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About Jolly Co-Operators

First organized in 3302, the Jolly Co-Operators started offering a helping hand to new pilots, and guiding them in the role they were aiming to take in the galaxy. What started as a group of close friends driven to make a positive impact on the galactic community soon turned into a sovereign democratic corporation with increased financial flexibility. Locals have noted decals on the back of their capital ships that read "we brake for nobody", a tag line they adopted as a nod to an ancient earth movie, long before holoreels. They share a strong philosophy of prosperity through cooperation, and emphasize bringing enjoyment to life whenever possible.

Many rumors have begun to circulate about the true nature of the Jolly Co-Operators due to their sharp rise in influence and wealth, none of which have been substantiated. They have publicly admitted to a secret research program with assurances that it is nothing that poses a danger to the population. Their primary efforts continue to be focused on assisting novice pilots, cooperating for the increased wealth and prosperity of all, and enjoying life as much as possible along the way.

Please note that we use our own website for roster tracking and general faction business. Registration on inara is optional, but encouraged for all faction members. As a result, the inara roster is not an accurate reflection of our membership.

Visit our website below, our contact information and details can be found there (roster is only visible to Jolly Co-Operators members due to opsec reasons).

Squadron info

Name: Jolly Co-Operators
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: English


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: aREALLYBUFFDUCK
    Members: 10
    Ships: 55
    Supporters: 5
    Squadron age: 1336 days
    Minor faction: Jolly Co-Operators

    In coalition with: