Inara updates

14 Nov 2018
Inara's fourth birthday, API and other enhancements

It's exactly four years since the first version of Inara was released and around a hundred of updates till this date. There is one of them. Alongside the list of improvements, I must also express big thanks to Longdistanceclara for her dedication and tremendous effort that was put into this expedition.
  • Additional and enhanced commander's settings were added. These details are also displayed in CMDR profiles and squadron join requests. Please pay a special attention to commander name and platform setting and ensure it's set right and at correct account.
  • Added an option to prevent imports of journals that belongs to another commander (enabled by default, when the CMDR name is properly set in the settings as mentioned above). A similar option was added to Inara API key (disabled by default). Both options should be useful especially to commanders using multiple game accounts.
  • A list of recent changes in minor faction reputations was added to commander's reputation page (it will be possible to have it updated automatically after 3.3 game update).
  • Star system details page now also contain a gallery picks and is possible to display all the images related to the selected star system. New categories ("Postprocessed" and "Portrait" ) were added to Gallery.
  • Added a list of megaships to Galaxy > Systems and stations.
  • Individual member edits in squadron roster now (finally) doesn't refresh the whole page.
  • Fixed an issue where Inara ship ID wasn't properly generated for newer ships.
There were also the following improvements to Inara API made.

Inara API changelog for the game update 3.3:
  • New: commanderFrontierID property in the header. This property (FID) is also present in the game 3.3 journals, so please add it to InAPI request headers as users may use it for protection against wrong updates when multiple accounts are used.
  • New: addCommanderFriend and delCommanderFriend events for adding/removing commanders to/from the friends list.
  • New: setCommanderReputationMinorFaction event for setting the commander's reputation with a minor faction.
  • Improvement: Events setCommanderRankPilot, SetCommanderRankEngineer, SetCommanderReputationMajorFaction and SetCommanderReputationMinorFaction can now contain an array of parameters (see input JSON examples) to set multiple ranks/reputations at once. But, you can also set it one by one in individual events same as before, if that's your preference.
API/Journals - worth to be mentioned:
  • EngineerProgress event is now present on the journal/session start and contains the reputation with ALL engineers, under the "Engineers" property. Please process it and set the engineer's reputation at the session start for InAPI updates as well.
  • It's now possible to correctly set 'isHot' property for all modules in the ship loadout (setCommanderShipLoadout), as this value is now present in the journals
  • The journal's Cargo event is now present throughout the session, but contains a valid list of commodities just on the session start. Please handle that properly. Also, there was/will be a new property "Vessel" added to this journal event, so it worth to send the cargo list just when set to the "Ship" value.

Community goals

Supporting Recovery Effort in Meene
08 Nov 3304

Meene [Felice Dock]
Hand in Bounty Vouchers


Tzebra / today
Columns of the Estate, Act I, Scene II

Columns of the Estate Act I, Scene II Tzebra’s personal Imperial Cutter ‘Veldt’ Chomsky Terminal, San Tu ---------------------------------- Kourtney Huff, a long-time associate and Imperial Clipper pilot for Tzebra, walked into the Cutter's on-board conference-room. Sitting at the conference...

LongDistanceClara / today

So here's what the Shenanigans Expedition was all about :) OGZ2BdztH1w Apologies if the music wasn't your taste! :) This last year I've been listening to a stupid amount of new retro wave stuff while off out exploring around - love FM84! - BUT if it's not your thing though, pls stuff fingers in...

Andrew Linton / yesterday
Christmas Carriers' Convoy - part 1

Jameson Memorial, Shinrarta Dezhra, 13Nov3304 There’s a languorous bong and the elevator door slides open majestically to reveal a plush foyer. I have the same feeling I had yesterday—that I don’t belong here. Fleck, the Services Manager, agrees with me. He’s sitting at the reception desk, barely...

Michael Zhoa / yesterday
Far From Home

Vela Dark Region DL-Y d91, Nov. 11, 3304. After a couple of inquiries into Canonn's database, I have found myself making a trip into the Vela Dark Region. With the threat of the Thargoids looming large and the trail of scorched stations carving their way into the heart of the bubble, I went out to...

Arcana Maxima / yesterday
11/13/3304 - Transmission number one from CMDR Arcana Maxima

--TRANSMISSION BEGINS-- This is the first log of Commander Arcana Maxima, trader and explorer. The day is the thirteen, eleven, thirty-three-oh-four. I am on my second day as a full-time trader, the exploring... well, I'll say a little later. I have done a few jumps for trading at this point and...
Daniel Calvert
Jameson Memorial
Feng Jingyi
Raumfahrer Spiff
Jimjamborino UCF
12 Nov 3304
Star date 11.12.3304
12 Nov 3304
Trading Log - Expedition 10
12 Nov 3304
Trucking Up Teide
12 Nov 3304
Apparently, I Was Wrong
11 Nov 3304
A busy weekend.
11 Nov 3304
8000 Light Years From Home
11 Nov 3304
Naive Memories
11 Nov 3304
Trading Log - Expedition 9
Raven Yerishna
11 Nov 3304
Exploration log stardate 330411.10

Galnet news

14 Nov 3304
Report on Nova Imperium Leaked

A report compiled by the Imperial Internal Security Service on isolationist group Nova Imperium has been leaked.

The Rewired news service broadcast the report in full:

“This document compiles our latest intelligence on Nova Imperium, as requested. Although the group has not yet committed any crimes, its threat potential should not be underestimated. Its isolationist message resonates with those fearful of Thargoid invasion, and its rallying cry of ‘Empire for the Imperials’ aligns with the more conservative citizenry.”

“We have identified the group’s leader, the Imperator, as Duke Kaeso Mordanticus, a former naval admiral from a long line of decorated veterans.”

“Evidence suggests that Mordanticus still has contacts and influence in the Imperial Navy. Nova Imperium’s ships are mostly run by ex-naval crews, bound by loyalty to their former commanding officer.”

“We will continue to monitor Nova Imperium and report on any developments.”

11 Nov 3304
Famous Author Missing

The family and colleagues of author Olav Redcourt have reported him missing. A police investigation has so far failed to determine his whereabouts.

Redcourt recently hit the headlines when he terminated his relationship with his publisher, Bonespire Publishing, midway through a promotional tour.

In the wake of the author’s disappearance, Bonespire released the following statement:

“We can only assume that Mr Redcourt is trying to avoid paying his fine for contract violation, which runs to several million credits. Of course, should he agree to continue writing the bestselling Corsair King series, we would be happy to waive the damages.”

Literary critic Kayla Shah offered an alternative explanation:

“Obsessive readers of the Corsair King series have sent death threats to Redcourt for not delivering exactly what they wanted. Now that he’s turned his back on the series, might he have been kidnapped by a rabid fan and forced to write more novels, or even murdered as an act of revenge?”

10 Nov 3304
Week in Review

Here are this week’s major stories.

A mercenary group has been intercepted by security forces in the Meene system. It is understood that the mercenaries’ primary target was Phoenix Base, home of the engineer Ram Tah. Li Yong-Rui, CEO of Sirius Corporation, said the attack demonstrated the precariousness of Ram Tah’s situation.

In related news, security forces in Meene are launching an operation to capture enemy agents. Security Chief Harper Vargas said his forces intended to detain any surviving mercenaries and interrogate them, so they could identify the individuals behind the incursion.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Inspector Ramesh Thorne, who has been leading an investigation into The Mars Tribune, has been suspended from the Federal Security Service. The news came less than an hour after Thorne made a public appeal for information regarding admin robots fitted with secret surveillance programs, citing the unwillingness of his superiors to pursue the matter.

The isolationist group Nova Imperium has broadcast a message to Imperial citizens. The organisation’s leader, known only as the Imperator, implicitly criticised Emperor Arissa Lavigny-Duval for ‘weakness’, and said that the Empire would only survive the Thargoid onslaught by severing ties with the other superpowers.

The family and colleagues of author Olav Redcourt have reported him missing. A police investigation has so far failed to determine his whereabouts. Redcourt recently hit the headlines when he terminated his relationship with his publisher, Bonespire Publishing, midway through a promotional tour.

Finally, authorities in the Geras system have confirmed that the conflict between Geras First and Ndozins State Inc has come to an end. Both factions received support from independent combat pilots, to whom generous rewards were promised, but in the end there could be only one victor.

And those are the main stories this week.

09 Nov 3304
A Warning from the Imperator

The isolationist group Nova Imperium has broadcast a message to Imperial citizens via public media.

The organisation’s leader, known only as the Imperator, said:

“Imperial citizens, your ruler’s weakness has put you in great danger. If we are to survive the Thargoid onslaught, we must sever ties with the Federation and other, inferior powers, and concentrate on protecting our own systems.”

“I call upon those who care about their Imperial birthright to support Nova Imperium. We vow to restore the Empire’s purity and strength, and to lead it into a glorious future.”

Senator Denton Patreus responded with the following comment:

“These extremists and their seditious agenda are not worthy of attention. So far we have been lenient with them, but this so-called Imperator would be wise not to test our patience any further.”

Lakon Type 9 Heavy
14 Nov 2018


Robert Schommer

Related stations: Schommer Terminal (Kharakas), Schommer Refinery (Djenn Crua), Schommer Survey (Muthnir), Schommer Port (LHS 5404), Schommer Port (Rangtei), Schommer Ring (HIP 112002), Schommer Stop (HIP 111272), Schommer Mines (HIP 7154), Schommer Mine (Konohavas), Schommer's Claim (HIP 12167)

Robert A. Schommer (December 9, 1946 – December 12, 2001) was an American observational astronomer. He was a professor at Rutgers University and later a project scientist for the U.S. office of the Gemini Observatory Project at the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory (CTIO) in Chile. He was known for his wide range of research interests, from stellar populations to cosmology.

Robert Schommer was born in Chicago, Illinois to Harvey and Bea Schommer. He received a B.A. in Physics 1970 from the University of Chicago in 1970 and a Ph.D. in Astronomy from the University of Washington in 1977, where he continued for one year as instructor. Following two years in seminary college in Chicago, he held postdoctoral positions at Caltech (Chaim Weizmann Fellow), the Hale Observatories, the University of Chicago, and Cambridge University (NATO Postdoctoral Fellow) before joining the Department of Physics at the State University of New Jersey. He became increasingly unhappy with the Department's unwillingness to support astronomy, and in 1990 he moved to CTIO in Chile where he remained until his death in 2001.

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