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About Browncoat Uprising

We're independent folk. 'Not long for the governments. The Feds, Alliance, and the Empire, their plans don't play nice with us. Our's is to make our place in the verse; do what's right, even if that means fightin'. We travel our skies by the first rule of flyin'. And if ya don't know what that is, well, best take yourself some time to work that out.

We may be a modest number, but sure ain't so in spirit. For all we know, s'plenty more of us out there ain't yet met. 'You happen to be one, we could use your hand. You'll have the pleasure of our hearty family. And we take care of our own.

One thing to understand here - we won't be toleratin' slavery. A person is a person, rightful and whole. And we don't take to treatin' them any other fashion. Anywhere we find slavin' happenin' about, we mean to put that right out. Just the way it is.

As for what we do, well, don't you worry. You'll learn our shenanigans. Even if there ain't yet much room for naughty men like us to slip about, don't much matter - we aim to misbehave.

Seein's how havin' our shindig's important, we fly ourselves a few different ways. Some on a PC, MAC, or even XBOX. Pick your poison.

Also, we ain't restricted on who we face. PvE, PvP, it's all shiny. And if you wanna gather with some fellas in private, or put yourself out there for the whole 'verse to see, well you just go right ahead. You do you, and we'll do the same.

As for communications, 'can find us on the discord. Hop on in with us after your enlistments accepted.

So'f ya ain't a fan o' the powers yourself, but neither are ya of wanderin' 'round the black all by your lonesome, 'can join yourself up here, make your stay with us for a time at least... or for more.

Just a couple things to ask of ya...

First, if we're to know who you are, 'gonna have to sign with the name you fly with. That means joinin' us with the name you usin' in game. Understand?

Second, your loyalty will be with the Browncoat Uprising Independent faction - that's us. If your runnin' with a power out there, it'll be for modules, money, or special jobs we toss to ya regardin' 'em such's infiltration and intelligence.

Just understand, we're conjurin' up audience with the Empire just as I write. Might do you some good to contribute for a spell, maybe tradin', huntin', minin', explorin' - whatever's your fancy.

So if it's what's on your mind, just you go ahead and hit that join button, let us know a little 'bout yourself. We'll see what happens from there.

'Til then, CMDR, Keep Flyin' and Stay Shiny!

Wing info

Name: Browncoat Uprising
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Any
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Any
Language: ---

Wing commander: Shizuka
Members: 57
Ships: 239
Supporters: 19
Headquarters: Vargerson [Browncoat Refuge]
Minor faction: Browncoat Uprising

Average combat rank: Competent
Average trade rank: Merchant
Average exploration rank: Trailblazer

In coalition with:

Command room

03 Aug 2017, 12:40am
Piratefreedom13 wrote:
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03 Sep 2017, 12:37am
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11 Dec 2017, 1:10am
Candy-man wrote:
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16 Dec 2017, 3:52pm
Frank Zetter wrote:
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18 Dec 2017, 10:02am
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General discussion

13 Apr 2018, 12:50am
Wortnik wrote:
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13 Apr 2018, 2:00am
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14 Apr 2018, 1:23am
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14 Apr 2018, 1:26pm
Wortnik wrote:
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23 Apr 2018, 11:13am
Wortnik wrote:
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