23 Feb 3303
Vat1canWarl0ck /
23 Feb 3303

Been away from the void for about a week now. Things keep getting in the way of launch constantly. Between working 2 jobs and having very little time I can be in the cockpit, the Bradley's been put on the back burner so to speak. I feel bad since the Bradley's brand new and just now kitted, but I've tried my best. I'm slowly building my ranks with the Prismatic Knights, and with the Bradley, I'll work...

31 Jan 3303
FriscoFlame /
A Lesson in Practicality

I was amazed he was able to fit through the door. Consul Nezrec was a great many things, but I don't believe Subtle would be one of the words used to describe him. Standing about 2 meters, and wearing wide shoulder armour attached to a Wolf Pelt cloak, He was an intimidating sight. He had brought me some Centauri Mega Gin as a peace offering, and I was currently enjoying the peace of a refreshing...

28 Jan 3303
FriscoFlame /
Research and Red Tape

"Congratulations on your proposal, Senator." Consul Nezrec had reached out to me following the vote. After the discussion with the War Council, the System Defense Fleet Resolution had passed through the senate Unanimously. With Consul Nezrec being a man of war himself, he relished the opportunity to submit his platforms for the consideration of the War Council. He had originally had the...

21 Jan 3303
FriscoFlame /
Men of War

I had expected this. The War Council of the Prismatic Knights were a trio of our most battle-hardened individuals, having fought conflicts that made them legends on both sides of the Battlefield. We were now at a stalemate. We had our own battles to fight in the chamber, and my call to increase our system defenses was being used as a catalyst to attempt to initiate war. Luckily, I had drafted an...

19 Jan 3303
FriscoFlame /
A New Frontier

"Pause Screen" So it was true. My sources in Imperial Intelligence had originally questioned the footage released by Commander DP Sayre, but as more and more commanders experienced what they were calling "Hyperdiction" we were forced to face the reality that not only were we not alone, but we were facing a possible threat with technology none of us had even conceived. I just...