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Killhunter44 / 31 Jan 3304
CMDRS LOG - KILLHUNTER44 - STAR DATE: 31 Jan 3304 AT 22:30 (Saving Dove Megaship)

CMDR KILLHUNTER updating log start:
Yesterday evening the crew and I where notified that help was needed in the form of Meta Alloys to be delivered out to Colonia. Shorty after a meeting with the crew, things were settled and we all agreed to help. As the Captain of the HMS STARLIGHT OF ORION, I called down to the hanger bay to have the old girl stripped of her weapons, modules, and anything else not needed for the long trip. In the end we could only carry 96T of Meta Alloys, however anything helps.

Once the ship was ready, we set a course for the Maia System to buy Meta Alloys. The trip to Maia did not take long as it was only about 200 ly from Andhrmim (home). We were lucky to get to Maia without any interference and bought the cargo, while loading I took the chance to look at the star map to find the fastest route possible (it didn't take long). Once all loaded and course plotted to the nearest Neutron Star, we began the long journey to Colonia some 21 Thousand light years away. This was a massive undertaken by the crew and myself as we flew on and off for the first few hours, taking small breaks. Luck or shear crazy as I am, I was not able to sleep much last night. I did what any good Captain would do, let the crew sleep while I fly throughout the night some 10+ thousand light years. Before I knew it, it was already morning and the crew would be waking soon, I had to get some type of nap in. When I finally stopped for the night I was only about 200 +/- jumps away, What follows the next day was epic itself.

After getting a quick nap in and getting the crew up and ready, I headed back to helm. This time I was on a mission (to finish before lunch time), in order to do this I would need lots of coffee and some AFMU. We where extremely lucky that we had enough materials to synthesize reloads up to 4 times, meaning we didn't really have to stop. However, we did stop off for a quick repair and refuel (name of system escapes me). At this time we were only about 150ish jumps left in the journey, and we did run into one pirate a long the way. I was able to shake him off and jump to the next system (he never returned). At last just before lunch was served we arrived at Colonia heading for the Dove Megaship. After being granted permission to land, which to my surprise I was able to do without any issues we locked down on the pad and offloaded all 96T of Meta Alloys.

Even though I feel tired, I am happy that the crew and I finally made it to Colonia and what better way to do it then helping the community as a whole.

Until next time, this is Captain Killhunter of the STARLIGHT OF ORION signing off
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