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Lambast / yesterday
Thats it. I'm delving into the black

Does dose anything change with a monarchy? It’s been thousands of years since mankind had royal rulers and they still can’t stop having estranged family with a claim to some throne somewhere and a heaping help of courtly intrigue getting in the way of ruling. The Federation is no better. We got democracy...

Xhaler / 19 Apr 3305
Distant Worlds II - PART 2 (Waypoint 6-12)

14-02-3305 - One month has passed since we did our first jump from Pallaeni and started this epic journey. Still going strong and I am now on my way to WP6. The fleet is starting to get real close to SagA* which I believe will be at waypoint 7, and we are all so excited to see the new station and also...

Worldbuilder92 / 19 Apr 3305
Entry 02: First Expedition Photo

Day 9 2nd Jump Complete:  Flyooe Dryeia LH-L C24-0 The first thing I noticed as I left to chart nearby systems was how bright and... distinct the galactic core looks from here.  It feels like I'm actually seeing the Milky Way for the first time.  Our home galaxy... everything I've ever known -...

Switch Killington / 19 Apr 3305
Log 033: Shadow Luna

Been a couple weeks since last log entry.  Couple reason, firstly having the squadron to chit chat with while flying helps with the space madness.  Secondly, I crashed my ship directly into a planet.  It happened soon after my last log update, at least if I recall correctly.   I was about 30 jumps...

Wyatt Parish / 19 Apr 3305
A Scrap Heap in Space

1 January 3305 Parish keyed up his lens. "Computer, contact Joseline Cortez. Tell her to meet me in the public flight bay. Also make sure she clears her schedule for the day." He continued walking down to the docking bay as he continued to look at his lens. He reviewed everything he had...
19 Apr 3305
I guess my Ex was right
19 Apr 3305
Back home part 1
18 Apr 3305
[LOG-7 07-07-3034]
18 Apr 3305
[LOG-6 27-06-3034]
18 Apr 3305
[LOG-4 13-06-3034]
18 Apr 3305
[LOG-3 09-06-3034]
18 Apr 3305
[LOG-2 05-06-3304]
Wyatt Parish
17 Apr 3305
Bright Lights and Dark Jobs.
17 Apr 3305
Lost in the Phoenix Nebula
17 Apr 3305

Galnet news

20 Apr 3305
Pilots’ Federation Establishes Regulated Zone

The Pilots’ Federation has revealed plans to establish a restricted area of space for newly licensed Commanders.

In a statement, spokesperson Gabriel Sanchos gave the following details:

“Following discussions with the three superpowers, representatives have acknowledged that independent pilots are a mainstay of the galactic community. As such, a Pilots’ Federation District will be created for new Commanders, offering combat exercises and tailored assignments within several designated systems."

“The intention is to offer pilots an opportunity to complete contract assignments without exposing them to opportunistic criminals. Access to the district will depend on the possession of a permit granted to new Commanders alongside their Pilots’ Federation license. This permit will be revoked once a certain level of experience has been acquired.”

Representatives of the Alliance, Empire and Federation each confirmed their approval. Their statements underscored the positive contributions made by licensed Commanders with regards to the galactic economy, exploration initiatives and the Thargoid threat.

20 Apr 3305
Taja Gavaris Resigns as Rackham CFO

Taja Gavaris, the CFO of Rackham Capital Investments, has unexpectedly resigned from her position and subsequently emigrated from Federal space.

Several other employees who were loyal to Gavaris resigned alongside her. All chose to waive their final salaries and bonuses, which totalled approximately 365 million credits according to sources within the company.

Journalist Bryanna Blanco commented in The Federal Times:

“It has become apparent that the Federal Intelligence Agents who acquired our data on Zachary Rackham were in fact imposters working for him, employing fake credentials. With our research, Rackham would be capable of blackmailing fellow ex-pirate Taja Gavaris into resigning – the corporate equivalent of assassinating a rival.”

“Naturally, we cannot prove this is what has occurred. But rest assured that we’ll continue keeping a close eye on Calico Zack.”

The Federal Times also confirmed that a donation of 36.5 million credits has been received from Rackham Capital Investments, ‘in recognition of the organisation’s dedication to ethical journalism’.

19 Apr 3305
Hadrian Duval Confirms Pact

Hadrian Augustus Duval has provided a statement regarding his recent communications with Princess Aisling Duval.

The following announcement was broadcast on all Imperial media channels:

“After much discussion, Princess Aisling and I have formally agreed to a non-aggression pact. While it would be premature for either side to consider the other an ally, we have pledged not to oppose each other or interfere with the activities of our respective supporters.”

“I am grateful to my cousin for her courage in establishing contact. Although I stand firm on my previously stated beliefs, at Aisling’s request I will review Nova Imperium’s policies with an open mind.”

“For now, I must remain a member of the Imperial family in exile.”

19 Apr 3305
Vodel Purchased by Core Dynamics

Vodel is a familiar name to many, the independent company having cornered the market in personal land vehicles in recent years. But according to The Federal Times, a downturn in profits has led to the company being purchased by Core Dynamics, a giant in the field of starship manufacture.

Core Dynamics CEO Jupiter Rochester gave the following statement to The Federal Times:

“There’s no question that the Vodel team possesses considerable expertise, and I’m delighted that Core Dynamics was able to help them in their hour of need.”

“Vodel’s core team of designers and engineers will remain in place under our roof, so consumers can rest easy – the Scarab they know and love will remain unchanged.”

In a piece for Vox Galactica, business analyst Marlon Royce observed:

“Core Dynamics was smart to keep the Vodel team intact, since they clearly know their stuff. It’s an excellent deal for both companies.”


William A. Bradfield

Related stations: Bradfield Ring (HR 826), Bradfield Orbital (Tinigua), Bradfield Orbital (Ovid), Bradfield Platform (HIP 102865), Bradfield Orbital (Shebkauluwa), Bradfield Station (Wheemez), Bradfield Station (Jetenomeri), Bradfield Gateway (HIP 16914), Bradfield's Progress (LTT 537), Bradfield Terminal (Nageni)

William Ashley (Bill) Bradfield (20 June 1927 - 9 June 2014) was an Australian amateur astronomer, notable as a prolific amateur discoverer of comets. He gained a world record by discovering 18 comets, all of which bear his name as the sole discoverer.

His astronomical achievements were summed up by Brian G. Marsden, director emeritus of the IAU's Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams: "To discover 18 comets visually is an extraordinary accomplishment in any era, but to do so now is truly remarkable, and I think we can be pretty sure nobody will be able to do it again. And it's all the more astounding that in no case did he have to share a discovery with some other independent discoverer. More than any other recipient, Bill Bradfield outstandingly deserves the Edgar Wilson Award."

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