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Forced from the Alteran Galaxy nearly one thousand years ago, with the ongoing conflict involving the ORI and repeated incursions by Michael's Augmented Wraith Hybrids, we were forced to scatter through the galaxy or face extinction.

In time the remnants of the Ancient Order have slowly come together, we gather here in our new home Jacobi Hub, in the Basuki An System of the Terran Galaxy

TAO are Free Folk, TAO bends to no man's will, and TAO will be the first to Defend what it believes. Free Trade and Free Enterprise, Prosperity and Good Fortune for All

If you are out there, and seek calm in the oncoming Chaos, then The Ancient Order is Seeking the finest Commanders to step forward and join TAO in what lies ahead

Rumors,  Whispers from the Far edges of the Galaxy, something Dangerous has emerged from the Darkest remnants of a time long past, Corrupt,  it seethes  across the Universe, subjugating and  enslaving  all who are unaware.

In Its Path Stands TAO, for we remember the past and will not be Doomed to repeat.
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