About Cerberus

Cerberus was established as a shield of hope and security in the fringes of space that are neglected by the political superpowers. We are comprised of elite forces that come from the best of the best in backgrounds such as bounty hunting, wetwork, mercenary, and military operations. We have backgrounds in many overt and covert situations that have included humanitarian aid to those in welfare systems where the economy has faltered, and, if necessary, have smuggled medical aid to those battered down in conflict. Cerberus is an organization that takes pride in fostering security and opportunity for its just citizens while working tirelessly as shadows in the void. Our elusive men and women are always ready to jump into new and challenging situations in support of the greater galaxy.

Command room

02 May 2017, 2:24am
Senatorial Patron Rex wrote:
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10 Jun 2017, 12:28am
Senatorial Patron Rex wrote:
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05 Jul 2017, 2:23am
Senatorial Patron Rex wrote:
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06 Jul 2017, 12:27pm
GTxMUSHx wrote:
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02 Nov 2017, 5:32am
Senatorial Patron Rex wrote:
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General discussion

25 May 2017, 4:41pm
Senatorial Patron Rex wrote:
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12 Jul 2017, 6:10am
Azoral wrote:
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12 Jul 2017, 6:13am
Azoral wrote:
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23 Jul 2017, 10:35pm
Senatorial Patron Rex wrote:
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18 Oct 2017, 9:50pm
Senatorial Patron Rex wrote:
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Wing info

Name: Cerberus
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Independent
Game mode: Any
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Any
Language: ---

Wing commander: Senatorial Patron Rex
Members: 7
Ships: 29
Supporters: 8
Headquarters: Terminus [Payette Orbital]
Minor faction: Cerberus

Average combat rank: Competent
Average trade rank: Broker
Average exploration rank: Pathfinder

In coalition with: