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"Reboot™ program is not related in any way to cloning of human beings.
Haven Corporation does not have anything to do with companies which produce human clones." - executive Alonso Glover, Haven Corp.

General information:

  Organizational activities, called Haven Plan, launched in 3293. The center of activity at the time was an independent Theta Boötis, although the ideology of the organization based on imperial values. The aim was to provide support to people who had lost their reasons to live another day...
Haven Plan helped thousands of people to survive over hard times, offering a new way of life. The aid was targeted mainly to people who had lost their family and assets in wars regardless of their political affiliation, to poor and disadvantaged, to persons who had very heavy criminal record - to people willing to do anything to get a second chance.

  At the same time began experimental program called Reboot™ Beta, which required a lot of volunteers...

  Haven Plan's fleet was carrying large amounts of people and goods. From time to time convoys were attacked and looted, and people were sold as slaves. There was a serious need for military support, but government did not offer that, because in their opinion the activity was questionable. Reboot™ Beta program was not accepted in public.
Private army was formed as separate department, called Haven Black Service, whose primary task was to ensure the security and the smooth flow of the cargo, and to act as ambassadors for getting new private supporters.(* The commander of the department is cmdr Recon Pirate.

  At 21st of September 3302 official cargo delivery department was established, called Haven Shipping, which is responsible for interstellar transport.
The commander of the department is cmdr Caamo.

  At 1st of October 3302 new headquarters and development department was established in Yaque, and services for tourists were opened. Organizational activities were discontinued, all public information about the existence of Haven Plan were destroyed and buildings were demolished at Theta Boötis. Haven Plan was converted into a commercial company - the name of the company is Haven Corporation.

  Today Haven Corporation provides memorable and exciting experiences for tourists and casual visitors. Customers are offered virtual experiences and memories of places, which they have never even been at physically. Would you like to experience a shipwreck on uninhabited planet? To see the Earth over thousand years ago? We make those new experiences unforgettable by programming them directly to the customer's memory. Everything is virtually possible. There is also VR cinema, restaurants, podracing tournaments at Yaque 1, speedball games, spa, and other recreational activities including accommodation services, etc.


  Reboot™ is a program that gives a new beginning for individuals and families; memories and experiences replaced with fictional ones, new personal history, new skills.
The program includes new home, new job - new life! The program is free of charge for the volunteers.
The program is fully funded by the income of the interstellar cargo service and by the assistance of the co-operative private supporters.(*
The client will not remember that he had ever been involved in the program. The program is constantly being developed.
The program, besides few minor accidents, has so far not caused any significant side effects ...

*) The level of co-operation may require some gentle guidance

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Wing info

Name: Haven Corporation
Allegiance: Empire
Power: Aisling Duval
Game mode: Open (Haven Shipping)
Game style: PvP
Platforms: PC/Mac
Language: Finnish

Wing commander: Caamo
Members: 1
Ships: 2
Supporters: 0
Headquarters: Yaque
Minor faction: Haven Corporation
Supporting: The Wolfpack of Balance

Average combat rank: Novice
Average trade rank: Entrepreneur
Average exploration rank: Trailblazer