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Jaykay / yesterday
Log 18 - The ceiling and a stained Remlock

Another long week, this time up to the top of the galaxy, if up is such a thing out here. On the way I had an interesting stop over at the "Crown of ice" in Phipoea WK-E d12-1374. Planet 4 B, a rocky, icy moon that is orbiting a ringed gas giant. I came into orbital cruise aiming at the northern...

Sholtan / yesterday
Update on the Beimech Civil war

Well, i've been going back and forth from station to conflict zones pretty regularly in Beimech and it seems the fighting is just not gonna stop (good for me at least)... I've had a few close calls in this war, even got sent to jail again! (yeah maybe I should avoid the elligal contracts, I never seem...

Xhaler / yesterday
Distant Worlds II - PART 2 (Waypoint 6-10)

14-02-3305 - One month has passed since we did our first jump from Pallaeni and started this epic journey. Still going strong and I am now on my way to WP6. The fleet is starting to get real close to SagA* which I believe will be at waypoint 7, and we are all so excited to see the new station and also...

Mittel-47 / 25 Mar 3305
In the Steps of the Guardians - March 23, 3305

Commander's Log - 06:17 UTC - The Gnosis, Col 173 Sector OD-J b25-2    This will be a quicker entry. We've had a bit of an incident. In the morning we suited up, powered up and lifted off to attempt a landing in the one small area of the ruins that might be able to fit us. It was a tight spot, but we...

Avvie / 25 Mar 3305
1 | New, Old Face

After paying the sum of all my assets to my contact in the Pilots Federation I was legally declared Missing In Absentia and presumed dead from exploring Aquila's Halo. I stowed on a cargo vessel outbound to Asellus Primus and registered as a grad student from the Pilots Fed and they bought it. Now with...
Jav Marlo
25 Mar 3305
25 Mar 3305
You know yourself
25 Mar 3305
Ain't that a thing
Lobo Estelar
25 Mar 3305
Caravana de Transporte
24 Mar 3305
It's been a while, old girl
Roober the Stroober
24 Mar 3305
Oops! Did You Bump Your FSD?
23 Mar 3305
Expedition to the Galactic Core: Final Day
23 Mar 3305
Arc's Faith, Day 2.
Lobo Estelar
23 Mar 3305
23 Mar 3305
Expedition to the Galactic Core: Day 10

Galnet news

24 Mar 3305
Week in Review

Here are this week’s main stories.

Archambault Terminal remains under the control of the Children of Tothos. Negotiation with the cult’s leader, Barnabas Cole, has proven ineffective so far. Despite evidence suggesting that the deity Tothos was created by Cole, several civilian ships have travelled to the Chun Tstar system seeking to join the cult.

Taja Gavaris, the new CFO of Rackham Capital Investments, was accused of concealing a criminal background. It is believed that Gavaris is preparing to challenge CEO Zachary Rackham for leadership of the company, continuing a rivalry dating back years to when the two allegedly operated as pirates.

In other news, an intact cryogenic pod has been recovered from an abandoned outpost once used by Far God worshippers. It is unknown who occupies the pod, but early indications suggest it is one of the adherents who recorded audio logs previously discovered at the site.

Finally, Explorer’s Anchorage has officially opened in the Galactic Centre region. The Orbis starport has been built in the Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 system as part of the Distant Worlds II expedition.

And those are the main stories this week.

23 Mar 3305
Survivor Found at Far God Outpost

The Federal Intelligence Agency has discovered an intact cryogenic pod underneath an outpost once used by Far God worshippers.

Freelance reporter Alexei Keel broke the news on Vox Galactica:

“The FIA survey team had been scanning the abandoned base on Etain 4 c with customised military sensors. It’s thought this operation is part of a search for a missing undercover agent who infiltrated the Far God cult.”

“A faint power source was detected in a collapsed underground chamber, which led agents to a solitary cryogenic pod hidden beneath tons of debris. Once excavated, it was conveyed to a medical facility where efforts to safely revive its occupant are now underway.”

“There was no way of identifying who is inside the pod. But it seems likely that they are one of the adherents who recorded audio logs at the site, prior to entering suspended animation to await the Far God.”

23 Mar 3305
Pirate History of Taja Gavaris Unveiled

Taja Gavaris, the new CFO of Rackham Capital Investments, has been accused of having a criminal background as a pirate leader.

Journalist Bryanna Blanco made this declaration in The Federal Times:

“During my reporting on multi-billionaire Zachary Rackham, I have become convinced that he and many others employed by Rackham Capital Investments were once pirates, who laundered their stolen money and moved into legitimate business.”

“New research has proved that Taja Gavaris was once a criminal rival of Rackham. I believe that Gavaris used her knowledge of Rackham’s past to blackmail her way into his organisation, and is now challenging for ownership by eliminating his loyal supporters.”

“The Federal Times has published many similar revelations about ‘Calico Zack’ over the years, yet no criminal investigation has been established. Perhaps this time the authorities will investigate before Gavaris’s vendetta escalates further, potentially endangering civilian lives.”

22 Mar 3305
Cultist Occupation of Starport Continues

Archambault Terminal in the Chun Tstar system remains under threat of nuclear destruction by the Children of Tothos.

Senior Agent Rochelle Karim updated the media:

“Despite the best efforts of our negotiators, the cultists remain in control of the starport and still intend to detonate the Lucifer Device. This 300 megaton weapon is capable of wiping out Archambault Terminal, along with the starport’s entire population.”

“Their leader, Barnabas Cole, has transmitted messages via the starport’s comms array, repeating claims of ‘preparing to bring Tothos’s light to us all’. There is no mention of a deity named Tothos in historical or mythical records, which suggests the faith was recently founded by Cole.”

“Despite this, several civilian ships arrived in the Chun Tstar system over the past few days, attracted by Cole’s sermons and seeking to join the cult. The FIA is monitoring the situation closely.”

DW2 - Strange horizon
26 Mar 2019


Zhang Heng

Related stations: Heng Port (LHS 2212), Heng Dock (Samontundji), Heng Port (LTT 11478), Heng Ring (Malanges), Heng Orbital (Hixkaramu), Heng Terminal (LHS 5287), Heng Station (Telin), Heng Dock (Oduduro), Heng Horizons (Tvasus), Heng Prospect (HIP 12040)

Zhang Heng (Chinese: t 張衡, s 张衡, p Zhāng Héng; AD 78–139), formerly romanized as Chang Hêng, was a Chinese polymath from Nanyang who lived during the Han dynasty. Educated in the capital cities of Luoyang and Chang'an, he achieved success as an astronomer, mathematician, inventor, geographer, cartographer, artist, poet, statesman, and literary scholar.

Zhang Heng began his career as a minor civil servant in Nanyang. Eventually, he became Chief Astronomer, Prefect of the Majors for Official Carriages, and then Palace Attendant at the imperial court. His uncompromising stances on certain historical and calendrical issues led to Zhang becoming a controversial figure, which prevented him from rising to the status of Grand Historian. His political rivalry with the palace eunuchs during the reign of Emperor Shun (r. 125–144) led to his decision to retire from the central court to serve as an administrator of Hejian in Hebei. He returned home to Nanyang for a short time, before being recalled to serve in the capital once more in 138. He died there a year later, in 139.

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