01 Feb 3304
Whipley /
1 February 3304

CMDR's log, first of February 3304. Leonard Station, Har Pahary System, Imperial Space Spent the past few months in the Ix system, working on contract jobs for the Federal Navy. Shuttled around cargo and data, destroyed a ton of sentry skimmers, killed a buttload of pirates and criminals (the Feds don't mess around), and shuttled a bunch of people between stars. The last straw came when I was...

08 Dec 3303
Missmartian /
Rewrite of "The End" (my submission for Elite Dangerous Novella Contest)

The End… Bin tere mere is jivan mein kuchh bhi nahin (without you there is nothing at all in my life) So here I was, right at the top of the bubble on an exploration trip with Jammy. Only this time there was a problem, we were exploring the Cancri Climb and at the last neutron jump we super charged to skip a few systems on the way back “down”. Sadly we were hyperdicted and accidently jumped “up”...

08 Nov 3303
FoxJester /
Adle's Armada pt.2

Well, I'm an apprentice in AA now, which is kind of a great feeling as my old wing seemed to not want to fly anymore. It's honestly having comm's that are always active, with people that share a mindset/ end goal with me: PVP domination. Need to work on my credits and get that FDL for the love of all things shiny. Outfitted an asp explorer (The FoxtTrotter)  to do some passenger runs as they make...

24 Oct 3303
FoxJester /
Adle's Armada

Flew today with some of the guys and gals from Adle's Armada, gotta say I'm impressed. I'd love to join the ranks, time will tell. Did a few one on one combat tests with some of them, obvious I need to get some more engineering done, potentially finally work for that FDL I've been eyeing. Either way, seems like a good way to improve my skills as a pilot, especially when dealing with dangerous,...

23 Oct 3303
FoxJester /
The Timings Right

Just landed in Rhea last night, The JackDaw is likely overworked from the amount of jumping I had to do, but that's nothing a little tender love, affection, elbow grease and maybe some limpets wont fix. Going to work my way through the ranks of the federation for now, hopefully I can get something out of it. Maybe I'll be able to afford that shiny FDL i've had my eye on for a while. First things...

18 Sep 3303
Missmartian /
Thargoids – The beginning.

Remember when Jammy and I joined DJ to check out the wrecked ship outside of the bubble and I fell asleep and dreamt the end was nigh? Well it never did, I may have hid it from everyone but that day I was scared to the core and I was right to. Not long after ships were being hyperdicted and some were infected causing them to glitch out of normal space and vanish. Most of us who had infected ships got...

06 Sep 3303
Missmartian /
His Story Part 7

You are the sun who provides me with everything I need to survive. You are the moon who shines the light in my otherwise empty and dark world. You are the stars who watch over me from afar when you’re not able to be here by my side. Everything I have, everything I am is yours; from now until my last breath. *************** I was in a deep slumber when the curtains opened and the bright light...

05 Aug 3303
Missmartian /
Awakening - Happy Endings

So here I am with my happy ending; I have my family, my friends and finally the guy. Not just any guy but The Guy; the guy who keeps me safe, keeps me sane and most importantly loves me no matter what. In his eyes I can do no wrong and vice versa, he might vex me on occasion but he’s my everything and trust me he knows it. For once everything is finally going my way; all the pieces of the puzzle have...

07 Jul 3303
Missmartian /
His Story Part 6

My previous life was full of so much treachery and deceit it’s a wonder how I’m still alive. After what happened with Johnny I closed myself off to the world except for a few people. But even they didn’t know the real me. No, I was happy being a pilot hunter and content with the world I had built for myself, but then I made a mistake, a big one. No, a really really big one… I tried to kill a pilot...

28 Jun 3303
Missmartian /
Awakening - Restraints

These past few months have been, well I don’t really have the words to describe them to be honest. It felt like I was watching someone else control my body and the only time I could do anything was when she was asleep. I tried so hard to break out of my chains but that we all want to do isn’t it? We were all kids once and had big dreams on what we wanted to do and become but before we realised it we...
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