Inara updates

14 Nov 2018
Inara's fourth birthday, API and other enhancements

It's exactly four years since the first version of Inara was released and around a hundred of updates till this date. There is one of them. Alongside the list of improvements, I must also express big thanks to Longdistanceclara for her dedication and tremendous effort that was put into this expedition.
  • Additional and enhanced commander's settings were added. These details are also displayed in CMDR profiles and squadron join requests. Please pay a special attention to commander name and platform setting and ensure it's set right and at correct account.
  • Added an option to prevent imports of journals that belongs to another commander (enabled by default, when the CMDR name is properly set in the settings as mentioned above). A similar option was added to Inara API key (disabled by default). Both options should be useful especially to commanders using multiple game accounts.
  • A list of recent changes in minor faction reputations was added to commander's reputation page (it will be possible to have it updated automatically after 3.3 game update).
  • Star system details page now also contain a gallery picks and is possible to display all the images related to the selected star system. New categories ("Postprocessed" and "Portrait" ) were added to Gallery.
  • Added a list of megaships to Galaxy > Systems and stations.
  • Individual member edits in squadron roster now (finally) doesn't refresh the whole page.
  • Fixed an issue where Inara ship ID wasn't properly generated for newer ships.
There were also the following improvements to Inara API made.

Inara API changelog for the game update 3.3:
  • New: commanderFrontierID property in the header. This property (FID) is also present in the game 3.3 journals, so please add it to InAPI request headers as users may use it for protection against wrong updates when multiple accounts are used.
  • New: addCommanderFriend and delCommanderFriend events for adding/removing commanders to/from the friends list.
  • New: setCommanderReputationMinorFaction event for setting the commander's reputation with a minor faction.
  • Improvement: Events setCommanderRankPilot, SetCommanderRankEngineer, SetCommanderReputationMajorFaction and SetCommanderReputationMinorFaction can now contain an array of parameters (see input JSON examples) to set multiple ranks/reputations at once. But, you can also set it one by one in individual events same as before, if that's your preference.
API/Journals - worth to be mentioned:
  • EngineerProgress event is now present on the journal/session start and contains the reputation with ALL engineers, under the "Engineers" property. Please process it and set the engineer's reputation at the session start for InAPI updates as well.
  • It's now possible to correctly set 'isHot' property for all modules in the ship loadout (setCommanderShipLoadout), as this value is now present in the journals
  • The journal's Cargo event is now present throughout the session, but contains a valid list of commodities just on the session start. Please handle that properly. Also, there was/will be a new property "Vessel" added to this journal event, so it worth to send the cargo list just when set to the "Ship" value.

Community goals

Olelbis Holdings Appeal
15 Nov 3304

Olelbis [Polyakov Orbital]
Deliver Deuringas Truffles, Mokojing Beast Feast and Mulachi Giant Fungus
Protecting Traders in Olelbis
15 Nov 3304

Olelbis [Polyakov Orbital]
Hand in Bounty Vouchers


Andrew Linton / yesterday
Christmas Carriers' Convoy - part 2

Since meeting with Amaryllis Dood, I’ve been planning my cover story and thinking about logistics. It’s been a few years since I travelled to Colonia. At that time the star was called EOL PROU RS-T d3-94 and Jaques Station went under the fancy name of “80 DD-D 774-CE-2”. I haven’t decided, yet, what...

Feng Jingyi / yesterday
Video Log 330411.16

The video feed starts. Music can be heard faintly in the background. The camera is placed at the fore of the cockpit, showing Feng Jingyi sitting in the cockpit of her ship, bathed in bright blue light. She pulls the throttle back all the way and presses a button on her console. The sounds of sensors...

Pnaepkin / 15 Nov 3304
Way Whacky Dreams: Imaginary Ship!

I probably fly more in a spaceship than otherwise. I know, shocking, right? I think I've always had weird dreams when I sleep. Sometimes they go lucid, and I'm able to reason and think and talk. I've never had the ability to do crazy superpowery stuff in my dreams, though. If I think about it...

Jav Marlo / 15 Nov 3304

14 NOV 3304 Azeban City (Eranin) The trip to Azeban Orbital went good. It may be old and battered, but the Arche behaved herself quite properly on its way to Eranin. Once in Azeban Orbital, I collected the 10.000 credits promised and found myself before a whole galaxy of new possibilities and almost...

Wyveres / 15 Nov 3304
CMDR. Wyveres – Logbuch – Abstecher

Ich hab Heute nur ein paar Systeme geschafft und bin doch nur noch 30 Sprünge von meinem Ziel entfernt, ich werde wohl nicht den selben Weg zurück nehmen, sondern weiter schauen. ------------------------------- Wenn man durch Zufall sich fast selbst aus dem All bläst, Neugier ist manchmal ein...
GalNet: Genefreaks
Illania Kalichk
First Entry: Reflections
Raven Yerishna
Exploration log stardate 330411.15
Arkadi Kreven
15 Nov 3304
Press Embargo on AXI?
15 Nov 3304
A lovely trip
14 Nov 3304
The Second Omen
Daniel Calvert
14 Nov 3304
Jameson Memorial
14 Nov 3304
13 Nov 3304
Jav Marlo
13 Nov 3304
Andrew Linton
13 Nov 3304
Christmas Carriers' Convoy - part 1
Michael Zhoa
13 Nov 3304
Far From Home

Galnet news

16 Nov 3304
Connection to Sirius Corp Uncovered

A link has been established between the mercenary group recently intercepted in the Meene system and the Sirius Corporation.

Security Chief Harper Vargas of the Meene Defence Force said:

“With the vital assistance of the galactic community, we were able to apprehend several of the mercenaries. Interrogations revealed that a number of them were in fact junior officers in Sirius Corp’s private fleet.”

“Other mercenaries confirmed that the attack was funded and organised by these individuals, which raises the question of why Sirius should be involved with this criminal enterprise.”

The engineer Ram Tah, who operates from Phoenix Base in the Meene system, commented:

“Did Sirius really think it could obtain my research by force? Or was this an attempt to scare me into accepting Li Yong-Rui’s offer?”

A spokesperson for the Sirius Corporation refuted any allegations of criminal activity, and insisted there would be a full inquiry.

15 Nov 3304
Olelbis Holdings Appeal

Olelbis Holdings, an organisation based in the Olelbis system, has announced an elaborate social function at Polyakov Orbital, the faction’s base of operations.

In support of this event, Olelbis Holdings has placed an open order for quantities of Deuringas Truffles, Mokojing Beast Feast and Mulachi Giant Fungus, and has pledged to reward pilots who deliver these commodities to Polyakov Orbital in the Olelbis system. The organisation has also placed a kill order on all ships on its wanted list, to ensure that those contributing commodities to the campaign can do so safely.

The campaign begins on the 15th November 3304 and will run for one week. If the final target is met earlier than planned, the campaign will end immediately.

15 Nov 3304
Escape Pod Recovery Complete

The Independent HIP 29241 Green Party has announced that its appeal to recover escape pods has been enthusiastically received by the galactic community. Hundreds of pilots supported the initiative by delivering pods to Felice Dock, and by protecting contributing ships in the Meene system.

Security Chief Harper Vargas of the Meene Defence Force gave the following statement:

“We have recovered a number of key figures within the mercenary group, and interrogations are underway. We will share more information when we have it.”

Pilots who contributed to the initiative can now collect their rewards from Felice Dock in the Meene system.

15 Nov 3304
Cordova Group Linked to Spy Robots

The Federal Times has revealed a connection between the Cordova Group and the spy robots scandal.

Chief Editor Lena Ravenhill wrote:

“Ramesh Thorne’s recent appeal elicited a response from an anonymous whistle-blower – a robotics engineer employed by the Achilles Corporation who helped design the robots at the heart of these events.”

“The engineer has attested that she was blackmailed by Kingsley Cordova, owner of the Mars Tribune, into installing surveillance programs on robots belonging to well-known people in the Sol system. The accumulated data was relayed to the Cordova Group, which published it in The Mars Tribune.”

A spokesperson for the Achilles Corporation said:

“The engineer has provided us with a ‘kill switch’ that remotely deletes the spy program she designed. This coreware update has now been transmitted to all PA912 model robots. We can therefore assure our customers that there is no longer any risk of their private information being misused.”

Bennett Landing
16 Nov 2018


Buzz Aldrin

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Buzz Aldrin (born Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr., January 20, 1930) is an American engineer and former astronaut, and the second person to walk on the Moon. He was the Lunar Module Pilot on Apollo 11, the first manned lunar landing in history. He set foot on the Moon at 03:15:16 (UTC) on July 21, 1969, following mission commander Neil Armstrong. He is also a retired colonel in the United States Air Force (USAF) and a Command Pilot.

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