16 Jan 3304
MellowGuy /
CMDR's Log Entry 3: What A Wonderful World

HYADES SECTOR EB-X C1-9 27.12.3302 We dropped out of witch-space and i activated the fuel scooping system. As i watched the hydrogen fuel meter fill up i reflected on the last few days traveling with April and how awesome they've been. She's helped immensely with my job scanning each system. It seemed that every system we've been she had an interesting fact about one of the system's bodies....

28 Dec 3303
Hypogamer45 /
CMDR hypogamer45's Log Entry: 28th December 3303 onboard RSV Thargoidsurveyor

"H...hello? This thing working?" "Commence log entry, 28th December 3303" Its been a good few months since I contacted CMDRs on here, and I dare say its been a eventful time since. For one, all this thargoid stuff has happened, stations being attacked and Medusas now a thing. I have also advanced through the ranks, getting so far as Leader of the latest batch of Radio Sidewinder...

26 Dec 3303
Warpfactor /
LBE 010: 26 DEC 3303 'Lights of Colonia'

Current Location: Signalis, Eol Prou Sector Distance From Sol: 21,974 LY For the first time in months, the soothing hum of the Thunderchild's power plant is silent. Her landing gear rests not on rock, but on fabricated steel plating. Her hull illuminated not by piercing starlight...but by the friendly glow of station floodlights. We are here in Colonia space, not even a full six days after...

20 Dec 3303
Warpfactor /
LBE 009: 20 DEC 3303 'Going Home'

Current Location: Proyaa Sector, Galactic Aphelion Region Distance From Sol: 56,706 LY Distance From Colonia: 37,873 LY Well, we did it. Made it to Beagle Point. Over 65,000 ly from Sol...furthest from home we've ever been. It should have been a cause for celebration. The long journey to reach this goal was complete. It should have been time to break out the brandy and cigars. Then...

15 Dec 3303
Yojimbosan /
Commander profile, late 3303

Commander Yojimbosan was interviewed by Radio Sidewinder, as part of their series on commanders' contributions to the faction. Published 27 November 3303: In this weeks Commander Spotlight the hard work of CMDR Yojimbosan is brought to you. Unfortunately due to his distance away from occupied space, because of his expedition to Beagle Point, an interview was unattainable. But from RSC data logs,...

05 Nov 3303
Warpfactor /
LBE 008: 05 NOV 3303 'Road to Pueliae'

Current Location: Pueliae Sector, Hawking's Gap Distance from Sol: 22,765 LY This leg of the journey was all about making up time. A FSD malfunction got us temporarily stranded in Praea Aec for a bit...luckily I had the mats and tools on-board to perform the required repairs to get the drive purring again. Farseer had mentioned that drive modifications can cause problems occasionally, I guess...

22 Oct 3303
Warpfactor /
LBE 007: 22 OCT 3303 'Cruising the Hollow'

Current Location: Praea Aec Sector, Circinus Transit Distance from Sol: 11,977 LY After spending a few days in the Byoi Eur sector for maintenance, the Thunderchild has successfully crossed the Lin-Shu Hollow. We are now inside the base of the Circinus Transit and only a few hundred light years out from punching into Hawking's Gap. Here are some of the highlights. The first pit stop was at...

15 Oct 3303
Warpfactor /
LBE 006: 15 OCT 3303 'Back in the Saddle'

Current Location: Byoi Eur Sector, Sagittarius-Carina Arm Distance from Sol: 7,800 LY Well, after a long vacation from the controls of a ship, I'm back in the saddle. Over 7000 LY in just a couple of days. Destination: unknown. But the calling to head back out into the void was too great to resist. So here I am, deep in the Byoi Eur Sector, sitting on a 2.5g rock staring up at a class B star....

20 Sep 3303
MellowGuy /
CMDR's Log Entry 2: Heading Back to The Bubble

PLEIADES SECTOR IH-V C2-5 24.12.3302 April and i headed out of the station airlock toward the docking platform where my ship waited for us. On our approach i saw how the system's star illuminated the hull of my Faulcon DeLacy Cobra Mk III. Built in the year 3246, making it twice my age you'd think i'd upgrade to something newer but no. I love my Cobra more than anything. It was given to me by...

18 Sep 3303
MellowGuy /
CMDR's Log Entry 1: Finding A Friend In Space

PLEIADES SECTOR IH-V C2-5 23.12.3302 Today's my birthday. I never enjoyed celebrating my birthday. Being the center of attention makes me anxious. Although today it would have been a nice change of pace from my scouting duties. Jumping to a system, scanning for hostile presences and jumping to the next gets pretty tedious after the first week. Today was different though. I was on my way...
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Wing info

Name: Radio Sidewinder Crew
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Open
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Any
Language: English

Wing commander: Black-Bart
Members: 253
Ships: 981
Supporters: 27
Headquarters: Tago
Minor faction: Radio Sidewinder Crew
Supporting: Radio Sidewinder Galactic

Average combat rank: Competent
Average trade rank: Merchant
Average exploration rank: Surveyor

In coalition with: