06 May 3303
Leigh Fury /
And I'm off

Surprise #1: there are over 100 ships going on this expedition. Surprise #2: we are not going coreward...we are going to the outer arm. Now I understand why they said to fit a high jump range...we are crossing arms. I've never been this direction, I don't know what to expect. They've only now told us our next rally point...nothing past that yet. If we hit the rally points on the designated...

05 May 3303
Leigh Fury /
Interesting meeting

Well...that was interesting and a bit odd. I met with the Consortium rep at <redacted>. The Consortium offered membership even before the trip starts, and oddest of all, they offered a very large amount of credits up-front, already wired back home....and five times that amount at the end of the trip if I sell my exploration data to them rather then Caucuma. Of course I accepted. The up...

04 May 3303
Leigh Fury /
Interesting message

I've received a direct message from a Consortium Rep. It seems they want me to stop over at <redacted> before the Expedition starts tomorrow. This is apparently a mobile docking platform...should be interesting to see one of these. Hopefully the Consortium plans to give me a little more detail on what this expedition is about, and where we are going. Based on the GalNet info I've read in...

12 Mar 3303
Aldus Pacana /
Personal Log #0001

The local faction keep trying to drag me into their petty ongoing conflicts.  My days of combat are now far behind me.  I served under Major Dennis Bloodnock who defeated the dreaded 'batter pudding hurler' of Bexhill Terminal armed only with cunning, cowardice, a plastic lettuce and a wax impression of Florence Nightingale’s teeth!  I have had my fill of violence and hope to see out my days trading...

07 Mar 3303
Chewbury /
Well, here goes nothing.

So, having just deposited my last load of shit from Sothis, I'm back home in Magnus Gateway. Not a bad haul of credits, all things considered. Enough to let me make a little progress in getting Calm Horizons upgraded to a more useable spec. Currently rigged for all cargo, but I've been eyeing up one of those new fighter bays. Question is, do I want some blow-hard combat pilot slouching around the ship...

06 Mar 3303
Trickylion /

Wow, finally got sol and sirius permits at same town. Was grinding up sirius Corp at proycon, there are 4 stations there, but its slow and dont do massacre or mining missions, also paying up fed rank at same time, cost a fortune right down to my rebuy level in new asp, a dream machine after the ugly keelback and little Viper IV, then a lot if hamging around in sirius for my engineer mission invite...

20 Feb 3303
Trickylion /

I was sukething cg, unfortunately the bounty hunting was finished too quick. I got something for top 100%but was trying to raise my fed ranking. The debris cg was like fedmich, not much around. I got 3 canisters to make top 75%, 5 canisters to 50% sont think there was much interest. Pvp griefed.me last night pn xbox, never saw any contact and couldn't escape fdl, again todayby elite player that...

06 Feb 3303
Trickylion /
Random wreck with skimmers, cargo and trespass zone

I was srv-ing around the canyon near ram teh dock at meene. Trying to get high for a 15 sec airtime achievement. Then 10km away at top of canyon. I was attacked by 2 skimmers, after shooting them down I found they were guarding a crashed ship with canisters around. It made me wanted, so I recalled ship, picked up loot and went to felice dock. As area didnt come up on scanner, wondered how many other...

18 Jan 3303
Kaladin Stormcrow /
Journey To Sagittarius A - Logbook Entry #00

Pre-Launch Update - 04:14 - 01.18.3303 They say that the third time is the charm. I hope that holds true. Today I begin my third attempt to reach the center of the galaxy, Sagittarius A*, and return alive. The previous two attempts have met with disaster. With a brand new, completely outfitted Asp Explorer, I have fittingly named "Lady Luck" and determination, I set out. My first checkpoint...

10 Jul 3302
SeraphimNeeded /
Independence Trip

A few members of my wing decided to take a trip out to the Statue of Liberty nebula in homage to the independence of the old United States. Unfortunately, we never really managed to work out a meet up. Wasn't a total loss. Managed to get enough exploration data to completely appease both Felicity Farseer and Elvira Martuuk. Both have given me access to the highest grade FSD mods, if I bring them supplies. I...
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Wing info

Name: The Explorer's Consortium
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Any
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Xbox
Language: ---

Wing commander: Azazul
Members: 109
Ships: 367
Supporters: 3

Average combat rank: Novice
Average trade rank: Merchant
Average exploration rank: Trailblazer

In coalition with: