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Fortunes Corsairs Feast Preparation
15 Aug 3305

Chamas [Denton Dock]
Deliver Fruit and Vegetables, Fish, Grain and Synthetic Meat


Kaparov / today
PERSONAL LOG #12 - 19 AUG 3305

Starting DISCOVERY.LOG... Opening telecomms to SYNTEINI:LAGERKVIST GATEWAY... OK Telecomms connected to SYNTEINI:LAGERKVIST GATEWAY. Forwarding traffic to BRECA:BLACKBOX... OK Connected to BRECA:BLACKBOX. Writing to CMDR.KAPAROV.12... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The...

Korz / today
Whirlwind or, "thank you Ray Gateway"

I've lost track of the days, been on the move for what feels likes months, but I am pretty sure it's only been a few weeks. Guardian sites, tech brokers, engineers, bounty hunting, mining, outfitting my ships, purchasing new ones, and all while trying to learn more about this fascinating woman that...

Jim Beaumont / today
In the Bar

The bar was busy, so I took a stool at the end of the bar top, my back to the wall with a good view of the door so I could hopefully spot Merc’s arrival. Oddly for me, I took a strong coffee and avoided the beer. Samson looked disappointed and surprised at the same time. ‘So, come on then Samson,...

Scubadog / today
Making A Quick Credit / Exercising The Corvette

As I mentioned in recent entries, I needed to buff my bank account.  Jumping in my Python--outfitted as my mining ship these days--I headed pretty much straight up above the galactic plane over the Colonia region to a system I had previously been mining for Low Temp Diamonds.  Once I got there I pulled...

Falcon15e / today

It wasn’t that long really - only a few months but even then with some tight restrictions. The Type-2 had been sold for salvage and replaced by a shiny new Sidewinder. But Kaisla had to nearly promise away every single credit, prayer and miracle in order to get her dad to allow her to fly it. The...
Aliens Man...
Betelgeuse 2
Making amazing progress
Vincent Dominic
One Step Closer
Vincent Dominic
Breakfast, No Lunch Now
CMDR Van Der Dyke
At the edge of the Formidine Rift
There and back again
Vincent Dominic
Farseer Home Away from Home
17 Aug 3305
Misses Farseer
17 Aug 3305
Claimed by a Darker Void
17 Aug 3305
Return of the Cosmic Girl
17 Aug 3305
Black Ops
17 Aug 3305
A CMDR's Purpose

Galnet news

18 Aug 3305
Week in Review

Here are this week’s main stories.

The Alliance Festival of Culture has entered the Olgrea system this week with a celebration of literature. Fans of both modern and classical fiction gathered to discuss their favourite novels and meet popular authors.

The Fortunes Corsairs faction has organised an initiative to transport food commodities to the Chamas system. A fundraiser supporting efforts to construct an asteroid base in the system is scheduled for next week, with a grand feast advertised as the main attraction.

And those are the main stories this week.

16 Aug 3305
Fiction Fans Gather for Literary Event

A celebration of literature at H.G. Wells Terminal in the Olgrea system is the focus of the fourth week of the Alliance Festival of Culture.

Leyton Farris reported on the event for The Alliance Tribune:

“Devotees of both modern and classic fiction have gathered to celebrate a shared love of literature and meet their favourite authors. The event is also an opportunity for writers to promote their work and attract new readers.”

“One highlight has been local author Hanna Darrold releasing a novel titled ‘Chronicles of Olgrea’. The book concerns a local author releasing a novel during a literature festival, and has become an instant bestseller in the metafiction category.”

Fans of the wildly popular Corsair King series expressed hope for an appearance by Olav Redcourt, but he remains in seclusion working on his science fiction novel. A spokesperson for Bonespire Publishing suggested “Redcourt is risking financial ruin by trying to resuscitate a dead genre – nobody reads science fiction anymore.”

15 Aug 3305
Food Delivery Initiative in the Chamas System

The Fortunes Corsairs faction has organised an initiative to transport food commodities to the Chamas system.

A fundraising event has been organised as part of efforts to greenlight the construction of a new asteroid base. Many of the system’s elected officials are expected to attend the grand feast, prepared by the most eminent chefs in Chamas.

Silas James, representing the Chamash Foods conglomerate, announced:

"We feel that nothing but the finest foodstuffs from the Inner Orion Spur should be on hand for this momentous occasion. Couriers are invited to play their part in helping the region towards an era of prosperity.”

A request has been made for independent traders to deliver fruit and vegetables, fish, grain and synthetic meat to Denton Dock in the Chamas system.

The initiative is scheduled to run from the 15th to the 21st August 3305. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.

11 Aug 3305
Week in Review

Here are this week’s main stories.

Expansion of the Witch Head enclave has continued with the installation of seven planetary ports. Focus has turned to supporting the influx of new colonists, now that access to meta-alloys in the region has been secured. It is hoped that the new ports will accelerate ongoing efforts to repair the starports damaged in recent Thargoid attacks.

In related news, new engineer Chloe Sedesi has opened for business at one of the new planetary facilities, Cinder Dock. Sedesi’s services have been complemented by a tech broker and material trader, available at Bray Landing and Ratchet Hub respectively.

Finally, the Alliance Festival of Culture has entered its third week with a music festival in the Phekda system, which organisers have called ‘the greatest gig in the galaxy’. The line-up includes a mix of established and new talent, with a one-off performance by legendary artist Xiona considered the highlight.

And those are the main stories this week.


Henri Mouhot

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Henri Mouhot (May 15, 1826 — November 10, 1861) was a French naturalist and explorer of the mid-19th century. He was born in Montbéliard, Doubs, France - near the Swiss border, but spent his childhood in Russia and possibly, parts of Asia. He died near Naphan, Laos. He is remembered mostly in connection to Angkor. Mouhot's tomb is located just outside of Ban Phanom, to the east of Luang Prabang.

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