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Explore, battle or market The Void... the choice is yours.

Right, That was Commander TooBones intro into the Ryders of the Void. He likes to keep things simple like that. Who am I you may ask? You Just Got here. What's with all the questions already???

Where was I? Oh yeah. I am Commander Dunedain Knight. Vice Commander around here, but Most Just call me D.K. We are not all that formal about Titles and crap..... That's Right Bones, I said Vice Commander. You're in Charge Dammit! Stop trying to Pawn it off onto other people! .... Look Bones has been the most active Ryder we have, and with the Longest Tenure. Plus... well he is what we call a people person. Me? Not so much. I tend to Rant, break things., throw people that annoy me out airlocks... and blow stuff up. That is, if I am not Making a wise crack somewhere... but I am gettting off topic here....

So you are here probably because of Toobones, and wondering what the Ryders are all about. What do we do, and why the hell should you want to be one of us? Hell I don't know if anyone knows what we are all about. See a long time ago our founder .... Hell I am not gonna go into that here. It's a boring story anyways, ask someone else. Besides you don't really care about that anyways do ya? What you need to know is we are a Chill group to hang out with. Laid back, Focused when we want to be, scattered in a kind of you go do you  and I will go do me sort of way when we don't want to be.

We band together to promote the Ryders, help each other out, and If someone wants to go do something on their own, that is fine too. You always have a home here if ya want one. If people fit in, great. Want to help us out? Great, if not, that is ok too. We just ask that you don't work against us and our efforts.

We have one overarching rule. That is, Don't be a Dick. That pretty much sums us up. Don't get me wrong. It is ok to be an Ass from time to time. A guy has to have some fun, but being a Dick? That is just too far. Now you might be wondering what is the difference? It is kinda subjective but you can tell by this.

Being an Ass is being funny. It is ok to bust on people if everyone is laughing, including the person you are busting on. But if no one is laughing.... well there may be a problem. and if people are getting their tempers up, over something that you think is funny? well tempers don't go up when something is funny, so you might need to recalibrate. then then there is just flat out mean towards fellow Ryders. We can't have that. We can't and won't tolerate any Ryder not feeling they are welcome to be a member. If you start doing that, guess what? You're a Dick and its time to move on to somewhere you might fit in better. I don't know where that is, and honestly I don't care. We have no room for Dicks, so don't be a Dick! It really isn't that complicated.

Ok so now you are wondering what it is that we do? Look every faction, group, enterprise does the same damn thing, so does it matter? We are not any different than anyone else. We just don't have any Dicks, which from what I have found, does tend to make us kinda unique, because everyone out there has at least one, accept us. We never have one for long. Like I said, it is basically our only Rule.... although we do have a few by-laws but that isn't important right now...

OK.. So what do we do? Yeah we got explorers, we got traders, but if you really want to get our groups attention, start a war somewhere. Its like a bunch of hounds at feeding time. Slobbering all over themselves, bouncing around, and stuffs. We also kinda like this whole, taking over systems kind of thing. Ya know, like those two Mice where the one was an idiot and the other conspired to take over the world, accept we want more than the world... don't know that one? It's allright, Forget about it....

Yeah we have some people who do PVP. Were not exactly experts there but we are learning, growing. Mostly though we all just kind of do our own thing. If you show up for group events, wonderful. If not, no one is gonna pester you. Just come by when you want, it is all cool.

We like to do the unusual from time to time just for kicks and giggles too. Like SRV Demolition Derby fights, Races, and that sort of thing. Stuff to just break the ice. Again if you want to show up great, If not, that is great too. Oh another thing though... Don't go asking for a lot of help all the time, if you are not willing to put in the work to help others when they ask for it... That is a Dick move, and you know how we feel about that.

Right... I have rambled on enough. You should know enough about us by now to make a decision on whether to join us or not.  That's it. Were done here, Go have some fun... Just don't be a dick.....

Command room

23 Jul 2017, 4:05am
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27 Jul 2017, 3:16am
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27 Jul 2017, 4:06pm
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02 Aug 2017, 3:44am
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General discussion

yesterday, 3:44am
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yesterday, 5:04pm
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yesterday, 7:06pm
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yesterday, 7:38pm
Dunedain Knight wrote:
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yesterday, 10:45pm
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CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
TooBonesEliteFederal Corvette
Dunedain KnightDangerousFederal Corvette
PROMETHEUS VR-42PathfinderPython
CMDR VenomEntrepreneurImperial Cutter
HADES VR-04DangerousAnaconda
Poseidon VR-21Entrepreneur---------
T855 1 R1pP3D UDeadlyFederal Corvette---------
Defiant ActRangerAnaconda
Epherim MekMerchantFer-de-Lance---------
CMDR ninja999PathfinderAsp Explorer---------
F0rdward SlashRangerFederal Corvette
GrimDefianceMerchantViper Mk IV
xX V LIP XxExpert---------
Deathtr00per 01Harmless---------
OG Swag 85PathfinderImperial Clipper
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Wing info

Name: Ryders of the Void
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Any (Ryders of the Void)
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Xbox
Language: English

Wing commander: TooBones
Members: 33
Ships: 94
Supporters: 1
Headquarters: Liu Yines [Baraniecki Orbital]
Minor faction: Ryders of the Void
Supporting: Spectrum of Justice
Supporting: Wolves of Jonai

Average combat rank: Expert
Average trade rank: Merchant
Average exploration rank: Surveyor

In coalition with: