24 Jun 3303
Mod Gryphon /
LOGDATE 23-06-03 [2]

[TIME: 3:50:00]


I guess it's time.

No luck yet. Scanning every single ship I see. Nothing coming up. damn, I hope I'm doing this right.

[TIME 3:55:00]


What's this?


Well well well...

[TIME: 4:03:00]

He's dead, Jim.

24 Jun 3303
Mod Gryphon /
LOGDATE 23-06-03

\\ Finally got that Federal Navy mission I was after. Glad the navy contacted me, I almost gave up trying. They want me to find and kill a pirate lord or something. Not sure if I should be writing this in my log but...hey, contract doesn't say anything about it. He should be here any second now. Fortress is getting angsty, I can tell by the way she rattles, haha, sometimes I think this thing...

22 Jun 3303
R.Sharpe /
First Log

With the unknown ships just over the horizons and the impending doom that it entails I think it only right that I begin to make a log of my travels and deeds, before I the option is taken away from me by war and destruction. So I think for my first log I should paint a picture of who I am in galaxy. For that I’ll introduce myself, my name is Richard Sharpe I was born in the year 3283 in the Eravate...

22 Jun 3303
Hypogamer45 /
So close =)

1st entry: The feeling of getting into my first ship is, well, different to what I've felt before. With my training complete, and being accepted into RSC, all I'm waiting for are my PS-4 transponder codes, and I'm free. I got word that I'll be able to use them on the 27th of this month, but I'll be able to download them on the 25th. To any experienced pilot reading this, I hope to see you in the...

22 Jun 3303
Mod Gryphon /
LOGDATE 22-06-03 [2]

\\ Decided to stop grinding for credits for today. Not much going on. Feels odd being so far from home. I've come to call Cartoq a home away from home ever since the Community Goal here. Asellus Primus feels like it's on the complete opposite side of the galaxy over here...I know it's not that far but...I still miss it. I feel like a traitor for allying myself this far away from home. I know...

22 Jun 3303
Mod Gryphon /
LOGDATE 22-06-03

\\ So this is my first log, or something. I don't know what to call these. Heck, I'm titling them after an old-world animation series about freakin' rocks. Anyways, yeah. Uh. I've decided to ally myself with the Federation. Something about those special Fed ships just seems so...alluring. Let's hope it doesn't take me as much time as it took me to get my Anaconda. Well...I'm not going...

15 Jun 3303
Casooch /

April 30, 3303 Location: Pleiades sector Salome is Dead. The operation was successful.  There were some beacons that were uncovered at the end too.  They were saying... Somthing. Can't remember what to be honest. I honestly thought i would feel better after this. I feel hollow... I thought i would feel something after this. I feel hollow... It's weird. Maybe it just needs to take some time to set...

15 Jun 3303
Casooch /
The Night Before

April 28, 3303 Location: Shinrarta Dezhra It has been a long time since my last entry, and more things than I care to write down have changed since then... But I just wanted to take the time to write this log now, before tomorrow's event gets under way.  Jonuss and I are going to head over to that newly discovered Generation ship in the Nefertem system. Since the first one was found, they seem...

30 May 3303
Jamison Tormana /
Into The Black: Captains Log 01

Captains Log, 30 May 3033 ---------------------------------------------- The black is a cold and unforgiving place. But it is my home. I'm currently on my way to the Witch Head nebula, and then beyond, to scan star systems and hopefully find new information on the anomalies that lay dormant in our spacious galaxy. I will display my findings here, in the form of pictures and descriptions for others...

05 May 3303
Cooltiger2468 /
Made it to Sagittarius A*!!!

Finally, after about 36 days of traveling the Galaxy, I arrive at my destination, Sagittarius A*. It has been an amazing journey here, I've seen so many stars and planets, traveled to many nebulae of all shapes, colors and sizes, the neutron stars and black holes, and the amazing priceless view I saw from above the galaxy, all of those, and now, I have reached my end goal, and am now turning back heading...
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Wing info

Name: Radio Sidewinder Crew
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Open
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Any
Language: ---

Wing commander: Black-Bart
Members: 248
Ships: 839
Supporters: 5
Headquarters: Tago
Minor faction: Radio Sidewinder Crew
Supporting: Radio Sidewinder Galactic

Average combat rank: Competent
Average trade rank: Merchant
Average exploration rank: Surveyor

In coalition with: