02 Mar 3303
Aaron Madrid /
Collection of Rahu Community Goal Credits

The community goals based in Rahu are coming to a close. I have collected the small bond i had for the combat operations in Rahu, but im expecting a large some of credits from my mission bond in the collection of occupied escape pods. I am expecting about 8 million credits from that goal. I am reporting that there is a significant amount of griefers surrounding the station which the community goal...

21 Jan 3303
Carlisle Meadows /

“GET IN LINE AND DON’T MAKE A NOISE, DAMN YOU!” The Slaver’s booming voice left Erago’s ears ringing. She didn’t know where Saven was, hadn/t seen him amongst the other captured people aboard the massive Anaconda. The hushed voices of the panicking hostages were silenced. Two days had passed quite quickly, and living aboard a slave ship was certainly not the most scenic of events. Erago had witnessed...

21 Jan 3303
Carlisle Meadows /

It was a simple salvaging operation, like any other. Saven had done it at least a hundred times before, and didn’t expect this one to be any different. Captain Snow and his eager mechanic, Erago, had dropped into the Menambe system to peruse some signal sources. Menambe is a single jump from the Eravate system, a highly populated, well defended area that Saven had been using as a home base of sorts. As...

24 Nov 3302
Marknumskull /

Decided I wanted to up rate and totally change the loadout of my Anaconda. I originally had this: HUGE - Plasma Accelerator (f) LARGE - Cannon (f) LARGE - Multi-Cannon (g) LARGE - Multi-Cannon (g) MEDIUM - Pulse Laser (t) MEDIUM - Pulse Laser (t) SMALL - Beam Laser (t) SMALL - Beam Laser (t) This was terrible, so after watching this video from Kornelius I decided to make a major change. I...

27 Oct 3302
OddPotato /
Destination Reached

This is CMDR OddPotato of RunningRabbit, We have finally reached our destination, the nebula, with it's bluish tint is spectacular. My passengers who are also scientists are packing their instruments while I land on a planet to gather and analyze data. Mayday! Mayday! We just crash landed on planet, shields offline, canopy breached mayday! mayday! losing oxygen, activating emergency beacon,...

27 Oct 3302
OddPotato /
First Tourist mission

This is CMDR OddPotato of RunningRabbit, I have met this guy called Famous Explorer, who asked me for a trip to view a nebula from surface of a planet. his destination was IC 1805 SECTOR AV-O C6-6 . I had to refit my ASP Explorer to transport him and two other gentlemen to the said location.I have never been more than 1000ly from the bubble. I don't know how I am going to pull off a 6000ly...

12 Jul 3302
Mini_Watto /
Legally Questionable Upgrades

Since achieving triple elite and temporarily taking a break from the calamities of human space, I have spent the past few weeks locating and working with many of the engineers across the bubble. I shall not reveal identities or locations here, as it's impossible to stay ahead of the hackers nowadays. Anyway, I have specialised in working with engineers who have been able to modify my frame shift drives,...

09 Jul 3302
David C. Li /
New unexplored star

it's been more than a year since I have explored a undiscovered star.  this time, it's in a relatively busy area just 200 ly above Sothis, so a bit surprising. The main star,  WREDGULA RR-I B37-2A was first discovered by some CMDR named "SOVNGARDE114", and he didn't bother to chart the second of the binary, and none of the planets. not that there was anything to write home about, as...

08 Jul 3302
N Ziegler /
Freelance Report: Is War Coming?

Date: Any time System: Galnet and/or Eravate Cairo Rakes, 47, has recently been reported as inciting a mob, claiming that things have been "too peaceful recently." He would go on to say, "It's only natural that humans love war! We need to have a war in order to have something to do! It creates supply and demand, allowing for economic growth, as well as creating new job opportunities...

08 Jul 3302
N Ziegler /
Freelance Report: Adle's Victory

Date: July 7, 3302 Location: Eravate Sources say that Mars Adle, 28-year old leader of the Adle's Armada Coalition, tracked down and single-handedly killed four known pirates in the Eravate system near Ackerman market. Eyewitnesses claim that Adle maneuvered his Fer-de-Lance in a way they'd "never seen before", and "it was honestly something I think every pilot hopes to be able to...
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