24 Mar 3303
Tach916 /
Changes to the plans

It's been a long week. I have been to multiple engineer's perfecting my Diamondback Scout to be the perfect Force Recon ship. There is still work to go on it but it requires more materials. I'll have to call the pilot I hired and have him bring my Keelback up with the SRV and SLF on it. I never liked cruising around on planets alone. Even in the bubble I feel like at any moment some new species might...

08 Mar 3303
Tach916 /
Their revenge only cost more lives.

I ended my contract in Quince, I had enough of disposing of The Foundry's ships and pilots. I was paid well for my work though, bought a new Python and fitted it well. I was rewarded with more than cash and now at every system there is a new pilot wanting to interdict me for my "cargo", I know its assassination attempts. The first few attempts I was forced to run, being in my furthest jumping...

17 Jan 3303
Wowy /
Log 2: Day 9.

Time: 14:01:13 UTC So I'am still traveling towards The Bubble Nebula... if i keep this pace I might make it today! Also I found my my Awesome mix vol 1... time to party? And I thought that I haven't scanned almost anything... That means I will barely make money and yet IF I would scan everything it would take forever and I wouldn't make any progress, So I will have to make a stop at Neutron Star...

16 Jan 3303
Wowy /
Day 8?

Day 8 since I left the "bubble" so far no aliens in sight, hoped that abandoned settlement would wield some results... but I only got shivers and spooks, well I also found nice canyons for racing and ~8 millions for scanning that settlement which is nice I guess... Now I'am headed west through Formidine Rift and might travel along side the "arms" for awhile... maybe to Colonia,...

28 Dec 3302
Phantomcuffs90 /
Log of Zulu Antigus Entry 2

Another Anaconda interdicted me today. Man by the name of Sterling. Seems he wanted my shipment of Biowaste. Unfortunately for him I was prepared. Still he managed to do some damage I destroyed him, got me down to 54% hull. I thought I was done with pirates until yet another  anaconda tried their hand. Being severely damaged, the odds clearly weren't in my favor. Nevertheless I don't run from a fight....

27 Dec 3302
Phantomcuffs90 /
Log of Zulu Antigus Entry 1

Was pulled out of super cruise by someone in an Anaconda like mine.  The guy was armed to the nines with weapons and a combat rank of Dangerous to match. However what he had in weapons he lacked in armor. After making quick work of his shields I tore through his hull.  He tried to run but I disabled him thanks to some tips from MelonLlama. I finished the sitting duck, but not without suffering some...

Wing info

Name: Spectre Squadron
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Any
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Any
Language: ---

Wing commander: Spyrantseven
Members: 169
Ships: 494
Supporters: 8

Average combat rank: Competent
Average trade rank: Dealer
Average exploration rank: Surveyor

In coalition with: