About Bounty Hunters' Guild

The Bounty Hunters' Guild is a professional coalition for criminal and fugitve recovery and enforcement authorized under Federation, Imperial, and Alliance Justice Courts to pursue as the "longest arm of the law" those that have broken the rule of law and have become a danger to society.
 The Guild is subdivided into groups that focus on particular skillsets and targeting specialities. As such, those in the Guild come from many backgrounds such as military, law enforcement, or legal professions to name a few. To regulate the organization, a Bounty Hunters' Creed dictates policy among its ranks and keeps hunters from such diverse backgrounds in line and on task.

As an organization, we strive to appeal to everyone from the casual to hardcore player, regardless of platform. Furthermore, our structure is meant to accomodate the lone freelancer looking for a quick bounty, as well as wings of die-hard hunters seeking to bring order to star systems.

As such, we function as a form of Galactic Point of Contact, seeking to inform the casual solo hunter of opportunities while also serving as a way for BGS player factions to seek out additional support in assisting controlling system factions or coordinate Community Goal bounties.

Our headquarters is in Baldr, but we operate throughout the entire galaxy, uniting bounty hunters and organizing them into squadrons by sector region to accomodate their schedules and preferences in their own home system. Our hunters are free to operate according to their interests, but we provide a forum and support for those seeking to be part of a team in the emptiness of space. More galactic presence, less political obligation.

Command room

03 Oct 2017, 6:44pm
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01 Nov 2017, 8:25pm
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02 Nov 2017, 3:55pm
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03 Nov 2017, 11:39am
Billygray wrote:
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15 Nov 2017, 2:59pm
Billygray wrote:
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General discussion

18 Mar 2018, 9:26pm
Lazar wrote:
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20 Mar 2018, 3:08am
Indecisive Newt wrote:
01 Apr 2018, 6:01pm
Billygray wrote:
05 Apr 2018, 1:57am
Indecisive Newt wrote:
05 Apr 2018, 6:01pm
Billygray wrote:
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CMDRRankShipPowerLocationDist  TZD    
BillygrayDeadlyImperial Cutter---------
Indecisive NewtTycoonPython
Joegray123ExpertAlliance Chieftain---------
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Wing info

Name: Bounty Hunters' Guild
Allegiance: Independent
Power: Independent
Game mode: Any
Game style: Mixed
Platforms: Any
Language: ---

Wing commander: Lazar
Members: 7
Ships: 30
Supporters: 5
Headquarters: Baldr
Minor faction: Bounty Hunters' Guild

Average combat rank: Master
Average trade rank: Entrepreneur
Average exploration rank: Trailblazer

In coalition with: