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About Brazilian Armada X

Facção voltada aos brasileiros do Elite: Dangerous no Xbox One.

O Elite: Dangerous é um belíssimo e prazeroso jogo, porém difícil e bastante complexo, principalmente no início. E é aí que a nossa facção entra: nosso objetivo é unir todos os brasileiros e ajudar uns aos outros no Elite.

Nunca mais voe sozinho. Junte-se a nós!


Faction looking for the Brazilians in the Elite: Dangerous on Xbox One.

Elite: Dangerous is a amazing game, but so hard and complex, especially at the beginning. And that's where our faction comes in: Our goal is to unite all Brazilians and help each other in Elite.

Fly with us, fight beside us, Explore with us, Join us for the honor of the great Brazilian armada x!


The Brazilian Armada X in action:

just a little about our history:

The planet Earth, cradle of civilization and the Federation, was still in difficult times. Suffering continued overpopulational crisis and striving to recover even from the great environmental devastation, many corporations and even some nations had already ventured to colonize new systems. It was from these colonized systems that the Federation and the Empire emerged in the midst of an intense war between them.

The peace agreement signed between the two superpowers in the year 2400 marked the beginning of an era of peace, offering new opportunities for trade, exploitation and other areas. Systems colonization, though always dangerous, did not suffer the constant threats of invading the rival superpower.

Glimpsing the opportunity, in 2412, Brazil, a nation of the Earth, begins the process of colonization of the Metzili system, under the dominion of the Federation.

The process of colonization, although challenging, had continued progress. The colonizers began to call themselves Brazilians.
In 2833, discontented with the neglect and corruption of both the Brazilian government and the Federation, the colony rebelled, triggering the so-called Civil War for Independence. After 2 years of intense conflict, in 2835 a treaty was signed recognizing the Metzili system as independent, becoming no longer part of Brazil or the Federation.

However, it is important to note that the discontent that led to the war for independence was somewhat restricted only to the government of the two institutions, and not to the historic nation Brazil itself. The Brazilians always had a strong patriotic sense in this aspect. The Portuguese language, for example, was (and still is) the most spoken in the system. Even in independence, there was still this attachment for history and respect for Brazil and its origins.

After the civil war, the development of the Metzili system was resumed.

However, the greatest tragedy in Brazilian history was yet to come: the Thargoid invasion, begun in 3055, completely hit the Metzili system in the year 3057. The invaders, relying on superior technology and large numbers, with advanced craft war, did not give Brazilians a chance that, now in an independent system, were on their own.

In response to the invasion, the Brazilian Armada X, a unit that defended the system's sovereignty, was formed in an emergency. To compose the navy were called all the ships (military and civil) and pilots capable of fighting for the survival of the nation.
But the effort was in vain. The devastation was complete. All space stations had to be abandoned. Nearly a billion dead. Many have entrenched themselves in the habitable planets, waging a real militia war to ensure the survival of the entire people. Brazilian Armada X acted to its fullest, applying batting and running tactics with its combat ships and assisting survival cells with supplies they brought from neighboring systems with their commercial civil ships.

This situation persisted for almost 50 years. Entire generations have lived the terror of war and refuge. It was undoubtedly the time of greatest trial and union of the people.

In 3100, finally counting on the help of the Galactic Police (GalCop), the Thargoids were expelled from the system and from all human territory. The Brazilians were slowly beginning to rebuild their wrecked system. The abandoned stations were repaired and reactivated. Over time, based on new business relationships between neighboring systems and reinforcing the ever-vigilant armada, the Metzili system became prosperous again.

Opportunistic factions took advantage of the weakness of factions of ravaged systems, and took the power of various systems ruthlessly. In Metzili, Brazilians were powerless with the arrival of the Empire-affiliated Metzili Empire League and Metzili Inc., a Federation-backed corporation.

Now the year is 3302. Having undergone various trials and taken on a sense of patriotism, Brazilians long to expand their territories. Leading progress and expansion is the Brazilian Armada X, now reshaped and poised to face any adversity or war, with highly combat-trained commanders engaged in trade and engaged in space exploration.

Brazilian Armada X. Defending the sovereignty of the Brazilian nation in the Elite: Dangerous.

Squadron info

Name: Brazilian Armada X
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Language: Portuguese


In-game squadron name:

    Squadron commander: JamP
    Members: 63
    Ships: 293
    Supporters: 9
    Squadron age: 1324 days

    In coalition with:

    Latest squadron members

    CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
    RicrovxxiEliteImperial Cutter---------XBox
    CMDR Haof BRHarmless---------XBox
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