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About SIRA

Settlement, Investment & Realty of the Arietis
Formally known as SIRA Interstellar; founded Oct 3302

Squadron info

SIRA—formally registered with the Pilots Federation as SIRA Interstellar in October 3302—is a peculiar group consisting of well-equipped and experienced individuals of various creeds who have joined forces under the vision of life without oppressive superpowers and impotent bureaucracies. The members share an unorthodox methodology in achieving their goals and cult-like devotion to "The Vision".

Name: SIRA
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Li Yong-Rui
Game mode: Any
Game style:
Platforms: Any
Language: Irish

Squadron commander: Arkadiy Gagarin
Members: 61
Ships: 459
Supporters: 5
Squadron age: 772 days
Headquarters: LP 355-65 [Barba Ring]
Minor faction: SIRA Incorporated

Average combat rank: Expert
Average trade rank: Broker
Average exploration rank: Pathfinder

In coalition with:

Latest squadron members

CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
DamenikHarmlessImperial Courier---------PC/Mac
LokdiePioneerDiamondback Scout
DeltaRanuEliteFederal Assault Ship---------PC/Mac
Mr. PainHarmless---------
Techn0v0reMerchantAsp Explorer
RaymondLuxuryYachtPioneerAsp Explorer
Spaceship.exeEliteFederal Corvette
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