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Jav Marlo / today

DISTANT WORLDS 2 (PART 10) – HUNTING WOLF-RAYETS AND THE ODIN’S HALL 17 MAR 3305 Explorer’s Anchorage (Stuemeae FG-Y d7561) This is commander Jav Marlo onboard the Hyperion, landed at Explorer’s Anchorage, in system Stuemeae FG-Y d7561. I cannot believe I am just a couple of light years of distance...

Arbilac / today
Rifts and Graveyards

Been a couple' days since I took my leave of that oddly comforting rock. Seems most travellers out this way tend to end up staying longer than they expect. Meet a same same in the bar and shoot the shiz. Come back the next evening after toiling away making the girl ready, and there they are, propping...

ThePlanetVenus / today
RatLog #003

Today has been slow, not too many clients for me to save. I spent most of my day sitting in my ship remembering when I didn't have to worry about paying my fuel tab, and buying my own food and clothes, repairing my own ship etc. I only had to worry about food and clothes not a ship, but I changed that,...

S. H. Robinson / today
Feeling Like a Traitor

CMDR’s Log, 3305.03.17, Sol Calendar; I probably shouldn't be documenting this in my logs. It could very well be tracked. And even if it isn't, it will likely be confiscated and redacted when this is all over. But i don't care. I need to talk about this. I stepped onto the bridge of the Skies of...

Xhaler / today
Distant Worlds II - PART 2 (Waypoint 6->)

14-02-3305 - One month has passed since we did our first jump from Pallaeni and started this epic journey. Still going strong and I am now on my way to WP6. The fleet is starting to get real close to SagA* which I believe will be at waypoint 7, and we are all so excited to see the new station and also...
18.03.3305 Update
Switch Killington
CMND Log 027: Anchorage
Ayla's Opals
Log 17 mar 3305
CMDR Scorpio
16 Mar 3305
Captains Log 16 March 3305
16 Mar 3305
"a fresh start..."
16 Mar 3305
The Last Dock
16 Mar 3305
Log 16 MAR 3305
16 Mar 3305
RatLog #0002
16 Mar 3305
Expedition to the Galactic Core: Day 3

Galnet news

16 Mar 3305
Week in Review

Here are this week’s main stories.

The Children of Tothos cult has taken control of Archambault terminal in the Chun Tstar system. Access to most station services has been suspended. It is feared that the cult’s leader, Barnabas Cole, plans to detonate the Lucifer Device as part of an apocalyptic ceremony.

Rackham Capital Investments has appointed Taja Gavaris as its new CFO, following the death of its former financial officer. CEO Zachary Rackham was not involved in Gavaris’s appointment, leading to speculation of a scheme to remove Rackham from the company.

And finally, the Distant Worlds II expedition has gathered the resources required to construct a new megaship and installation in the Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 system. The fleet will now continue its journey towards Beagle Point.

And those are the main stories this week.

15 Mar 3305
Rackham Fatality Creates Power Struggle

Rackham Capital Investments has appointed a new CFO following the death of its former financial officer.

Business analyst Marlon Royce reported on the situation:

“Aaron Salazar was CFO at Rackham Capital Investments from its inception. After a sudden cardiac arrest at the Ivystone Spa proved terminal, the board of directors voted to install Taja Gavaris as his replacement. Little is known of Gavaris outside of her meteoric rise up the corporate ladder.”

“CEO Zachary Rackham was not present at the vote, the CEO has taken a leave of absence to cope with his grief. “The multi-billionaire businessman, also known as ‘Calico Zack’, established the company following a lucrative career as an independent trader, although rumours persist that he actually operated as a pirate.”

“Insiders have speculated that Gavaris’s appointment may be part of a scheme to oust Rackham from the top spot.”

14 Mar 3305
Distant Worlds Campaign Concludes

The Distant Worlds II expedition has gathered resources for a megaship and installation to be constructed in the Galactic Centre.

Contributors delivered huge amounts of materials to the Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 system. Deep Space Surveys also defended miners by placing a kill order on all wanted ships.

Commander Michael Darkmoor of the Rock Rats stated:

“The newly built astrophysics station will enable us to observe high-detail changes to the gravimetric field surrounding Sagittarius A*. We hope to better understand the deeper relationships between extreme gravity and multi-dimensional space.”

The Distant Worlds II exploration fleet will continue its journey across the galaxy, towards Beagle Point.

Those who took part in the campaign can now collect their rewards from Explorer's Anchorage in the Stuemeae FG-Y d7561 system.

14 Mar 3305
Nuclear Threat Shuts Down Starport

Archambault terminal in the Chun Tstar system has been overtaken by the Children of Tothos cult, who are threatening to detonate a stolen nuclear weapon.

Senior Agent Rochelle Karim gave this statement:

“Most services at Archambault terminal have shut down as a result of the control deck’s occupation by Children of Tothos adherents. It’s evident that personnel are obeying the cultists’ orders for fear that they will use the Lucifer Device.”

“Millions of people remain at the starport, making a frontal assault too risky. FIA negotiators are taking steps to open a dialogue and resolve the situation peacefully.”

The cult’s leader, Barnabas Cole, transmitted a brief message using Archambault terminal’s communications array:

“At last, we have found the place where our testament’s light will shine. Join us. When the ceremony is complete, you will all see Tothos as we do.”

The glam rocks
17 Mar 2019


Max Planck

Related stations: Planck Ring (HIP 27980), Planck Orbital (BD-22 3573), Planck Port (NLTT 53690), Planck Station (Binjia), Planck Orbital (Ross 115), Planck Terminal (NLTT 35146), Planck Terminal (LP 128-9), Planck Station (Nootkena), Planck Hub (Ross 340), Planck Port (Kokaana)

Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck, FRS (/plɑːŋk/; German: [plaŋk]; April 23, 1858 – October 4, 1947) was a German theoretical physicist who originated quantum theory, which won him the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918.

Planck made many contributions to theoretical physics, but his fame as a physicist rests primarily on his role as an originator of the quantum theory. However, his name is also known on a broader academic basis, through the renaming in 1948 of the German scientific institution, the Kaiser Wilhelm Society (of which he was twice president), as the Max Planck Society (MPS). The MPS now includes 83 institutions of scientific specialties, such as the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology.

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