About The dark marauders

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We are the dark marauders for years we have robbed and held traders hostage. we are currently recruiting if your interested you can contact us and we will begin from there.
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Command room

06 Nov 2016, 5:14pm
KillerDriver101 wrote:
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General discussion

22 Jan 2017, 1:32pm
Hairy Polo wrote:
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CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
ThepirateorcDeadlyFederal Corvette---------
OhiodigijoEliteImperial Cutter---------
Bennyboy1601EliteFederal Corvette---------
BornDangerousFederal Corvette---------
LordofnowtEliteImperial Cutter---------
Hairy PoloEliteImperial Cutter
HazeyhaighTycoonFederal Corvette---------
Mintjam0DeadlyFederal Corvette---------
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Wing info

Name: The dark marauders
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Any
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Any
Language: ---

Wing commander: Thepirateorc
Members: 10
Ships: 61
Supporters: 0

Average combat rank: Deadly
Average trade rank: Tycoon
Average exploration rank: Ranger

In coalition with: