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About Hyperion Star Alliance

The Hyperion Star Alliance (The Exiles)

We're once a Great Force in their region of space,

A Family of pilot's from all Nation's creeds, and Tongues from all across the galaxy
With a grand vision for the future,

But We were driven from our Home by an unseen force including former friends
fighting us from the shadows leaving us unable to defend our Home and although we are now small in number we are great in spirit,

The order was given for us to go into hiding regroup, rearm and rebuild,

And we will Return one Day.....



CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
Cmdr Marcus Sirrah of HyperionElite---------PC
Arthur Philip Deodat [HYPE]DangerousPython---------PC
Cmdr Solracm [Hype]ElitePython
IbannietoEliteKrait MkII---------PC
Paul SweetPioneer---------PC
[HSA]Gamer798 [Hype]TycoonFederal Corvette---------PC
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