and potential representation in large scale exploration events. Knowledge of how to properly enter data into spreadsheets may be a necessity (but I hope you can just do that anyway). Special candidates include those with experience in long term exploration missions with wings, (such as those returning from Beagle Point), those with experience in logging stellar information, and those with experience in route planning.

Faction Maintenance

Open to anyone interested in the maintenance and care of 17 Draconis via the Order. Tasks include the eventual dominance and continual maintaining of the Order as the predominant faction on Paradiso Outpost, as well as ensure the system remains positive. Special candidates include those with experience in in game system maintenance and mechanics, those capable of writing and communicating knowledge of faction maintenance, and those able and willing to patrol or influence the Outpost when needed.

Wing Formation
As time goes on, the order is interested in the fostering of well trained pilots, as well as providing expert pilots an ability to teach their skills to other commanders. We wish to foster an environment in which pilots are able to be trained in the fields of combat, racing, and CG events. As such, we call on pilots who wish to begin teach others in a structured environment. Special candidates include: Those with proven experience in CQC, Buckyball racing, or other public event within the game, and those with experience teaching fellow pilots a particular skill.


We offer our cooperation to all like minded groups, and are interested in coordination and exchange. In time, our services will expand. Until then, we are eager to open lines of communication.


(( Discord: ))

For as the Serpent led us out of the Garden, the Serpent will lead us back.


Squadron info

Name: The Order
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: Nuntius Mehen
    Members: 15
    Ships: 71
    Supporters: 3
    Squadron age: 1420 days
    Headquarters: 17 Draconis [Paradiso Outpost]
    Minor faction: The Order

    In coalition with:


    CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
    Nuntius MehenSurveyorVulture---------PC
    Peregrimm FalconisEliteFer-de-Lance---------PC
    Uthred RagnarsonEliteFederal Corvette---------
    Spyro JanceRangerPython---------PC
    Arabian CowBoyEliteAnaconda
    CMDR VildhjartaElitePython
    CsiferDeadlyImperial Cutter
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