About BHR Independent Task Force

BHR Independent Task Force

BHR Independent Task Force was in at the end of 3302

About The Group

BHR is a group made of friends thats like playing games but in the elite dangerous world we are known as Mercenaries but were the type of Cmdr's  were we don't  kill any Cmder's without a reason and y thats what makes us so laid back but we really like doing is bounty hunting weather its doing conflict zones or doing it in PvP or PvE when we are not doing that we are looking the for all the Thargoids sites but  we also like to research other thing like downed ship on plants

No Cheating
No Combat Logging
No Griefing
Do Not Engage New Pilots
PVP Allowed

Rules of Engagement

1) Pilots are authorized to engage and destroy any unsanctioned ships

2) Combat fitted ships operating in independent  jurisdiction are subject to interdiction. Trade ships are subject to interdiction and cargo scans. Any ship found to be carrying illegal or hazardous cargo and/or carrying out hostile actions will be considered an enemy of the state and destroyed. Any known hostile ships are subject to destruction at any time.

3) Pilots operating outside of independent jurisdiction are authorized to engage any enemy ship at any time. However, pilots  are strongly encouraged to stand down until fired on, and perform background checks before engaging to reduce collateral damage and maintain diplomacy.

Code Of Conduct

1) Applicants are expected to read, understand, and follow the Code of Conduct

2) Be respectful and courteous to other players and people within the group. We also respect all members regardless of allegiance, pledges and rank/status, and  game play style because  we are all trying to have fun!

3) No unauthorized killing of Cmders & innocent players because that would be ruining the fun for them, and we don't want that.

4) Don't jump chain of command, Every person in leadership worked hard for their job so let them do it.

5) Members are expected to keep up to date

6) Must have a microphone

7)  No person will be removed from our faction without any proof of their infraction

Looking for

You must be on PC & Xbox or PS4
You must have an inara.cz account
You must have discord for Operations and updates

Age requirements 15 to 18+

other requirements

Must be on xbox club if you are on xboxone

Trade&Exploration Division or TED
Xenobiologist Division or XBD
Resarch&Mineing Division or RMD

Were always looking for Coalitions

You're looking for a community, rather then a clan also welling to help new cmdr's out rather then hinder them We know that with videogames, real life comes first

For any Questions and Information

if you have any questions talk to Deputy wing commander darkriader800 can get a hold of him either on inara or on xbox one/  to get a hold of him on discord its darkraider800#3632 and he will get back to you as soon as he can for any qustions you may have and information you like to know

Command room

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General discussion

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Wing info

BHR is a group friends that want to make a differences but are also strongly against greefing

Name: BHR Independent Task Force
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Any (BHR Independent Task Force)
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Xbox
Language: English

Wing commander: Captain Solo 01
Members: 7
Ships: 37
Supporters: 2

Average combat rank: Expert
Average trade rank: Merchant
Average exploration rank: Surveyor

In coalition with: