Corvos Home System: Khan

The Corvos is an Independent pirate organization that gained control of the Khan Solar System in early 3301. This organization took control of Khan by assassinating leading government officials, as well as using guerrilla tactics to overthrow the remaining military presence in the system.

The Corvos are known for importing and exporting illegal goods, hijacking trade vessels in open space and assaulting civilian and military vessels with or without any monetary gain. The Corvos and its leaders do not usually welcome outsiders. Entering into their home system is ill advised.
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Wing info

Name: Corvos
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Aisling Duval
Game mode: Private group (Corvos)
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Xbox
Language: ---

Wing commander: Vim
Members: 3
Ships: 10
Supporters: 0
Headquarters: Epsilon Hydri

Average combat rank: Dangerous
Average trade rank: Entrepreneur
Average exploration rank: Surveyor

In coalition with: