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About Knights of Beneverchio

Long ago with the rise of the Empire the Knights of Beneverchio were a group of skilled soldiers used to execute the will of the Empire in the most efficient and effective way possible, always on the front line to hit its enemies like an hammer on the anvil... After the first wars and the cold calm that followed, the Knights went silent, patiently waiting for their time to come back from the shadows and bring order in the name of the Emperor.
After the turbulent events of the past years and the the upcoming threats from the Federation and the Cerberus Plague, the Knights of Beneverchio decided to rise up again and establish an official foothold in Imperial space.

Squadron info

Name: Knights of Beneverchio
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Arissa Lavigny-Duval
Language: Italian


In-game squadron name:
  • PCKnights of Beneverchio [SPQA]

Squadron commander: Spartan B99
Members: 7
Ships: 54
Supporters: 4
Squadron age: 1365 days
Headquarters: Avalon
Minor faction: Knights of Beneverchio

In coalition with:


CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
Spartan B99TycoonImperial Cutter
LuPoNPioneerAsp Explorer---------PC
Nik FuryElite---------PC
Domenico MillelireHarmless---------PC
AdrastosTycoonImperial Clipper---------PC
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