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The Pleiades Concordat is a Theocracy formed by the merger of a political party and the Apocalyptican faith movement.  The Apocalypticans worshiped the deity who they believe sent the “Angels of Heaven” in 3125.  The Pleiades Concordat was signed in 3302 by Primus Timothy Dalen and the leaders of the faith when evidence of the Angels were found, recognizing it as the official state faith.  Since that momentous event, the Pleiades Concordat began developing in earnest, creating key scriptures and ordering its organizational branches.  It has also developed a strong expansionist mentality.

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Government Structure

8 Sides of the Octagon

These are the principles that the entire Pleiades Concordat is built on.  Note that the first part of each is the in-character version, and the second part is the out-of-character part.  The in-character fluff is just to continue giving our group flavour and encourage role-play.

1.    Statement of Faith
   a.    There is one quasi-diety, and the Thargoids are the Angelic messengers of that quasi-diety (or something to that effect anyway)

   b.    Members make a commitment to the group, and are public about their membership in this group (Inara etc.).  Essentially, you are either in the group and  
           participating in it or you are not.  Please make a decision.  We have no problem with members who step back from playing Elite for some time.  We just put you in
           our reserve list.  If possible though, please let us know you are stepping back for some time.

2.    Charity
   a.    When there is someone in need financially, you help them.

   b.    Members that have the extra in-game cash should be ready to give some to those who are just starting out, or who have had a disaster (like losing a Type 9 with a
          full load to a ganker, and not enough money to pay the insurance bill).  We will poll our group for funds when disasters happen (just tell us!) and the wealthy will be
          on hand to give our members new to the game and still flying a sidey or the like with an influx of cash to get them up and running well.  This will be managed by the
          purchase of gold by the wealthy which is dropped for the poor to pick up.  Gold tons is gauged at 10,000 credits permanently for the purposes of this process, so if
          we want to give a member 1,000,000 credits, we buy 100 tons of gold as cheap as we can; give it to the player as a drop (or multiple drops depending on capacity);
          and they sell it for the best price they can.  Whatever they get for it or what every it cost you, it will still be treated as a 1,000,000 credit donation to the player.

3.    Pilgrimage
   a.    Every member of the faith must make an annual pilgrimage to one of the holy sites each year on the Holy Day of Pilgrimage.

   b.    This will be a group activity where we select a day in the year when we will go to one of the alien wreck sites out in the Pleiades Nebula during a 24 hr period.  
           Basically I want it to become a mob scene there on that day and something we can promote to Galnet and do video of.  This is one of the simplest role play events
           we could do.  You just have to show up there sometime in the 24 hr period and fill the local coms with chatter about pilgrimage and the “faith”.

4.    Military Service
   a.    All members shall spend at least 4 years in the service of the military.

   b.    This just means that everyone is a combat pilot first, and when we have an all-hands-on-deck unplanned event, that you drop what you are doing in the game and
           come to help.  That could be a concerted effort of another group to disrupt us, or perhaps a war on our home world that threatens our existence as a group.  I  
           would not see this happening very often at all.

 5.   Respecting the Dignity of Others
   a.    All races, genders, and nationalities will be respected on pain of excommunication.

   b.    Respect of gender, race, creed, etc. is absolute here.  It is intended that gamers who are often discriminated against or face harassment will be welcome here, and
          those who are doing the discriminating and harassing are not.  Full stop.  People who are having problems with this can go strait to the boss with it, and if it is
          clearly an issue of discrimination or harassment, I will kick the lousy punk out personally. We will also undertake recruitment and activities specifically intended to
          attract a diverse membership.

6.    Loyalty
   a.    Turning one’s back on the faith is worse then death, and no member of the faith shall communicate thereafter with the apostate.  They will be exiled from our space
          on pain of death.

   b.    Ok, this is all pretty much fluff, so don’t sweat it.  Essentially, loyalty comes down to respect.  We have no problem with you picking up and leaving to find a
          different experience somewhere else within this game.  We will even help you find one if you are looking for one!  All we ask is that you don’t pass on sensitive
          information about our plans to others; or provide information to other groups that could compromise our success; or just bad-mouth us to the world.  If you are
          leaving, talk to the boss and be honest about it.  They won’t try to convince you to stay with promises of change.  They might change because of your experience,
          but they are not trying to ambush you in a sit-down before you go.  The aim of the game is fun and happiness, and if you don’t find it with us, we want to know so
          we can do better.

 7.   Care for the Family
   a.    All members will provide care for their families and the families of others of the faith.  This is especially true of families who have lost loved ones to combat in the
          service of the Concordat.

   b.    This is a GAME!  Your families, work, obligations, etc. all come first.  This is your pastime.  Make sure you prioritize properly, and make sure your friends in-game
          are prioritizing properly.  Be honest with how much you can commit to this group, so that we do not download you with stuff and it becomes work.  Again, the aim
          of the game is fun and happiness!

8.    Sharing the Faith
   a.    Every member is responsible to share the Apocalyptican faith with others in every facet of their lives.  For one year after receiving the faith, they must travel around
          the known universe and spread the truth of the Apocalyptican faith.

   b.    Again, this is all fluff and role play.  Essentially, everyone is a recruiter for the group.  Tell others about it; invite them to be part of it if it is something they are
          interested in.  Be honest about what the group really is.  There is a fine balance between role-play and real-life recruiting.  Feel free to play up the aspect of this
          being a Theocracy and a religion spreading the faith.  I have already started posting stories on Inara that reflect this, and will be making some videos as well.  This
          is all just the front however to a real group that is just enjoying the game, and having fun role-playing.  We don’t need a bunch of nuts who want to live out their own
          radical faith fantasy through our group.  We should all know where the line is between the group and the fluff text to the group.

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