Federal Privateers

Founded: February of 3302

The Beginning:

The Federal Privateers was first thought up by a Commander named Camandcorp (aka Grim Guardian). His vision was to create a Federal aligned minor faction with the goal of becoming a major faction in the future. As many people know, starting a minor faction means you must first be recognized as a group before becoming a minor faction. That brings us to finding people that you can trust and build strong relationships with to help build something from the ground up.

So, Commander Grim Guardian set out to find people that would be interested in forming a group. After spending some time out in space and randomly bumping into people he managed to bring together the first members of the Federal Privateers. They were Commanders Gizmofox, TheArturoBird, Cosmic S926 SII and Echo Wake.

Together they spent hours figuring out how to set up the faction and what home system we should strive for. Here Echo gets the idea to start a forum as a place for people to meet and share useful information. Echo had run forums before so he thought it shouldn’t be too difficult to do again and over about a week he had the forums up and running. Not the most amazing thing in the world but helped with organizing the faction.

The Tote System:

After spending some time together, we decided that the Tote system would be our home. And with this came a few challenges that we were not expecting. Most of us still new Pilots Federation Commanders with only about a month worth of space flight under our belts when we were challenged by another group whom had also laid claim to the Tote system.

After numerous altercations, it was decided that only the two leaders of the groups would fight in a dual. We had our suspicions that something would go wrong… and it did. Now I don’t know who fired first but it turned out into a small-scale battle for the control Tote and we had inevitably lost because we were out matched. They had bigger ships with better weapons, armor, and shields, though I we did give them a run for their money.

Expanding and Set Backs:

After leaving the Tote system we acted like a flotilla moving from system to system. And we had our ups as well as our downs. By this time TheArturoBird had already left us and Gizmofox never seemed to be present. Despite this down trend, which left us questioning about whether or not to continue, we managed to run into many other new commanders and started pushing towards our goal to reach enough members in the faction to become recognized by the galactic community.

During this time we met Commander Matt Clem who is an interesting character. He believes himself to be an ancient Egyptian god that can never die. But back to the point at hand, Matt was great at leading the front for Zachary Hudson in the galactic power struggle and we gained a lot merit within the Federal Command now known as the Federal United Command (FUC). At least once in our history of power play our commanders alone could pull in 60% of the merits we needed to undermine an enemy system, but it was not uncommon to see us pull in over 30% on a regular basis.

We also met Commander Dr YayoMeister, now by the name of Dr. Omnimon or as most call him Doc. Doc was a trader and probably the best we had the time, and for that matter is probably still the best trader in the Privateers. He was good organizing people, though leadership tended to dismiss most of the suggestions he had, which in the end was detrimental to the faction.

Then there was Commander Ritmoon (aka Azazul). Azazul was placed into the leadership role of the Civilian Fleet which oversaw Trading, Mining, and Exploration. He himself was our most notable explorer often finding himself deep in the black of space. But do to a break down in communications with leadership he resigned his commission and started his own faction called the Explorers Consortium which turned out to be a very successful exploration based community.

Shortly after Azazul left there was a significant break down with leadership the Privateers, which resulted in Cosmic leaving us with a few of his friends and they started a second group the Nova Elite, which may or may not still exist.

It was at this time, Echo was introduced to Commander JamiDj. Jami had better experience in web design and coding then Echo and so he was granted powers to help Echo run and maintain the forums. Echo felt a little unsure about this but he needed the help if it was to entice new members to stick around.


The group had been in turmoil for a few months and many of its members decided to leave or just never bothered to participate in activities hosted by our own faction. Do to the lack of group cohesion we found ourselves with approximately eight active members. The leadership within the Privateers should have acted sooner but instead did nothing to stop and/or prevent the collapse.

It was now that they decided to restructure the faction, make adjustments to command and improve communications to its members. But it was too little too late as these changes fell on deaf ears. Then came an internal time bomb that now one was anticipating…

The forum which we used to help new commanders find others and get help was sabotaged and all information was destroyed. Information leading to better systems for mining and trading as well as information on good places to explore or bounty hunt where lost including tips and tricks from other more experienced commanders. Or members also had used it as a place to catalogue where they had been and share stories from their travels.

But on June 7th 3302 Jami had done the unthinkable. He had gone in and deleted everything. All the pictures, stories, and help files where permanently deleted. Jami had placed a significant blow to the already struggling Privateers. Tough his actions really only affected about seven commanders, it was a costly and immature thing to do. Echo had personally spent long hours to get things running and in one fell swoop Jami destroyed everything and to this day has given us no reason. This is why the Privateers have a “kill on sight” order against JamiDJ.

Disbanding and Resurrection:

About a month after Jami’s betrayal and with a lack of interest in the group, the Federal Privateers had disbanded. Most of our remaining members either went their own way or went over to the Explorers Consortium. It was during this time that all hopes for the Privateers had faded.

A week after the faction had disbanded we got a tip that there were some ships marked with the Federal Privateers insignia floating about in LHS 215. Apparently our request to join the galactic community had gone through, despite our internal problems. The commander that gave us this tip was Commander Ayatollah, a former member of the Privateers whom rejoined after he made this discovery.

Armed with this news the remaining leaderships quickly went to double check this information and to our surprise, there it was, the Federal Privateers where had made a name in LHS 215. Commander Grim Guardian had finally gotten what he had been working for, for months. Only now the Privateers were officially gone; so, with the help of Echo, we managed to bring back Matt Clem, and Doc.

Together we recreated the Privateers and pulled members back in like Fautpassenfaire (aka Martin), SparklyC4 (who helped Echo recover lost information on the forums), and many others.

LHS 215:

Now that we have a place to call home, we will make it flourish and defend it from her enemies. After being in LHS 215 for several months we had managed to grab former members, whom had left when we disbanded, as well as new commanders to replenish our ranks.

We have Matt Clem who is overseeing our Navy Fleet while Doc is overseeing our Civilian Fleets. Grim had taken control of the group once again and Echo was nominated to run the Academy since he seemed to hold the most patience with new pilots.

The Privateers spent some time regrouping and collecting our thoughts. We had begun the long road of boosting our influence and control in LHS 215, with which we should be going into civil war soon. Below is a news transcript from the Galnet News:

“Diesel Orbital News
Riots rage in the halls of Diesel Orbital

Broken bones and perforated promises filled the halls of Diesel Orbital this week as members of rival organizations sought to exert their dominance over the system.

Sector Security Services stepped in to stop the ongoing conflict, but failed as it became apparent that members of the security team were being swayed to fight for one side or the other.

At the time of writing the fighting rages on and The Diesel Orbital News strongly suggests that anyone not involved in the conflict should avoid landing at Diesel Orbital unless absolutely necessary.”

The general population at Diesel Orbital does not appear happy with the current state of affairs at the station and the Privateers are looking to restore peace and order to a tense situation and bring back a sense of stability.

Diesel Orbital

Taking Diesel Orbital proved to be one of the most difficult tasks the Privateers have undergone to date. It took us a few months of work and negotiations to finally get Diesel under our control. We were relieved to have finally achieved something in 215 and are now taking a break from anymore negotiations.

We now have our sights set on taking Spring Gateway and that will be no easy task as it is the largest starport in the system.

A Change of Influence

We celebrated our victory at Diesel Orbital as it took us almost a full year of deciding where to call home, grab a foothold and proceed to work at increasing our influence in the system of LHS 215. For the first time in a long time we managed to see our influence spike to near the same levels as the controlling faction, Values Party of LHS 215.

However our victory was short lived as we began to notice our influence dropping. We were still doing what we could to keep it up but it was a very tough fight to maintain the steady decline of our influence and it was still downward trend. So we took a closer look at travelers passing through the system, and noticed an increase of commanders. So our conclusion was that they were inadvertently negatively affecting our influence. So we, like any reasonable group people would do, proceeded to ask them questions like; what’s your purpose in this system?

After some deliberation and doing some research we found out that it was another group who claimed to be working for the Federation called the Federal Navy Club (FNC). As a fellow member of the Federation we informed them about our presence in LHS 215 and that we did not care if they stuck around but that they’d have to obey our rules in the system. And since we were currently suspending all bounty hunting in 215 we asked them to please visit Ross 775, which was a comparable system not too far from LHS 215.

It was as if we had declared all-out war on FNC. They felt as if we had stolen LHS 215 away from the faction they were trying to start up. However, they were about 10-12 months too late. The Privateers did not steal LHS 215 from under their nose, as they were only recent inhabitants of LHS 215. The Privateers had been there at a minimum of 8-10 months before they showed up. But this increased the tensions between the two factions.

<More to come>

-Echo Wake
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Wing info

Name: Federal Privateers
Allegiance: Federation
Power: Zachary Hudson
Game mode: Open
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Xbox
Language: English

Wing commander: Dr Omnimon
Members: 119
Ships: 273
Supporters: 27
Headquarters: LHS 215 [Spring Gateway]
Minor faction: Federal Privateers

Average combat rank: Novice
Average trade rank: Dealer
Average exploration rank: Surveyor

In coalition with: