About BHR Independent Task Force

BHR Independent Task Force

BHR Independent Task Force was in at the end of 3302

No Cheating
No Combat Logging
No Griefing
PvP Allowed

Rules of Engagement

1) Pilots are authorized to engage and destroy any unsanctioned ships

2) Combat fitted ships operating in independent  jurisdiction are subject to interdiction. Trade ships are subject to interdiction and cargo scans. Any ship found to be carrying illegal or hazardous cargo and/or carrying out hostile actions will be considered an enemy of the state and destroyed. Any known hostile ships are subject to destruction at any time.

3) Pilots operating outside of independent jurisdiction are authorized to engage any enemy ship at any time. However, pilots  are strongly encouraged to stand down until fired on, and perform background checks before engaging to reduce collateral damage and maintain diplomacy.

4) No person will be removed from our faction without any proof of their infraction

Code of conduct
1) Be respectful and courteous for other players and people within the group. 
2) No unauthorized killing of Cmders.
3) Don't jump chain of command, Every person in leadership worked hard for their job so let them do it.


BHR from the 21centey loved racing they were Really. Well known in the early days. But before space travel came along they Wood. feel need their need for speed members Wood push them self to the to where they wood almost brake their cars almost doing crazy jumps at high speed in the early days. They would find some way of breaking something then they would put it back together and do it all over again in the year. 2800 BHR began to Starting Playing. around with space ship took a bit of time to get working right they had. Problems trying get them working at the start but they found out what they were Doing . wrong and fix it then 325 Years had passed BHR began to explore space then on A distinct plants they found something very Unknown to them that they never seen before then before they could get a better look at it and Unknown ship showed up and turned off all There. power but life support. And emergency power it did something they never seen before the crew was trying finger out What going to happen to them then they see. Burst of yellow light from the Unknown ship the crew thought they were going to die that day but to their shocking Surprise. They lived but the time they got back to earth The began federation was issuing warning to all ships in the area to be careful cause a unknown ship had been ripping ships out of hyperspace the federation called by the Thargoids cause they didn’t know what to call them and after few hour of getting back but just before getting back to earth the federation massed a big fleet to deal with this Thargoid  cause people were going missing and people were  dyeing to by the time we got plant side Galnet news send nothing out of the federations finding of y there are doing what they were doing most we got was weather traffic reports other things but u could tell the federation was hiding something just didn’t know what it was as years want on the federation began to keep more and more from the people but buy the year 3200 the federation told the people that the Thargoids are reported to be in retreat but is Sill. unclear and unconfirmed of how many ships that the Thargoids had the federation send that there was only 3 ship making of all this problems but the federation was wrong think that the alien called the Thargoid was in retreat as reports from other ships send that they were not gone I was flying in I ran into a person at one of the space docks and he told me that there story’s going around about the federation on how they told the people that they were safe when in reality the federation was losing the war and the man told me do u know y we are fighting the Thargoids the commander no he began to tell me cause one of federation fleet commanders got all trigger happy cause he finely got shot something that’s y the federation is covering it up cause they don’t want people knowing the truth cause it would look really bad on them and there rep to keep peace the man also told me it was about 55 years ago someone engineered a virus just for the Thargoid to take them out and the commander asked how would do that its unconfirmed how made it then man ask how old I was told him was born in 3280 on earth then the man began tell me that he been around for thousands of years and that he’s getting To. old for it that he told me cause he thought I was a good pick and story’s live on also told me that he Use to be in the federation navy at one point  he Want to the Imperial navy by the time was 80 years old and he told me that he Sill. looked young and told me even the empire was hiding things to we were in a long war with the federation and Sill going on cause from what the man  told me the empire and federation were working together in secret but they want to keep the war going so Know one know what was going on i send really that’s how secret they are trying keep it and the man send yes and told me am better off getting my own fleet and making a Differents  in the world and told me maybe I could find out more then what he has found out over his 200 years he has lived and i told the man am apart of racing group call Burning Horizons Raceing that we use to do 21 century races a long long time ago then asked do have any scientist I send maybe not sure cause we all mostly like flying fast now a days he told me he I know I could do at first I didn’t understand y then I end running in to people that were curious as I was and ask them to see if they wanted to join BHR and they did after a years of being together all the time I talk to my commanding officer of the group and send we have be more Then just a group of races in space cause there’s a lot of unknown thing we don’t know things we don’t know about space I asked my commander to see if we start combat training and he agreed that we need to do more he said the commander told me the Thargoids are just the being.

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Wing info

Name: BHR Independent Task Force
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Any (BHR Independent Task Force)
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Xbox
Language: English

Wing commander: Captain Solo 01
Members: 5
Ships: 27
Supporters: 0

Average combat rank: Expert
Average trade rank: Merchant
Average exploration rank: Surveyor

In coalition with: