Viridian / 17 Apr 3304
Zero Days (Comm Series #9)

When they arrived at Wafer Station, the slaves remained on the ship and Viridian went to see Hyde first. She was working in her office, her glasses tucked high on her nose as she read her flat panel and didn't raise her eyes when her door slid open. Viridian walked forward and placed the Desert Eagle in front of her. Hyde lifted her eyes to Viridian, her nose still visibly broken, but the blood...

Viridian / 01 Apr 3304
Day 48 Part 3 (Comms Series #8)

Having given the keycard to Acacia, Viridian had to find another route into the slavers quarters. When she had climbed to the fifth floor, she found them all locked. Most of the slavers kept at least one slave in their room at some point. Some for punishments. Some for pleasure. For Isaac Bryant, it was a bit of both. He kept a slave in his quarters for bait. She knew better than bother knocking...

Viridian / 26 Mar 3304
Day 48 Part 2 (Comms Series #7)

Rage had always been her fuel. It had always been more overwhelming than fear, more powerful than any sense of love or mercy. Rage is how she chose to exist and each step up the metal stairs to level eight only boiled that fire until her skin rose to every surface. She knew this building. Third floor was food storage. She had hidden in plenty of airducts during her bondage, finding discarded scraps...

Prod Nero / 16 Mar 3304

"Prod Nero!" Ayel shouted from across the bridge. "A Federation convoy is approaching." "Show me." Ayel projected the convoy in front of Nero. At the center was a large warship that somewhat resembled a Federal Corvette. "The Federation are hailing." Nero waved his hand in acceptance. A bland, uninteresting Fleet Admiral appeared. "Admiral...

Viridian / 16 Mar 3304
Day 48 Part 1 (Comm Series #6)

For a solid hour, Viridian sat in the cockpit. She had landed silently on Lahun after hours of travel and positioned her ship far enough to avoid scanners, but not so far that she couldn't watch the station. The  site bustled with activity. Trade ships occasionally docked. A few of them would have slaves on them. Slaves were walked into into transport ships, having been bought, and off to be delivered...

Prod Nero / 16 Mar 3304
Cooperating With the Federation

Upon achieving the rank of Admiral in the Federal Navy, Nero received this message from the Federation: "With his dedication to the pursuit of science for his people and his crew, and his willingness to join and lead those who have yet to find a home in the Federation, Nero exemplifies our ideals of peaceful cooperation and the free distribution of knowledge. We hereby bestow on him the rank of...

Viridian / 12 Mar 3304
Day 46 (Comms Series #5)

Larkspur's pulse lasers were upgraded. The missiles were restocked. She programmed the coordinates and all that there was left to do is get on the Cobra and take off. Her meeting with her supervising officer went smoothly enough that she could take the couple days of leave to do what she had to do. She was going to get her back. Her boots thudded deeply as she walked out to the landing pad. Larkspur's...

Viridian / 10 Mar 3304
Day 45 (Comms Series #4)

The lights were dim in Violetta Pace's office at Illy Port. She stared at her communications panel, which, unlike ships, sat flatly on a black, glass surface that had the faint stains of rocks glasses and bourbon. Her eyes scanned the message she prepared, cautiously noting her own choice of words. She reached her hands up and rubbed them over her face, the day plumping her eyelids with weary. "Delete,"...

Viridian / 07 Mar 3304
Day 39 (Comm Series #3)

Violetta Pace turned over the bottle of whiskey into a small, opaque glass and nudged it across the small desk. Commander Viridian snatched it and swallowed half of it in a gulp.  Pace placed the bottle on the edge of the desk, her iced over eyes looking at the young commander with an expression wanting of sentiment. "I apologize it took so long to schedule a meeting," Pace said. Viridian...

Viridian / 15 Feb 3304
Day 34 (Comms Series #2)

Viridian's inbox had been filled with more boring messages. Most of them were from contacts with other job offers that she ignored half the time, or template messages about her increase in status at Wafer Station. She tapped her index finger on the comm panel again. Nothing from Raven. She tapped her screen and spoke into her panel, "Send a message." "Alright, commander,"...
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Wing info

The Rogue Commanders Navy [RCN] was founded by a group of independent pilots from all walks of galactic life in order to survive in the lonely and unforgiving hazards of space. Mature pilots both novice and expert are welcome to inquire about available positions in several divisions, from tactical to mercantile.

Name: Rogue Commanders Navy
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Any (Rogue Commanders)
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Any
Language: English

Wing commander: Acroci
Members: 9
Ships: 56
Supporters: 0

Average combat rank: Competent
Average trade rank: Broker
Average exploration rank: Trailblazer