About SRN 3302

The SRN 3302 is born of a necessity to free all parts of space travel and its benefits to all people from the tyranny of trading "laws" / "regulations" or "health and safety" getting in the way...
Need goods delivered?
Need to be chauffered to that vital meeting just beyond anarchy space?
Would like a crew to prospect and explore a region of space for terraforming or commercial opportunities?
Need to get away discreetly? For a getaway away from prying eyes?
Need something transporting without imperial or federation prejudices??

Then the SRN Is the company you need

SRN 3302 - spreading the good vibes among the stars

- - - - - - - -

The SRN 3302 was formed by former empire enforcers, and as the enforcers we participated in several conflicts defending imperial interests and protecting the innocent, and some of us went to help with the colonization effort in Colonia, however the empire did not represent all the ideals that some of us had, and so we left and became part of the Alliance of Indepenent Systems and loyal supporters of Prime minister Edmund Mahon. The SRN 3302 Is composed by commanders who wish to Defend the Alliance and its interests, Create new trade routes, Transport whatever is needed and Explore the unknown.

The SRN 3302 has no hostile intentions over the Empire. The federation however poses a threat and defies some of our beliefs in regards to politics and free trade routes. The tyrant dictator Zachary Hudson is corrupted by the corporations intentions, and wishes to enslave and use force to make idependent systems to bow under his rule, this is an affront to our liberal belifes that every idependent system has the right to retain its independence and free trade.

Long live the Alliance of Independent Systems and long live Prime minister Edmund Mahon.

Command room

27 Dec 2016, 1:17am
Pack Jackal wrote:
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30 Dec 2016, 5:36pm
Pack Jackal wrote:
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30 Dec 2016, 5:55pm
Victor Jursa wrote:
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General discussion

31 Dec 2016, 10:20pm
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01 Jan 2017, 12:25am
Pack Jackal wrote:
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06 Jan 2017, 4:29pm
Victor Jursa wrote:
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06 Jan 2017, 6:03pm
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10 Jan 2017, 12:36pm
Shaggydoh wrote:
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CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
Pack JackalEliteImperial Cutter
Victor JursaDeadlyAnaconda
FermaldoTrailblazerType-7 Transporter
ShaggydohPathfinderImperial Clipper---------
Escanor LionSinHarmless---------
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Wing info

Name: SRN 3302
Allegiance: Alliance
Power: Edmund Mahon
Game mode: Any
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Xbox
Language: ---

Wing commander: Pack Jackal
Members: 7
Ships: 23
Supporters: 0

Average combat rank: Competent
Average trade rank: Merchant
Average exploration rank: Trailblazer

In coalition with: