About Monolith Order

The Monolith Order specialises in anti-pirate operations as well as the general protection of innocent pilots. We run security patrols, often assisting new players as well as performing assassinations against known aggressors.

We do not take mercenary contracts, we conduct our own investigations and then designate our own targets. However, coalition requests are welcome.

Want to join?
If your ideals fit with our own, feel free to request to join. We have many experienced pilots ready to help you make the galaxy a safer place!
Any skill level permitted!
Any superpower/powerplay allegiance is permitted, with the exception of Archon Delaine.  
Combat-loggers need not apply.

Networking with other player groups is important for our work. Sharing of intel and conducting joint security operations with other groups is important to us. As such, we welcome establishing coalitions with groups who either share similar aspirations to us, or who are looking to improve security in their own systems. If you believe we can be of assistance to your group, feel free to send us a coalition request. We look forward to working with you.

Command room

13 Jun 2016, 10:31am
Pyrus_uk wrote:
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General discussion

10 Jun 2016, 5:53pm
Pyrus_uk wrote:
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CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
Pyrus_ukEliteFederal Corvette
Falcon42PathfinderType-6 Transporter
Master ManDeadlyFederal Corvette
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Wing info

Name: Monolith Order
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Any
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: PC/Mac
Language: English

Wing commander: Pyrus_uk
Members: 5
Ships: 21
Supporters: 0

Average combat rank: Master
Average trade rank: Merchant
Average exploration rank: Pathfinder