Robojack60 / 18 Jul 3304

Since being back in the bubble I've been doing a lot of work for Zachary Hudson and the Federal Navy. Missions of which I may not disclose. I have also recently contributed to the community goal Ebor Research Project by shipping numerous amounts of aluminium in my python, only to be greeted with an imperial eagle who decided to blow my ship up and cost me 3,000,000 in rebuys. I set out on another trade...

Acrothdragon / 29 Jun 3304

My thoughts on the Krait its quite the nimble peppy little ship. I do like the grouping of the hard points especially being able to see the lower hard points deploy and fire off is a nice touch. But I have notice a bit of an issue where the aiming on gimbaled tends to jitter wildly especially up close. I will say there's hardly no need to add heat sink to it, as it runs fairly cool and modding the...

Redconfuser / 27 Apr 3304
The Divergent Path

I'd say roughly 12 hours ago I embarked on my longest journey yet - Jonai to the Vadimo system. While that may look like rookie distance to most, it's my first taste of true exploration. This gave me a chance to see new systems and new surfaces that I couldn't have imagined ever existing and collect data as I went along. Sometimes people forget how breathtaking the scenery can be, but I've always been...

BasilMcNeck / 25 Apr 3304
CG @KamaiIndustries

Finally passed the 750 mark for Our Glorious Empress, while stocking up Kamai with plentiful supplies of titanium. Route was the station in HIP 25481, dropped off some reports and picked up some skimmer components, Onto Ackerman Settlement at Corioskur, dropped skimmers and picked up Titanium. Some profit, but not Ceos type money, One hump then back to Blido Piru to Kamai, flogged titanium...

spike.rog / 23 Apr 3304
Saving tilly

well its been a while since I did a log entry so here goes. I was heading out to sag a a few weeks ago to have a look and do some more exploring when there was an accident in engineering and out chef engineer tilly was badly injured. the good drs had her on life support and we had all decided that in the best interest of the shop and crew we were going to turn the life support off . but then one...

Alwynd / 19 Apr 3304
Iv'e been doing it wrong.

I have 1800 hours on Elite Dangerous Horizons PC And Iv'e been doing it wrong. When I started playing, I always wanted to get the next bigger ship, that's the drive. Rushing the rankings, rushing the money, rushing the game. At one point I stopped playing for a few months, and then came back. Finally got the big ship I was after, the Python, then the Conda, then the Corvette *had to sell the...

Stubbs101 / 16 Apr 3304
Mining and Me, The story of a Haz Rez Site

Personal Log I’ve been mining before, during the wolves push for power some years back when gold was all the rage, and I found out one thing. Knowing where to go is half the battle. I heard a theory at the time, “if you can’t find a good place to mine, find where the pirates are hunting” the premise being that the best asteroids sites are usually horded by the locals, and local pirates go after...

Noah Millea / 06 Mar 3304
Colonia At Last

We finally made it to Colonia. We docked at Jaques Station yesterday and all basically fell into our racks to sleep for as long as we could. That didn't keep us down too long though. The excitement of being in this system had us up and moving far earlier than any of us expected. The crew has been requesting that we fly around the system for days now and I was just as eager as them to take a look around....

Noah Millea / 05 Mar 3304
The Lonesome Trail

We've been travelling almost a week now but we are almost there. Just a few more hours and we'll arrive in Colonia at long last. It's been a trying week for everyone, but the crew and the Minotaur held up admirably. There's only so many days worth of hundreds of jumps you can make without getting sick and tired of it though. We did have a few exciting moments when we discovered a few previously unscanned...

Noah Millea / 26 Feb 3304
Continuing On

The Iron Minotaur undocked from Hillary Depot yesterday in our continuing journey to Colonia. Next stop: Amundsen Terminal in the Lagoon Sector NI-S b4-10. Yeah, the long-distance spacers were right, typing out those system designations never gets any simpler. Who the hell named those places anyway? Oh well, that's where we're headed and we should make it in a few hours. In the meantime all we have...
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Wing info

Name: Wolves of Jonai
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Any
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Any
Language: English

Wing commander: ChaosWulff
Members: 1503
Ships: 6873
Supporters: 117
Headquarters: Jonai [Pribylov Port]
Minor faction: Wolves of Jonai

Average combat rank: Competent
Average trade rank: Merchant
Average exploration rank: Trailblazer

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