25 Dec 3302
Soccercreed89 /
Exploration bad feelings

Returning from a exploration trip about 1,600 lys out, I dock my reliable Asp Explorer into Titan City in the Sol system to collect my 4.5 mil and make ship repairs. The whole trip was uneventful to say the least, more of an annoyance really. These damn geologist were driving me crazy with their talk of rocks and how this trip will advance their research, blah blah blah. We finally arrive at this distant...

02 Sep 3302
MikDaTv2 /
The Space Jockey

Star Date: 30 AUG 3302 I traveled to the Space Jockey myself to get a personal look at it. I ran security flight for a while, circling the site and ensuring the ships conducting research were safe. My curiosity got the best of me and i landed for a quick drive in my SRV to get a closer look. First thing I noticed was the sound it made on the wave scanner. I'm not sure if it was a unique sound...

21 Mar 3302
MikDaTv2 /
Log Entry III (Sol Emergency Response)

Log Entry III (Sol Emergency Response) Star Date:  21 March 3302 Myself in the MMCV Templar was joined by CMDR JOEXLOKO in the MMCV Nemisis, CMDR Ash Lightning in the Equinox and CMDR SUMMIT SOLDIER in the Ragnorok to respond to a distress call in the Sol System.  A Commander aligned with Arissa Lavigny-Duval named Dark Pawn had pursued and destroyed an unarmed and unshielded cargo freighter...

10 Feb 3302
Zainal Lyon /
Missunderstandings makes friends

Around mid afternoon or so about as i relaxed in my Anaconda's game room playing on my entertainment system a game of ancient dinasours, my comms started going off with a message from Commander Tugg. It would seem that a fellow Militia Member had been escorting a pair new pilots when a unknown wing of pilots attacked and chased our brother out of system. This situation could be let to stand. So putting...

25 Jan 3302
MikDaTv2 /
Log Entry II 25 JAN 3302

The MCV Aquitaine has proven itself in combat and saved my butt twice now since acquiring it.  What a great ship.  In a Wing with CMDR JuggerGnome I tanked out a wing of one Python and two Clippers.  I soaked up huge amounts of damage with my shields and together Jugger's Python and the Aquitaine were able to beat all three ships and suffer no hull damage.  This was in a Resource Extraction Site where...

20 Jan 3302
MikDaTv2 /
First official log. 19 Jan 3302

The Aquitaine is in dry dock till the end of the week.  Bigger the ship, the longer the maintenance checks I guess.  Plan to get underway again on Friday evening. I have to say, while i’ve enjoyed the Aquitaine immensely, i’m surprised that such a ship can be operated without a crew.  It can get lonely on that huge bridge without anyone else on board.  Luckily i have a few other trusted Commanders...

19 Jan 3302
Zainal Lyon /
To live in interesting times

Today as i was flying through space with one ear on my comms board and my attention off in a life  so diffrent from the life of a spacer i was surprised to hear the voice of my friend and Commander from Military Militia come through exceedingly clear, a first for my ageing comms board. "Lyon" he called " you happen to be near my location"? It was a surprise because i could hear...

Wing info

Name: Military Militia
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Any
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Xbox
Language: ---

Wing commander: MiL1TiA SiX
Members: 117
Ships: 341
Supporters: 9

Average combat rank: Competent
Average trade rank: Merchant
Average exploration rank: Surveyor

In coalition with: