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Chalázi, travelle. Welcome to the Order of the Varangian Guards' public page.


The namesake of our Order, the Varangian Guard was formed in roughly 988 AD, underneath the banner of what our historians of Earth would believe was the Byzantine Empire - the remnants of Roman Empire of that time period. They were charged with the protection of the Emperor and his demesne, making them rather valuable assets to an Eastern Emperor!

  • Our Goals

The Order's goals are rather simple at a first glance but indepth as they are galaxy spanning. Our goals are simply to preserve and to promote our Faith across the stars and to expand as peacefully as possible. Toes may be stepped on here and there, as there people that lay in wait to pounce upon those who spread the word of their Deities but the Order shall not fall to such people.

  • The Maltese Cross

The Maltese Cross' eight sides stand for eight different traits that that any member of the order should aspire to live for and improve upon, from the lowest farmer to the highest noble, all members of the Order follow the Cross' significance to our history. While not significant to the Old Guard, it is very, very important to this new generation of the Guard. It represents all we stand for.

  1. Loyalty
  2. Loyalty meaning to be loyal. The utmost loyalty to both the Order and the people that support the order is expected of our members. No traitorous actions will be tolerated within the order, and any will lead to excommunication. ((What this means is that just don't go leak critical information that you might be given. If you leak it to our enemies or to another Player Based Group, we'll faction ban you from us and attempt to get you banned from our coalition, if we're in one.))
  3. Piety
  4. Piety meaning to be pious. One should be a man of their Lord and to strive to be like him in all aspects and to attempt to better themselves in a movement to grow closer to him. ((This is simply a roleplay one.))
  5. Generosity
  6. Generosity meaning to be generous. One should give help to both their fellow members when they need help and should be giving with their money and supplies when stations that are needing our help and request it.((What this means is to give gifts to our faction and to other members when they need it. Don't forget other factions!))
  7. Bravery
  8. Bravery meaning to be brave. One should be able to face their fears when in combat, both on the ground and in space. Even when faced with the most perilous of tasks, one should be willing to do it alongside their brothers and sisters in arms.((Simply don't abandon a fight when you're fighting alongside another member of the order unless you're super damaged.))
  9. Glory and honor
  10. Glory and Honor meaning to be glorious and honorable. We bring glory to our Lord through our actions and our personal honor. Via our conquests on and off the battlefield, by converting the populaces to the one true faith and to embrace his love, we shall show the galaxy that our Lord is a kind and loving lord but a fierce and protective one also.((What this means is that it we should fight to bring our name to the light of day and further.))
  11. Contempt of death
  12. Contempt of death meaning to feel death is worthless. What this means to one of the order is that while we shouldn't simply fight to die, we do not fear death. Death is simply a new beginning. A beginning for us in the arms of the Lord and Savior of us.((A simple roleplay one.))
  13. Helpfulness towards the poor and the sick
  14. Helpfulness towards the poor and the sick meaning to give alms to those that need them. What this means is that we should, once more, be generous with what we earn and make sure that those that need it get it. Not just that, we should help them by giving them food, supplies, shelter, or medical treatment should we be capable.
  15. Respect for the church
  16. Respect for the church meaning to respect or revere the church. This one is the most important one of all. One doesn't disrespect the church and escape without an investigation into their discipline.

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Name: Order of the Varangian Guards
Allegiance: Independent
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Game mode: Any
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