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Allied Initiative for Witch Head Expansion
11 Jul 3305

Mizar [Judson Station]
Deliver Palladium, Superconductors and Insulating Membrane


Go'Gen / today
Trip to Colonia diary (complete)

Prelude: I'm not into exploration and I've been postponing my Colonia trip for weeks, spending hours watching vids about how many rare mats are needed to make each module as light as possible, until one day I just bought a (second) Asp Explorer, put almost all stock modules in it and said goodbye. With...

EvilLate / yesterday
La milla azul

Llevo un buen número de saltos encontrándome planetas acuosos, y algún terrestre tipo Tierra. Ayer descubrí mi primer ELW sin catalogar, y estoy bastante contento. Parece que en este sector, en la linea sur de la burbuja, hay una concentración inusual de planetas en la zona habitable de sus respectivos...

Lambast / yesterday
Commander with long-range cargo ship requiered!

Not a single thing worth mentioning for two weeks. Maybe some nice looking planets well-lit by a blue star but I’ve taken so many pictures of them as blue stars are my favorite, I haven’t bothered adding more images to the album. I must admit I have lost my passion for logging everything in my path....

Mike Probably / yesterday
Landing Pad 07 - breaking

Lack of sleep. Too many stations burning. The red glow behind the mail slot became the eye of a monster, ready to devour the ship – but already busy killing people. Not facing it was never an option. Not without losing all the meaning. I jumped rescue vessels two or three times, then figured it...

Elderrook / yesterday

I made it back home after seventy-three days. In that time I covered over fifty thousand light years and saw countless new worlds. My exploration data tallied nearly three thousand star systems visited. That data sold for a veritable fortune. I've put most of it back into ElderRook LLC, but my personal...
19 Jul 3305
An Explorer's Life For Me!
Mike Probably
18 Jul 3305
Landing Pad 07
Rho Tefnutet
18 Jul 3305
Private Logs #903
18 Jul 3305
Exploration for Dummies
18 Jul 3305
17 Jul 3305
Hell in Space

Galnet news

20 Jul 3305
Unchain Purchases Imperial Slaves

The anti-slavery charity Unchain has officially purchased the 4,000 Imperial slaves who were forcibly freed on Eotienses A 3.

Princess Aisling Duval, the charity’s patron, gave the following statement to the press:

“The contracts of all those liberated against their will have been acquired by Unchain. They will be properly cared for while they work to build a new Unchain headquarters in Port Isabelle. This will allow them to pay off their debts and become free citizens once more.”

When pressed further by journalists, Princess Aisling offered a wry smile along with her explanation:

“I’m well aware of the irony of an anti-slavery organisation hiring Imperial slaves. We do this only to prevent further suffering at Port Isabelle and undo some of the damage caused by Autonomy. Allow me to specify that this is a practical solution to a problem of the Empire’s own making.”

“The indentured servitude system may seem honourable, but – as recent events prove – it leaves people vulnerable to abuse and neglect. Unchain remains dedicated to replacing the barbaric practice of slavery with more civilised welfare and employment programmes.”

19 Jul 3305
Red Family Cartel Raids Successful

The Red Family cartel has suffered enormous losses following a series of strikes carried out by the Federal Intelligence Agency. Crime correspondent Ethan Takahashi summarised his report in The Federal Times: “In a coordinated operation spanning multiple systems, FIA troops raided hidden Red Family bases and manufacturing plants. Dozens of cartel members were killed in combat and thousands more arrested, while vast amounts of illegal substances were seized.” The narcotics kingpin Oberon Church spent decades establishing his empire, but with such catastrophic losses it has been virtually dismantled. Members of Federal Congress have congratulated the FIA for ‘removing this blight on Federal society’. Executive Agent Viola Trask suggested that “this success was only possible due to the detailed information volunteered by Jan Sandoval, one of the Red Family’s founders.” It is widely assumed that Church’s arrest will follow soon, effectively eliminating the cartel.

18 Jul 3305
Thargoids Return to Pleiades Nebula

The Thargoids have returned to the Pleiades Nebula in large numbers, with several conflicts reported within hours.

Professor Alba Tesreau gave an update on behalf of Aegis Research:

“The Thargoid forces that recently withdrew from the core systems have resurfaced in the Pleiades Nebula following a brief disappearance. An initial analysis of their movements suggests a subtle change to their tactics. I believe they are seeking to reassert themselves in their original nexus.”

“A considerable number of Thargoid craft have gathered in the Maia system. With the Palin Research Centre facing an imminent attack, the decision was made to evacuate Professor Palin and his staff, thereby protecting a number of vital research projects. All work at Palin Research Centre has been suspended.”

“Regrettably, however, a transmission from Palin’s megaship, Carson's Spring, indicates that it was assaulted by Thargoid vessels shortly after departure. With system security forces already under pressure, we urge independent pilots to head to Maia and protect Carson’s Spring.”

14 Jul 3305
Week in Review

Here are this week’s main stories.

Aegis Research has announced that the Witch Head Nebula is a viable alternative source of meta-alloys. Professor Alba Tesreau confirmed that the survey data provided by the galactic community allowed her team to identify this area as a prime source of Thargoid barnacle sites. The Alliance, Empire and Federation have all initiated plans to establish a presence in the area.

The Thargoids have withdrawn from human-occupied space. Multiple sources have corroborated reports that Thargoid craft have disappeared from almost all systems, with only Maia and Merope as exceptions. Speculation continues as to the reason for this development.

In other news, Jan Sandoval has provided proof that the Red Family cartel she co-founded intends to begin circulation of a new, highly addictive narcotic. The substance poses such a danger to Federal space that Sandoval felt compelled to seek the assistance of the Federal Intelligence Agency to prevent its distribution.

And finally, the Imperial Internal Security Service has stepped in to detain the forcibly emancipated slaves running riot in Port Isabelle. Members of the anti-slavery group Autonomy have also been arrested for initiating the turmoil, including ringleader Garrett Kline.

And those are the main stories this week.

Atmospheres Edge
20 Jul 2019


Rudolf Virchow

Related stations: Virchow Dock (LFT 1300), Virchow Orbital (EP Eridani), Virchow Orbital (7 Alpha Lacertae), Virchow City (Audhumla), Virchow Installation (BD+37 2416), Virchow Depot (LTT 5053), Virchow Landing (LP 51-17), Virchow Port (BD+15 176), Virchow Port (Dhakya), Virchow Dock (Kurmodiae)

Rudolf Ludwig Carl Virchow (English /ˈvɪrkoʊ, ˈfɪrxoʊ/; German: [ˈvɪɐ̯çoː]; 13 October 1821 – 5 September 1902) was a German doctor, anthropologist, pathologist, prehistorian, biologist, writer, editor, and politician, known for his advancement of public health. He is known as "the father of modern pathology" because his work helped to discredit humourism, bringing more science to medicine. He is also known as the founder of social medicine and veterinary pathology, and to his colleagues, the "Pope of medicine".

Born and bred in Schievelbein (Świdwin) as an only child of a working-class family, he proved to be a brilliant student. Dissuaded by his weak voice, he abandoned his initial interest in theology and turned to medicine. With special military scholarship, he earned his medical degree from Friedrich-Wilhelms Institute (Humboldt University of Berlin) under the tutelage of Johannes Peter Müller. He worked at the Charité hospital under Robert Froriep, whom he eventually succeeded as the prosector.

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