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About Galactic Cooperative of Worlds

The Galactic Cooperative of Worlds (GalCop) is an inclusive group that wants to provide content, lore and interesting gameplay for everyone. The track record of our constituents shows that these are our core values and we have demonstrated this on numerous occasions. Overall, the collective contributions of all of our constituents to this community has been a positive one, be it working individually to help other groups, or working together for a common goal, as with the recent Jacques Expedition as part of the Colonia Citizens Network.

GalCop is composed of 11 main factions:

The Diamond Frogs

Performing an honest day's work for food, and killing only for money, the enigmatic band of mercenaries known as "Diamond Frogs" appeared in the latter half of 3301, a year future historians will surely agree is "when it hit the fan."

Exodus Coalition

This Xbox juggernaut is the group that, in the early days of Elite on XB1, united the community into something that pulled together. With the promise of offering something for everyone, and participating in numerous public endeavors, EXO has been a huge stalwart of the Xbox community and their presence on the platform has proven they are a force to be reckoned with.

The Sovreignty (formerly The Imperial Inquisition)

The Sovreignty is calling on the faithful to cleanse the universe; to protect the Imperium and the souls of humanity. The purpose of The Sovreignty is to identify and destroy the myriad of potential threats to the Imperium and humanity. SOV also have very popular Twitch Streamers, and regularly contribute to the community with public charity streams.

Sirius Inc

Sirius INC is a PVE group, whose portfolio includes BGS manipulation & exploration. Situated on the "outer rim" of human-occupied space, SINC is uniquely qualified to advance the Thargoid plotline.

Pixel Bandits Security Force

Another group with a strong presence on the Xbox platform, PBSF prides itself in policing the civilization bubble, upholding merits of justice and honor in all of their endeavors. They have recently started Operation Orpheus, partnering with allied factions and independent pilots to help repair fringe stations that have been "UA bombed", and taking the offensive against the antagonists.

DaVinci Corp

Having no central location to interact and work together, Italian pilots came together and formed DaVinci Corp, resulting in the birth of a captivating community. This group has also created various web tools to assist with the Elite: Dangerous experience, utilizing their shared curiosity to seek out knowledge alongside other intelligence-gathering groups such as Canonn and Formidine Rifters.

Dark Echo

Born of a small pack of pirate hunters protecting traders in the Lave cluster, Dark Echo grew to show what a small group of close-knit pilots can achieve with a common goal: to fight against those which may bring harm to the innocent and peaceful, and to promote the freedom of trade.

The Forgotten

The Forgotten is a group of expedition-minded commanders that combine exploration, trade, mining, security and fleet support (refueling/resupplying) to become a self-sufficient fleet in space. The Forgotten consistently keep the greater good in mind for all of its members, friends, and allies, mentoring and protecting new commanders.

Atlas Corporation

Atlas Corporation is an Independent organization that is dedicated to exploring all the aspects in Elite: Dangerous. Atlas has created several divisions focused on more specific parts of Elite but everyone is welcome to join and enjoy their time with anyone else in the group.

Candy Crew Guild

The Candy Crew Guild (CCG), originally formed more than a millennium ago by a group of race engineers in the era of autosport. Over time the CCG has evolved into a high tech corporation that builds and maintains some of the galaxy's fastest vehicles. Many aspects of the CCG are shrouded in secrecy. However, rumors have spread that the CCG produced warships with mysterious capabilities to aid in the fight against the Thargoids, though none have ever been seen.

Military Militia

Military Militia is a medium sized faction in Elite Dangerous on Xbox One, composed primarily of Military Members of the Armed Forces. Our Mission Statement - To build our factions strength through alliances and reap the rewards of our labors. To generate prosperity for our coalition and destroy our enemies. To protect the galactic nations integrity and assist those who would seek our assistance. Our Patch - The Spartan hoplite helmet represents fearlessness, harsh and cruel life, and endurance.

Former Members

The Paladin Consortium

NOTE: PalCon is no longer an official member of GalCop, but played an integral part in its inception and remains a devoted and beloved supporter.

The Paladin Consortium was created to bring together pilots who want to offer help to those that need it. They have always had RP and in-game actions that reflect educating and protecting new players. They have taken part in numerous FDEV community events, including hosting their own Community Goal in their home system. They have made a stand against PvP "griefer" groups, and strive to be a positive force in this community..

East India Company

NOTE: EIC is no longer an official member of GalCop, but played an integral part in its inception and remains a devoted and beloved supporter.

The East India Company, inspired by history, is an Empire-aligned Militant Trading Company striving to seize power and wealth for the Empire and, more importantly, themselves, through the manipulation of market forces, a strong military, and a group of like-minded morally flexible characters. EIC is one of the oldest Elite groups, known for activities such as Operation Arm Chop (the blockade of the construction of a Federal Capital Ship), as well as multiple charity events raising money for Child’s Play. NOTE: While EIC is no longer a member of GalCop, they played a key role in the founding and

Wing info

Name: Galactic Cooperative of Worlds
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Any
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Any
Language: ---

Wing commander: GalCop Admin
Members: 1
Ships: 0
Supporters: 32

Average combat rank: Harmless
Average trade rank: Penniless
Average exploration rank: Aimless

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